What Everybody Ought To Know About The Mindset of Network Marketing

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What Everybody Ought To Know About The Mindset of Network Marketing

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Hey there and welcome to episode 2 of All Rise Up. A podcast that supports your doTERRA Network Marketing business

I’m Alice Nicholls and I’m a leader in doTERRA based in Australia.

Today’s episode is a conversation on Network Marketing Mindset and it’s for everybody.

I’ll chat about:
Why Network Marketing is absolutely a profession to be respected by ourselves, and why we need to be conscious of the NOISE around us, if we want to build a solid and profitable network marketing business.

Here’s the 4 key areas we’re going to dive into.

1: The business of referrals.

How people are Network Marketing all day every day and they don’t even realise it. (+ Where the money goes in this situation.)

2: The CRINGE of convincing

What our real role is in Network Marketing for doTERRA and why convincing isn’t it.

3: Money blocks

  • Yours (that you don’t know about)
  • Theirs (that they don’t know about)
  • + 6 pieces of advice to remove YOURS.

3.1 How do you talk about your doTERRA BUSINESS?

What are the energetics you’re giving your business and how does the way you think of your doTERRA business affect the energy that comes back to you?

4: Staying in your lane

Why it’s so important to focus on your own journey and not what others are doing ‘wrong’ or how what they do affects your belief in Network Marketing.

Since conversing with others in the doTERRA network marketing business I realise that there are so many subjects to cover off, and like a babushka doll, there are subjects within subjects. Thank-goodness I am one of those people who see Network Marketing as a longterm investment of my time. So we are going to be able to cover off these topics within topics.

IT being Multi-Level Marketing, or MLM, or Network Marketing, or Direct Selling.

Let’s talk about why Network Marketing IS absolutely a profession to be respected by ourselves, and why we need to be conscious of the NOISE around us, if we want to build a solid and profitable network marketing business.

In writing notes for this podcast, I realised it became primarily about mindset and as mindset is the key to your success in Network Marketing it’s fitting.

In my years in coaching women in wellbeing and in online business, I have realised that us women are way more susceptible to being kept small by the NOISE.

To the detriment to our Network Marketing Business, and unfortunate for us babes, is that we not only have that Inner Voice telling us to play small, don’t step in, don’t try new, what if I fail, what if someone thinks I look stupid, sound stupid, are stupid, I’ll just wait until I… learn all there is to know, have a leader at my class, tomorrow etc.

Because we were BOLD enough in that moment we decided to explore Network Marketing, we may also then encounter the NOISE that comes from those people who don’t understand our profession and how wonderful it is for not only us, but those in our teams and their families and the customer that we serve.

I mean, if we go and study to become a Dr, or a Lawyer, or a Teacher… we don’t face near as much scrutiny when we share what we do for a living or for some money on the side.

It’s Double-Noise.

I personally feel that as everything has an equal and opposite reaction, then I believe that the double noise is based on the incredible level of opportunity we are gifted when we say YES to all that Network Marketing has to offer.

Surely the Universe wouldn’t offer us up the most flexible, financially beneficial, unlimited opportunity without us having to meet it in the middle right?

What does this mean for us though? A HELLA lot of personal development. And what a great opportunity THAT is in itself.

Network marketing is not like winning the lottery. (good actually because 95% of lottery winners end up more broke than before they won. This is the opposite of that!)

I want to focus on YOU and MLM and YOUR feelings around MLM, because I can tell you now that it doesn’t matter an iota how well you think you can reel off objection handling answers to others when it comes to MLM, if you don’t completely believe in this way of doing business, your potential customers bullshit meters are going to go on the rise, and rightly so.

And then the equal reaction to THAT is that you get more people quizzing you or objecting to the topic.

Those who’re rock solid in their belief in Network Marketing and this incredible company receive objections less than those who don’t I have found.

