Ange Peters – The Experience of YOU

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Ange Peters – The Experience of YOU

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“Show me another business model as brilliant as ours. Where it’s all about culture… creating that beautiful space to help people grow to their best selves and offer the most healing products in the world. [Ones] that work with a higher intention. A model that’s going to support you in being free and… whole.” – Ange Peters

I’m a firm believer in simple meetings of fate.

I was in an Uber with my biz-partner and co-collaborator in doTERRA, Tara Bliss, on the way to the airport home from my first ever Global doTERRA convention.  I asked her if there’s any inspirational leaders she follows on Instagram and she mentioned Ange Peters.

Since then, I’ve listened with wrapt attention, fist pumping the air as I walked with Ange’s podcast ‘Hol-fit Talks’ in my ears. Hanging on every word of her Q&A’s and in total respect for her work with doTERRA and in the world.

This interview renewed me, excited me so much for what we are creating here with doTERRA and humbled me for the lessons I get to draw from such strong Leadership.

I’ll allow Ange to tell her story because in truth, I can’t do it justice and some parts of it are very personal.

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Things we speak about:

  • Her Fathers imprint on her life, and what her family experience ignited in her.
  • Her huge belief in everything natural and what the earth has given us.
  • ‘Boundaries. If I’m not good, the house is not good.’
  • Honouring what’s important
  • 4-5 years in any business you’re in the grind
  • Why you’re looking for empowerment and a sustainable team
  • Showing up with consistency
  • THE most important question to ask yourself 
  • Teaching before you’re ready
  • The Dip
    Dialling up your passion
  • Navigating friends and family in stepping (unapologetically) into your purpose

Connect with Ange

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