Homemade Whey And Cream Cheese

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Homemade Whey And Cream Cheese

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Inhibitors of gut health Many different factors affect the health of our gut.

A diet that doesn’t provide or body with the right balance of nutrients it needs to support the digestive system is one the main contributors.

This doesn’t just affect those who have an obviously unhealthy diet. Many of us focus on health and stick to rigid eating patterns that omit a lot of foods or food groups and either out of habit or diet eat the same foods day in and day out.

This can mean that although the foods we eat are filled with nutrients, we are not providing our body with the balance it needs from other natural foods. This can apply for those that eat the same breakfast and lunch every single day or include only a limited number of the same natural foods in their diet.

Because we are able to get certain fruits and vegetables all year round now and have food available in abundance we are not driven by the seasons or locality as much as we could be. Which would traditionally drive a more balanced way of eating. A diet high in sugar, gluten, or artificial flavours and preservatives, though can also potentially be one that seems healthy. High consumption of alcohol or regular binge-drinking will adversely affect the health of your gut as alcohol is inflammatory. Even red wine.

Cigarettes and other recreational drugs will also cause a major imbalance to gut health. Party drugs which pump your system with adrenaline or other ‘high’ feeling chemicals will not only damage the lining of your stomach with the corrosive fillers used to pack them out, they also disrupt the natural balance of naturally occurring feel-good hormones, so while you may feel amazing for a few hours, the comedown will last for a long time, causing bad moods, poor concentration, anxiety and depression.

It’s really important to add a variety of healthy, nutritious and healing foods to the diet to maintain optimum health or to increase your health today.

Being conscious of the foods you eat and connecting to what you put in your mouth is also really good for your emotional wellbeing and a great way of connecting with what you eat is to make foods yourself. Recipes that take time (but not a lot of effort) like this cream cheese recipe is a great recipe to get you started on your healing journey.

Dairy products like this cream cheese may actually be able to be eaten without causing digestive distress to those who are lactose intolerant or who can’t typically eat dairy. 


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One litre container of full fat organic PLAIN yoghurt
Cheesecloth or thin dish towel like Chux
Medium bowl
String or rubber bands


  1.  Lay your cheesecloth over a bowl and pour the yoghurt into the cheesecloth or thin towel. You don’t need to use the whole lot if it is just for yourself. Simply halve the recipe.
  2. Pull the ends of the cheesecloth or Chux up and secure with string or a rubber band. You can tie the cloth to the handle of a spoon balanced over a bowl between two containers or tie to a cupboard door handle. As long as it can drip into a bowl.
  3. Leave overnight to drip or for 12 hours. The liquid is the whey. Easy. Whey will keep in a glass jar for up to six months in the fridge.
  4. What you are left with is cream cheese. Put it in a container and then into the fridge and use as you would cream cheese. Use the whey for sauerkraut, fermented veggies or pickles.

Video tutorials for how to make these foods are all going to be included in our next program ‘Love Your Guts’ which will be available for sale in in June 2015.

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