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Opting In To A Conscious Business

Watch the Facebook LIVE Tara and I hosted to share the what is happening, 'Beyond The Bottle'. Consciously Opting-In To Greater Good with doTERRA.

Living an essential oils lifestyle, opting into incredible humanitarian efforts and peeling back the layers on a business model that could rock your world and bring more energy and meaning than ever.

Tara Bliss

"I want to help women create a life that can and will look after them even in times where it may be difficult for them to look after themselves.

I want to help women create a life in which the abundance they're creating allows them to carry on with the work that sets their soul ablaze.

doTERRA, I’ve found, is a divine platform that provides just that; the doorway (and the key) to your ultimate purpose."

Alice Nicholls

"I lead a team of women that were brave enough to reject the status quo.

The women I worked with had all asked the question “is this it?”...
and then paid attention to the rumble in their soul that roared back - HELL NO!

My mission is to show all women that life isn’t happening to you,
It’s happening FOR you."


Have you ever dreamed of:

Doing work that fills you with purpose?
Having financial freedom and managing your own schedule?
Receiving ongoing coaching & development through your experience?
Aligning yourself with conscious enterprise?
Living your dream life?

That last one is a trick question: of course everyone has dreamed of their ‘dream life’.
But not enough women know that they are actually capable of achieving it.

In a time when we have more opportunity and power over our future than ever,
I hear far too many bright, gutsy women saying “I could never do that”.

It used to break my heart; until I realised that there was something I could do for them.

I met many of these women while coaching them on how to live their dream life (and showing them the way blogging could get them there quicker!).

But the first step was for the women to come up with an ideal product or service idea to create a strategy around it. And for a lot of women this is no simple task!

When doTERRA arrived in my lap I saw that it was not only the answer to so many of my own problems - it was also the solution for theirs.

My team are shown the way by providing people who need it most with the best essential oils in the world. For them, this then provides them with a purpose and a path to create a business.

As they say, the rest is history.

Nowadays both myself and my incredible Presidential Diamond business partner, Tara Bliss, lead a team of women that were brave enough to reject the status quo.

Women that were tired of being tired and were willing to try something new.
Women that were sick of working long hours that left them stressed, anxious, time-poor and - after all that - still kinda broke!
Women that thought it would be impossible to have a career that supported them while they supported their future family.
Women that were sick of having to ask permission for sick days or (worse) holidays!
Women who were terrified of having to spend time away from their kids only to do jobs they hated (torture!).

The women I worked with had all asked the question “is this it?”...
and then paid attention to the rumble in their soul that roared back - HELL NO!

Our mission is to show all women that life isn’t happening to you,
It’s happening FOR you.




Before I go on, let me introduce myself...

I'm Alice Nicholls. I live in Melbourne, Australia and I'm a Nutritionist, Functional Health Expert, and now, doTERRA Presidential Diamond.

In June 2016, I purchased myself a collection of the most pure essential oils in the world.

Thus began a love affair with the physical, emotional and spiritual support (and bloody kick-arse flavour to my food!) they brought to my life.

I had already spent the previous 4 years coaching women in business and health and created an award-winning blog and two online courses with over 1000 women receiving mentorship and guidance from me.

Running my own business came naturally to me because, because a few years prior I'd felt the pull, packed my Business + Marketing Diploma into my backpack and leapt out of my big corporate job.

I knew deep down that success didn’t have to mean stilettos or rushing my kids into their daycare centre at 7am and picking them up right before bedtime.

My online coaching businesses and tribe grew, and I found my feet as an award-winning writer and Health Coach, spoke at approximately six million events (maaaybe exaggerated), and forged a deep gratitude for being able to provide guidance that allowed women to lift and expand themselves into a better place in their lives.

I could also see that the Network Marketing model that doTERRA uses to sell their oils, was an incredible vehicle for women to rise up emotionally and financially in a HUGE way, with the support of a team around them.

And by the way, being spiritually abundant and financially abundant should and can go hand in hand.


Wellness matters, that wealth is empowering and that women (especially when working together) can move mountains.

When something is right for you you just have that feeling, you know?!

doTERRA gives me the opportunity to be within my zone of genius and help other women rise up every single day.

It was like all my worlds came into each others orbits - my marketing nous, my knowledge and experience teaching natural health, my love of community and my desire to create an abundant business.

I was in and as they say: the rest is history.

How does the Network Marketing Model work?

Where other B I G companies invest billions of dollars a year into advertising and marketing on TV, radio, print media and all the rest, doTERRA prefer to give the small business owner like myself (or maybe you hey?) that money.

These small business owners are mostly women, many with families.