So in the spirit of giving you what you actually need. Here’s 4 things you really need to know about network marketing to get your soul past your head and anchor into how amazing this industry is. This will see your personal experience and professional success skyrocket.

If you’re listening and you aren’t in Network Marketing through doTERRA, and you’re just having a listen to see what all the fuss is about, or what secrets we guard behind closed doors… hehe. NONE… then this is for you too.

This podcast is always going to be public facing. Please share it with anybody you like.

While I am here to support those who are already within the Network Marketing Profession with doTERRA Essential Oils I hope that this info also helps those, perhaps like yourself, who doesn’t quite understand what this is all about.

This is a wonderful, open profession and I am more than happy to share all of the work that we do, the processes that we follow and the strategies I have and mentor my team with, to get the most out of their business… and to serve their customer and you.

So whomever you are… welcome.

Let’s get into it.

Point One:
The business of referrals.

Every single day people are network marketing.

Network Marketing is going on around us every day of our lives. In fact, you may not be in Network Marketing and yet you’re still doing it, and probably for tens of companies.

When you last booked a trip, did you happen to read a review on the resort or accommodation or travel type based on someone else’s review?

TripAdvisor exists because of everyday peeps like you who share our experience for free with the public. This experience, or referral then influences where we spend our money. If enough people positively refer a specific hotel, that hotel is going to receive more money from travellers.

When we check AirBnB we read reviews. ‘Amazing bed, great service, super clean?’ Booking it.

‘Dirty bathroom, host was a little rude’. Not booking it.

I had lunch with some yogi’s last week and my friend Mel was wearing these awesome leopard print leggings. All the girls at lunch asked where they were from. ‘Dharma Bums’ she said. They’re an Aussie company, source and produce their gear ethically, and they last for ages.

Mel may have effectively earned that company an extra $240 revenue just for sharing in that instance.

Network Marketing.

See how it works? The only difference is that the referrer isn’t making any money from sharing info on the products and services they love. The referrer receives zero.

But who does gets paid?

TripAdvisor does from advertising on their site (and their unpaid referees help to boost this by driving traffic), same as AirBnB with ads and fees.

The yoga pant company gets paid because they have new customers (who may then refer on again).

It’s only the referrer that doesn’t get paid. I do some public speaking gigs and also videos for Facebook or my blog. A lot of these have involved making either personal care products or low-tox home products. I buy a lot of my home products such as magnesium salts, some foods, and carrier oils from The Source Bulkfoods. I am forever mentioning them in my videos, in on-stage presentations and in newsletters and blog posts.

I have no doubt sent hundreds, if not thousands of people to The Source Bulkfoods over the last year.

Imagine if I earned a small commission of the purchase that each person I refer to The Source Bulkfoods makes. How awesome would that be?

It’s win win, because The Source get new customers which = more revenue, and as the referrer I get some monies in my pocket too.

It’s so simple and absolutely ideal for all involved. And this is exactly how Professional Network Marketing companies operate. 

They pay the referrer or direct sales person of their product or service, a commission for sharing it with others.

It just makes sense. 

Point Two:

The cringe of convincing.

It hasn’t happened too often in my team, however I have met with people in Network marketing where all they seem to do is try to convince people that Network Marketing is for them and that this company, doTERRA is the company for them, and why it’s better than any other network marketing company.

This is the cringe of convincing.

Say the word CONVINCE out loud. Isn’t it kinda icky. Doesn’t it make you feel a bit dirty. I know it does for me. I am a human being who deeply believes in the energetics of a situation and any situation where convincing is involved for me, isn’t my jam. I don’t want it. I choose to not do it. 

First of all, we are here to embody the essential oil lifestyle ourselves. It is this that allows us to be the light and inspire others to want in as well. We know it’s awesome… let’s live it and show the way.

It’s also our job to educate (not convince… these are two different things).

BUT, we are only here to educate those people who WANT or are OPEN to education.  We can test the waters through our conversation, but if that person has a push back for everything we say, questions the validity of our info, battles us with every step. Drop it. It’s not your job to convince. Walk away.

