Sweet Recipe Book

A Collection of Clean and Classy Sweet Recipes for The Health Conscious Cook.


Sweet Reviews

“Alice Nicholls has done it again! Just looking at this divine mix of scrumptious treats has me simultaneously salivating and heading for the pantry to see what I can make NOW. Filled with stunning photos and beautiful healthy treats the whole family will enjoy. Sharing and enjoying food just got a whole lot more special".

Amelia Williams

"Not only do the recipes make your mouth water just by flicking through the pages, the design is gorgeous, the feel is inspiring, and the intention is clear - Alice just wants to guide you in how to live a healthier life."

Cassie-Mendoza Jones

Everybody bring the pink balloons and knitted booties. The flagship e-Cookbook from The Whole Daily has arrived!

After one year of manically blogging and eating tons of freakin’ delicious clean food, The Whole Daily and I are lit-up to announce that our first e-Cookbook has been delivered, and she is be-yoooo-tiful.

Introducing you to ‘Sweet’ – A Collection of Clean and Classy recipes for The Health Conscious Cook.


You’ve been following food or wellness bloggers for a while or you’re already knees deep in an awakening to the flavour and distinctive pull of healthful cooking. You love the beauty in creating and experimenting in the kitchen, (and perhaps trying to learn to appreciate the mess as well. Hey, it happens.) but you also want to feel supported and inspired.

You know your body deserves to be fuelled by nourishing food, not fake-food-stuffs, and you’ve been taking steps to make better choices.

Everywhere around you there are signs that are saying ‘Love yourself’. ‘You are enough’. 

‘Eat like you love yourself’.

So get cozy and relax, because, with cloying imagery, subtle, distinct style and recipes that read like alchemy, Sweet – A Collection Of Clean and Classy Recipes For The Health Conscious Cook – is going to be your guide. For there are 60+ pages here absolutely full to the brim with recipes for you to create soulful dishes. This is an eBook with a difference. All of the recipes come with beautiful, full-page styled images for your eyes delight.

This is food that loves you.

Sweet contains hi-resolution, beautifully styled food photographs, conscious food provision checklists, ingredient information and even conversion charts for you global babes (I see you over there in the Netherlands, UK, USA, Kuwait, Germany, South America and New Zealand).

All of these recipes are gluten and grain free. Perfect for those with celiac disease, those with a gluten intolerance or those following a Paleolithic lifestyle.

Every recipe is refined sugar free, free from preservatives and free from the high GI flour substitutes that are so often found in mass-produced gluten-free baking.

This is food that loves you.


Some Sweet Reviews

"My mouth is watering after scrolling through this stunning book, which belongs in a big thick cover on my kitchen bench! Alice has taken body-loving treats to a whole new level of delicious. If you want to spoil your body with goodness as you blow away your family or guests with ease, then you must have a copy of Sweet!"

Lynn Gilmartin, TV Host and Life Lover

"So incredibly excited to continue to explore this recipe book! I am already a big fan of Alice's cooking, and having just gone to the shops to stock up on baking supplies, we are settling in for an afternoon in the kitchen... Where to start?"

Renee Bell. Photographer

How this recipe book came about.

I grew up in South Gippsland, country Victoria. Imagine rolling green hills, muddy gumboots and cows. Lot’s of cows. Frigid mornings with icy grass and the crunch of our footsteps on the way to the chook-pen to drop the scraps in for our hens and collect our ‘googies’.

A constant in my childhood was good food. Paddock to plate was what we knew. My mother had a veggie garden, we had chooks and we collected food from other local farmers and growers seasonally.

My sweet tooth came from my Mum. Golden syrup dumplings, self-saucing chocolate pudding and lemon delicious were on the table a few times a week and mum could whip any of her favourites up in under five minutes, dependent on her food mood.

I have baked, fried, cooked and created thousands of sweet recipes in my life. Sweet, wholesome food is part of my DNA.

Eating good food doesn’t mean giving up good taste (DAMN IT). It doesn’t mean cardboard, bland, or weird. Real food - food that loves you inside and out - can taste absolutely amazing.

I’ve had people begging me to release a cookbook for a long time. I wondered why a cookbook would be any different than what I currently release on my blog, until I looked to my cookbook-lined kitchen shelves and the full virtual bookshelf on my iPad, and wondered, “Why do I buy cookbooks?”.