The model gives them flexibility, the ability to work from home, unlimited earning potential,

Now, as the company and industry grows there is a new wave of small business owners sharing doTERRA, just like me. These are the young, free and free-spirited, passionate women and men who don't want to follow the footsteps of their potentially unhappy elders.

Or those around them that are surviving but far from thriving.

They no longer want to stare down the barrel of 50 years of 9-5, asking permission to spend time with their kids on a holiday.

They already know that there is a better way of working, and they are doing it right alongside me.


Some of doTERRA's work through their incredible 'Healing Hands Foundation'


Because of my work partnering with doTERRA I now get to spend my time:

As a passionate and vocal member of the doTERRA Leadership Team.
Coaching + mentoring women towards lives of abundance and freedom and helping them to free themselves from debt.
Speaking at wellness events and conferences about health, wealth + natural living.
Making planet-friendly products, testing incredible recipes and being a fulltime DIY nerd.
Collaborating with women I admire to create life-changing events and resources.
Working with an ever-expanding team of soul sisters that I ADORE.
Meeting my tribe face-to-face where we share treats, stories and ideas.
Curating my own schedule to allow significant play and family time.
Smelling absolutely delicious all the damn time!

And before you say the dreaded ‘I could never do that’, please know that plenty of women in my team are now sharing this reality with me.


Here’s a picture of the income average levels for you to check out.

I was able to create a thriving Diamond Business within a year.
A Blue Diamond Business within 15 months.
+ A Presidential Diamond business on the horizon and glowing brighter by the day because of the incredible co-collaboration I have with my team.

Unlimited financial opportunity (yes, unlimited)
Part-timers earn around $2000 per month.
$16k per month on average as the starting point for someone who wants to create a full-time business with doTERRA.

Totally FREE Business Mentoring and Training

What is doTERRA BizCamp?

BizCamp is a 4 Week 'Bootcamp' to get your doTERRA Business launched. We go 'Beyond the Bottle', and teach you about consciously opting-in to greater good with doTERRA.

The Training is ready for you to dive into. It's the systems, strategies and methods that Tara and myself have used to sky-rocket our doTERRA businesses into to the highest company ranks, giving us abundance to serve the world with, freedom for our families and space to help our friends create that too.

This training is something that many pay tens of thousands of dollars for, and you get it for FREE when you join my team and work with me.

Better yet, any person you welcome into your own team get's this training for free too!

doTERRA business coaching with blue diamond alice nicholls and presidential diamond tara bliss to share and support your own team!

The Modules of Training

These duplicatable training modules have been created based on what really works in this business.




What Happens After I Join?

1. When you purchase your first oils using the instructions below, you will receive an email from me welcoming you to the team.

2. You receive access to our exclusive membership website. This includes BizCamp, Biz Training, Personal and Professional Development Training.

3. You receive the schedule for: Weekly Business Empowerment Calls including weekly calls with Presidential Diamond Tara Bliss & Weekly calls with me.

4. You receive the schedule for: Fortnightly Customer Education calls.

5. Access to me via text, email and Voxer support.


Anais Nin once said “the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom”.



Is doTERRA right for you?

We’ll go together like Lemongrass + Patchouli if you are;

Creative, open minded and enthusiastic.
Looking for an opportunity to shine and use your skills.
Passionate about health, wealth and natural living.
Willing to consistently work towards your goals.
Excited by the thought of doing something new every day.
Inspired and energised by change (i.e. you are adaptable!).
A lifetime learner who’s always keen to make your mind bigger (or someone committed to being that)
Not looking for someone to fix them. You’re ready to do the work.
A scrappy, no excuses, give-it-all-you-got kinda gal!
Looking for a better way to “do life”.

How does it work?

To get started - It's as simple as buying your first essential oils. Nearly all of our business builders enrol with a Home Essentials Kit as it is without a doubt the most versatile option and has the top 10 oils every home should have regardless of want or need.

Don’t worry, you won’t need to give up on Christmas this year to afford them - this is super-low initial investment and the business has incredibly low overheads.

In fact, you can actually make all your gifts using your essential oils. Win Win!

Fall in Love.

This is the part where you become obsessed with “your oils” and you start to understand why doTERRA has the highest customer retention rate in the world in this industry (more than 65%).

I’ll give you plenty of ideas on how to use your collection and you will have a tonne of resources and support to surround yourself with.

Grow Your Business, Baby

As soon as you purchase your oils using the instructions below, I am notified and you get access to all of the training, including access to the BizCamp for FREE!


If you have been waiting for a sign… this is it!

This is your official invitation to create your own business led by someone who has a heft business background and your success at her heart.

It’s time to stop pushing your dream life down the priority pile and settling for the status quo.

Now is the time to take responsibility of your life, grab hold of a shining opportunity and create a business that supports you.


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