This goes for those who have any push back on the business model, company, product or efficacy. To give them additional support, sure, invite them to continue to do their own research.  Most won’t. That doesn’t matter. It’s not your job to convince.

I often think of this as what happens when you turn a tap onto a spoon in the sink. If that spoon is faced downwards, then the water will flow over it. This is your receptive person.  If that spoon is faced upwards, then the water is going to hit you in the face. This is the person who needs convincing. I would rather walk away.

If people don’t want to understand it. It’s not your job to convince them. What we are here to do is LISTEN and educate. That’s it. I found a quote yesterday that I love and suits this really well.

“The truth is like a Lion. You don’t have to defend it. Let it loose. It will defend itself’.


Point Three: Money blocks

  • Yours (that you don’t know about)
  • Theirs (that they don’t know about)

We need money to survive. Say what? I know right… how funny. Who whoda’thunk-it.

Some people may (are going to) get shitty that you are making money off referring something.  So here is what you must anchor into: This is NOT because you are doing something unjust, it is because of their own money issues and scarcity issues. (That they probably don’t even know that they have. So it’s not about beating them up about it. We’ve got them too).

We were raised in a society where rich people were horrid. Cruela Deville or Scrooge McDuck. We grew up on fairy-tales where the maiden was poor and dirty… like Snow White or Cinderella, and in the end it was a Prince that took them to abundance.

So yeah, we have a big shift occurring. And you have the opportunity to play a part in that.

Now then, let’s look at the regular Joe or Josephine. They may have been raised in a family where money was tight, or in a family where you were taught you had to work HARD all the time to make money, or where you were indoctrinated into the mold that unless you’re Dr, Lawyer, Accountant, that you’re not in a real or really valued profession.

Perhaps they feel like being financially abundant and being spiritual doesn’t go hand in hand.

Perhaps they have their own inner blocks to earning unlimited money. I meet hundreds of women who think they would rather work in a compartmentalised box of a salary that = X than work in a ceiling-less, financially abundant business simply because it feels safer. (This is a biiiiiiig block, but always staying in perceived safety = flatness in life)

They may also have feelings that if you HAVE, or are making more money… that they HAVE NOT, and are making less.

These are our friends, our family, and our colleagues. These inner money blocks are largely subconscious. How they feel about you in Network Marketing from a financial perspective, is in direct proportion to their own inner money struggles or money blocks.

The opposite of this are those who LOVE money and money LOVES them.

Tony Robbins and Richard Branson are incredible examples of this. Tony or Dick aren’t going to feel triggered by you earning a commission through referring people to a product that you love. Because money is a wonderful energy and we are all worthy of abundance.  A few of my team have been asked by a friend whether they earn money each time their friend buy something. And some friends seem to think this is dirty or scammy.

Amazing how our sub-conscious money-blocks and lack of understanding in how the flow of real cash-money works in the world can twist our judgements right? Because think of this… If you recommend your friend go and buy a new pair of sneakers from Nike, and your friend does… Nike get all of the revenue.

Nike markets through billion dollar advertising campaigns each year. The price of your sneakers is increased to cover this cost. You pay a referrer fee whether you like it or not in this situation… Perhaps to an athlete who makes $15M per annum. Or to share-holders of the company (not that there is anything wrong with that, I simply want to open our eyes to spend and how it flows when we’re not even aware of it).

doTERRA MARKET through direct selling. You won’t see billboards, magazine ads, radio or TV ads, multi-million $ ambassadorships and sponsorships paid by doTERRA with the money you spend on oils.  doTERRA spend their marketing money to pay small business owners like myself or perhaps you. Most of us are women, many of us are Mums and Dad’s with family’s who were are gaining flexibility for and creating a legacy for.