I love beautiful things and so I often buy cookbooks that simply ‘call to me’ with their art, cover, images, design or style. I have to have them. I may flip the pages 30 or 40 times before I even create a recipe from the book.

I love the flow of having the same creator telling a story through his or her own viewpoint.

I love discovering untold food stories from another ‘artist’ – for I feel that cooking is indeed an art form.

I love being able to immerse myself in a particular kind of cooking, finding my favourite recipes, imprinting my flare, making or changing them to be my own.

I love having a consolidated grouping of recipes and knowing exactly where they are. If an urge grabs me, or I’m planning a dinner or event or dinner, or simply my own individual meal, I can head to the right spot and get started.

I like ‘no faffing about’.

Did I mention that I love beautiful things?

I asked why you buy cookbooks and the answers were the same.

In Sweet – A Collection of Clean and Classy Recipes for The Health Conscious Cook – I have achieved what I ask for in cookbooks for myself and for you.


Some Sweet Reviews

"SWEET......OMG........just OMG! Beautiful, Uplifting, Comforting and Delicious! Thank you for so generously allowing us to be the first ones to indulge!"

Sam Morrissey. Director. Between Little Pink Lines

"Alice is a genuine legend in the kitchen and yes there must be a (cacao) god for I have my hands on a copy of 'SWEET'."

Kim McPherson. Health and Nutrition Coach

Frequently pondered queries

Are these sweets easy to make?
This is simple sweet food made with real ingredients. Some recipes can be made in five minutes and some will take a little longer, though all are well instructed and as easy as, well, pie. Just as real-food recipes should be.

I’m allergic to nuts, will I still be able to make these recipes?
Some of the raw dishes are made with a base of nuts, however I have added alternatives that you can use in their place. There are many recipes that don’t even glance sideways at a nut. So you can go nuts making them all!

Can I buy a hardcover book of this?
At this moment, she is in eBook form only. This means that I can get her to you at a great price and you can start cooking right after purchase.

I have fructose malabsoption.
Many of these recipes use no fruit - such as dates - to sweeten and are fodmaps friendly.

Will my kids like these recipes? As sure as they filled their nappies with poop as a baby. That means yes, obviously. They will also be able to help you in the kitchen. Grab them a little apron and you have the perfect sous chef.

Are the ingredients all 'sell my car' expensive to make?
Some ingredients, such as cacao butter, are a little more expensive to buy per gram than you are accustomed to - when compared with, say, butter - but will spread a long way and become comparable to what you currently purchase. I’ve also included options for you to purchase ingredients that cost less. My top priority is your health and nourishment, so hopefully I can entice you to use the ingredients that help you to thrive the most.

I’m vegan, can I still make these recipes?
HELLS YES Veggie Sista! All but one of the recipes are either already vegan, or can be altered to become vegan. I have added instructions on how to do this in the book and it’s super simple.


"Let it be known that ALL lovers of wellness with a sneaky sweet tooth NEED this book in their life. Utterly gorgeous, incredibly useful and full o' heart."

Claire Baker

Some Sweet Reviews

“Um, wow. Just wow. Not only is it a visual delight, but holy smokes, talk about mixing health with pleasure! Each recipe is filled to the brim with nourishing goodness. With copious amounts of love and soul. Must pick up jaw from the floor and lose myself in the kitchen with this beauty.”

Kate Toholka - Author, Speaker, Wellness Expert

"When browsing, drooling and planning over the eBook 'SWEET', I couldn't help but feel some kind of traditional cookbook familiarity, except with all the clean eating tweaks I would make. These are your favourite sweets, made so much sweeter by smart ingredient replacements. I can't wait to make all of these soul nourishing treats."

Natasha Mason, Founder & Director, Nourish MelbourneNatasha Mason


I am so excited to be able to share this book with you. It’s really a joyous occasion for me, so I wanted to make sure I follow along with all of your creating. I’ve shaped a special hashtag for us to share when we weave our Sweet magic in the kitchen or we share information on this recipe book.


This hashtag will make us all part of a very special gang. One that changes the way we view desserts for the better.

I’ll also be here for your ongoing support if you need to ask any follow-up questions or pick my brain for ideas on optional extras for any of the recipes. I can’t wait to be surrounded by babes joining the #SweetForce and eating clean and classy real-food recipes.


Thanks for your continuing support. Without you this recipe book wouldn’t have been created. You inspire me daily to share better options for our sweet-teeth.

Love, always,