Ep. 36: Just Start

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Ep. 36: Just Start

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Hello my beautiful friends. Today’s podcast episode #36 is packed to the brim with so many juicy nuggets.

As with any of the info I share from personal experience, take what works for you and leave the rest.

I pressed record specifically to support those of you who are unconsciously holding your businesses back from ‘just starting’ by sharing the process of witnessing our thoughts and stories and re-adjusting them in a more powerful and positive way.

Nek minit….

  • The podcast is packed with info on:
  • Why I want you to be at the Blue and Presidential Diamond Summit
  • Re-writing the story of why you aren’t ‘just starting’
  • Why doTERRA wants you to be successful
  • Your WHY and why I think it’s so important to focus on YOU and YOURS first before serving more than you already do by sharing the oils.
  • Examples and clues to success!







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