If your friend feels like you shouldn’t be earning money from what they spend, then please know, this is not your problem.  This is their own inner money block. If they are open to being educated on what our business model looks like, that’s great. But… as per point two. Don’t try to convince. It never ends well.  This isn’t about them anyway… it’s about your OWN belief in this business opportunity and how well you can unpack your own unlimited financial potential and get comfortable with being abundant!

Point Three.1

How do you talk about your doTERRA BUSINESS? 

I find that many of you who are worrying about what others think of you making money through direct sales with doTERRA don’t have a strong posture that you are running a small business.

Personally, I am a small business owner.  How do you see yourself? My small business pays my mortgage, allows me to buy all the health-foods I want in Aunt Maggies, leaves me free from worry about how I can pay the school excursion fees so my kids can do their thang (not like me who couldn’t go on school excursions because my folks couldn’t afford it).

My small business is doTERRA.

I treat it like a business, where I am the CEO, and I respect it like a business because I am the CEO.  When I rank advanced to Gold, I hired a book-keeper. This costs me $110 per month and she manages and allocates all of my business spend (and non-business spend) cleanly, completes my BAS each quarter and sets up my business to be properly managed by my Accountant come tax time.  Diamond Leader Kim Reid once said:

“If you want a million dollar business, then you’ve got to treat it like a million dollar business”.

So I do.

If you a: don’t think you’re a small business owner, b: don’t have any idea of money-out/money-in, or c: don’t see yourself as the boss or CEO of your doTERRA business, then of course your business isn’t going to show up for you in the greatest capacity it could. And you will find you attract more naysayers to you.

If any or all of the above applies to you… this is again, probably one of your own money-blocks.  Awareness is key with this, so you can start working through it.

Here’s 6 tips I have for you on this.

  1. Download the audio version of Gay Hendricks’ The Big Leap’. (audio version link from iTunes)
  2. Buy ‘Money, a Love Story’ by Kate Northrup. 
  3. Print your mantra out on your office wall ‘I Love Money and Money Loves Me’. Say it regularly.
  4. Listen to the financial abundance guided meditation by Abraham Hicks. You can find this on Youtube or in their app ‘getting into the vortex’. (I listened to this every single day the month I rank advanced to Platinum)
  5. Watch the ‘Be A Money Magnet’ EFT or tapping youtube clip from Brad Yates.
  6. Tell people you are a small business owner. You are. If you act like the CEO, your business will give you a real opportunity. 

Point Four:

Staying in your lane

Every single industry has jerks in it. Every company makes bad hires.

In Network Marketing, and with doTERRA, there will always be people who don’t present, or work with integrity to the product or people. This is natural across any industry and is certainly not Network Marketing specific.  In fact, within doTERRA, I have met more educated, passionate and inspiring people sharing this message than in any other company I have worked within, and I spent 6 ½ years within global US tech companies in a corporate capitalistic model.

Mindset is key here and you are going to need to learn to stay in your own lane.

Every time you hear about someone who isn’t operating with integrity, YOU are being giving the opportunity to be the light and show people exactly what this business is about.

  • Do Dr’s stop working in medicine because 1 in every 200 Dr’s are quacks?
  • Do Builders stop working in their industry because some are shoddy?
  • Do parents stop parenting because some ars*hole parents are giving it a bad name?

No. They stay in their lane, they focus on their own job and they get on with it. For where would we be in any industry without those people who were being the light.

The opportunity that doTERRA gift to us to manage a small business leveraging their products to share with and serve the world with is something we need to be incredibly grateful for. I haven’t come across a business today that encompasses such personal growth, professional growth, connection, opportunity for leadership and philanthropic opportunity before and I know that I for one, am running with it.

The largest portion of your work with doTERRA is mindset.

Stop being afraid of all of the external noise and start to get excited and grateful about this incredible opportunity

George Bernard Shaw says:

Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.

What Everybody Ought To Know About The Mindset of Network Marketing was last modified: March 8th, 2017 by Alice Nicholls

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