Ep. 43. Step out of line

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Ep. 43. Step out of line

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Friends as you no doubt know right now, it is the cracking in Australia. 

What we are experiencing as a nation is the worst natural disaster we have encountered in my lifetime and many lifetimes before me, with devastating bushfires. 

The total area burned across NSW, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia and Tasmania has now reached 8.4m hectares – an area larger than Scotland. At least 25 people have been killed, including three volunteer firefighters, and thousands of homes destroyed.

We have also lost over 1billion of our native wildlife in the fires. 1 billion. 

To give those of you who ,ay not be familiar with the size of Australia some colour on the magnitude of this devastation by the size of the firefront earlier this week.

If you can imagine an unbroken line of fire stretching from NY to LA then BACK to NY then heading back to LA and reaching Indiana. 

And that’s the firefront in just one state of Australia.

What we have seen is, unbelievable, and yet… we are rallying. 

When the human spirit is most tested, it is when it shows up biggest. That’s what we are seeing. 

I want to read from six posts today that really reflect the heart of what is happening here. 

Two are from Peta Kelly, on money and the earth, one is from Clare Alexander-Johnson, one from Peta-Jane Auckland-Hall, a doTERRA wellness advocate who is the founder of WANDS. Wellness Advocate Natural Disaster Support, and then one from myself.  I am going to link up to these posts in the blog post for this podcast episode at the whole daily. 

And then I want to share a little of a question that I have been sitting with for all of us across the world who already have access to many of our natural health support systems through doTERRA. 

The question is: 

‘What can we do as the smallest starting point, with doTERRA as a vehicle, to meet the world where she needs us?’

I want to read these posts to you first from Peta Kelly and Clare Alexander-Johnson. 

From Peta: 

By Peta Kelly: http://instagram.com/petajean_

This post by Clare Alexander-Johnson

All above images by Clare Alexander-Johnston: https://www.instagram.com/jetsetmama

And then…

Our incredible company, doTERRA, have donated $150k to the Salvation Army relief. 100% of this donation will get to the people that need it most. 

Also to help support WANDS – a Wellness Advocate Natural Disaster Support Group – in their bushfire emergency relief kit initiative, dōTERRA AUNZ donated approximately $100,000 in products. 💜

To find out more about this initiative visit > https://www.doterra.com/AU/en_AU//bushfire-appeal-wands

dōTERRA is committed to providing ongoing support to those communities affected by this unprecedented disaster. 🌏

This from Peta-Jane Auckland Hall who founded WANDS. Wellness Advocate Natural Disaster Support Group

“I’m absolutely gobsmacked at what we have been able to achieve. On New Years Day, we decided the support kits had to be made as quickly as possible. We set an impossible target. It had taken us 3 months to create 7,000 emergency kits… but so many more people had come on board. 

Why not try for 7,000 in a weekend? It COULD be done… and away we went. 5,200 kits were created by about 600 people at head office… and we knew 2,000 were in the community, having just been made or about to be made. 

2,500 from doTERRA Founders. So in the 18 weeks that we have been going, we are now at a whopping 18,000 kits. You guys have helped us create about 8,000 kits and we are still going. It is absolutely amazing.

But what is even MORE amazing (that word is not enough, but it means a lot), is that within the first 2 hours of the kits being made at head office, they reached the first Wellness Advocates in Evacuation centres all over Victoria. 

Within 3 days we had every last box out of Head Office and packaged and by the end of the week, we had kits to Wellness Advocates in the worst affected areas of Victoria including to evacuation centres at Bairnsdale, Albury, Wangaratta, Nowra, Bateman’s Bay, Ulladulla, Gloucester, and even further afield, kits have been taken to Kingscote Oval on Kangaroo Island, to Esperance, to Tasmania and very late last night, we were able to reach the worst affected areas and have kits about to be sent through to wellness advocates who are still in Mallacoota. 

Every area most impacted by the fires has had kits delivered to them in under 2 days.

Through the entire event, that started in recent months, we have been able to take kits through to Beechmont, to Mudgeeraba, to Coolum, to Noosa, to Toowoomba, Bundaberg, Gladstone, to Grafton, Coffs Harbour, to Port Macquarie and Bellingen and now this mammoth effort through the rest of Australia, and we currently have kits being made and ready to go in Perth and Northern Territory.

And there is more to come. This is just the beginning. WANDS is not a one-off thing. It happens because of you and who you are. 

We are following with some incredible initiatives from our Care Team who are going to create some beautiful magic for us, and our Touch Team who will follow when the initial crisis is over and the recovery begins.

This is a magnificent heart-based powerful movement. And I am in awe of every single one of you. – Peta

And now, ‘What can we do as the smallest starting point, with doTERRA as a vehicle, to meet the world where she needs us?’

Well, In the Western World BIG industry (BIG food, BIG Pharma) profits more and the earth receives less, when we are disconnected from self. 

The disconnection to self begins with the decades long campaigns of brainwashing that have us believing that we do not already have the tools and provisions at our own fingertips to be well and healthy. 

The disconnection to self has us vulnerable to all that is sold to us that has us believing it will fix our flaws. And then it has the painkiller for the flaws it creates. 

