Will You Choose To Rise Up?

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Will You Choose To Rise Up?

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While at the Mindd conference in Sydney recently, I had the pleasure of listening to two separate lectures by wonderful Holistic Psychiatrist Kelly Brogan.

At the end of her totally awakening lecture, Kelly played this four minute video to a room of eyes that couldn’t possibly stay dry.

I’ve shared the video with so many women now who have had the same reaction as me. A swelling in the chest area, the heart cracking open, the recognition of the need to connect cross-culturally and as a unified voice and bring an end to the division of power, of suffering, of war, and hate, jealousy and lack of belief in our own ability.

Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez wrote these words to Kelly about this moment in our shared history:

We are in the Suntaleia, the Greek term for Consummation of the Ages, a time of confusion, political strife, hatred of truth, governmental oppression and the rise toward one world dictatorship.  Then comes the destruction of truth’s enemies, the restoration of the earth and recognition for those that gallantly stood firm for the truth and its always righteous application. So do not despair, it isn’t necessary to so, the plan is falling into place, these times are but the birth pangs of the glorious world that will follow. And you will be a part of it.

It is time to mobilise. All of us together can create change in this generation that will create more love for our own generations and for the next and the next. Where is that empowered woman within you who can make a change if we band together?

Where are you?
Little girl with broken wings but full of hope….
Where are you?
Wise women covered in wounds……
Where are you?
Today is the day
I will not sit still and give in anymore
Today I rise
I am bruised but I will get up and walk again>
Today I rise
I don’t care if you ignore my beauty
Today I rise
Through the alchemy of my darkest nights I heal and thrive
Today I rise
I move through the world with confidence and grace
I open my eyes and I am ready to face
My wholeness as a woman and my limitless capacities
I will walk my path with audacity
Today I rise
I reconnect with the many aspects of myself
I am in awe of the reality I can create
I am a healer
I am a queen
A wise women – A wild woman
I will rise and beam
I am a rebel
I will wake up and fight
I am a mother and I am a child
I will no longer disguise my sadness and pain
I will no longer suffer and complain
I am black and I am white
There is no reason to hide
Where are you….
I call upon Kali
To kiss me alive
I transform my anger into power
No more heartache or strive
The world is missing what I am ready to give
My wisdom, My sweetness, My love
And my hunger for peace
I weep with the trees and the rivers and the earth in distress
I rise and shine and I am ready to go on my quest
Today I rise
Without doubt or hesitation
Today I rise
Without excuses –Without procrastination
Today I call upon my sisters to join
A movement of resoluteness and ….concern
Today is the day I rise and scream
Today I foresee the future of my dreams!
Today is my call to action………… I will fulfill my mission
Without further distraction.
Today is the day!
Today I will start
To offer the world
The Wisdom of my heart.

Wise At Heart

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