It’s the McDonalds ad on the left hand side of the bus, the Jenny Craig ad on the right hand side, the Loreal ad on the front of the bus, the Vodka ad on the back of the bus and the local doctors office ad at the bus-stop. 

But, imagine if the way we lived our lives supported our natural state, physically and emotionally and our homes and our families and the earth, naturally and in a restorative fashion. 

Imagine we could wake up and surround ourselves with the most basic but most ideal natural support mechanisms that have ever existed knowing that what we are doing is not only a gift to us but back to our creator, back to the roots of who we really are. 

Where instead of our so-called LIVING being the death of the ecosystem, our living in symbiosis with the earth quals the living of the earth. 

Imagine if we knew that we were not a cost to the environment but rather a value-add. What a potent remedy to our pain this would be. 

We may no longer be disconnected and afraid and ashamed of our physical SELVES and of our emotional selves. 

We may create a space within us where we are content and where we feel safety not in being bound by a false economic system, but rather held, by the system of the earth that we are contributing to. 

Because I get the feeling that those with blinkers on are not at peace. 

So here’s we’re going to do. 

We do LESS. We buy less. 


We do the extraordinary by doing the ‘extra-ordinary’. 

We take out what we do not need.

And we simplify.

We opt in first, to what Mother Nature has always offered us… options for health. For wholeness. For connection. 

This is not an episode on building a business with doTERRA so I am not going to spend even a moment speaking about how to share that outwards from you. Your experiences make an organic impact on that, I know this for sure.

Rather this is an episode on YOUR BUSINESS AND MY BUSINESS. 

Unfinished business and Un-started business. 

And that’s our earth. She is ALL of our business. Or we have none. 

We are already blessed. We already have, right now, at our fingertips, resources to use to simplify our lives, to support our wellness and to reduce the pressure we place on the earths resources. 

Now, we: 

We learn to cook with real, whole foods, and source these from unpackaged to reduce plastic. An ode to our body and to the earth. 

We reduce and remove chemicals on our skin, in our homes and in our workplaces. 

We learn the ways of Nature.

We learn how to use plants and plant extracts and herbs and food to support a foundation of wellness. 

We learn how to use what the earth provides to support ourselves in times of acute stress and physical need.

One of my friends Courtney @TheConsciousCoven has written (linked up) super helpful and digestible posts on her instagram to help you know where to start. 

She says: 

It’s okay to start with one small change. Find somewhere that feels good, and build on it. You’ll find that making conscious choices is a breeze when you take one step at a time. Start anywhere, as long as you start ✨⁣

〰️ REUSABLES: Ditch the single use wherever & whenever possible. Start with a BYO coffee cup or straw. Gradually look for others areas to make a change: nappies, paper towels? plastic wrap, menstrual cup?⁣

〰️ REDUCE PACKAGING: Maybe it’s buying the family-sized yoghurt instead of single serve tube, or shopping at bulk stores. You might find where you can refill bottles instead of replacing (such as your shampoo, honey, wine), or markets where your produce isn’t packaged at all.⁣

〰️ SHOP SECONDHAND: There’s not much you can’t get secondhand Check out opshops, GumTree or Buy Swap Sell pages on Facebook. Next time you need to buy something consider whether you can find it second hand, better yet, CHALLENGE yourself to do so.⁣

〰️ MAKE YOUR OWN: Ditch packaging & waste by getting your DIY on. Laundry powder, toothpaste, skin care, spray & wipe, you name it, you can make it with a few staple ingredients and some essential oils.⁣

〰️ SUPPORT CONSCIOUS BIZ: Put your money into businesses that are doing good in the world. Whether it’s the products you buy, where your super is invested, or the search engine you use, there are great eco choices out there!⁣

〰️ CONSUME LESS: Wear the outifts you’ve already got. Don’t buy a new phone just because there is a new model. Say no to the balloon garlands. ⁣

〰️ FOOD CHOICES:  Buying local, seasonal and organic.⁣

〰️ WASTE DISPOSAL: Reducing your waste is a great step, but it’s also good to be conscious of how you dispose of it. Start a compost, learn the right way to recycle, or consider how things can be re-homed.⁣

〰️ SWITCH OFF: Turn off the lights, take shorter showers, use the line instead of the dryer. ⁣

Primarily, we lean into Mother Nature for our support, which is leaning into ourselves.

It’s really true that we are the one’s we are waiting for. 

Come home. 

Untether from the Machine. 

Step out of line. 

During her acceptance speech for best supporting actress in a comedy series for The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Alex Borstein brought up her grandmother who is an immigrant and a Holocaust survivor. According to Borstein, she was in line to be shot into a pit during the Holocaust when she asked a guard, “What happens if I step out of line?”

“He said, ‘I don’t have the heart to shoot you but somebody will,’ and she stepped out of line,” Borstein said. “And for that I am here and for that my children are here. So step out of line, ladies. Step out of line.”

Today, now, in our own homes, whether loudly or quietly, it doesn’t matter, we become a voice for ourselves. 

Because in doing so, we become a voice for Mother Nature.

My love and prayers and wishes and action goes out to everyone under this sun and moon and stars.



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We are all in this together. 

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