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If you are waiting for a sign…’this’ is it.

Life Transformation Project has been a long called for, long worked on, evolving piece of life transformational support.

Six weeks to reset everything you know about food, conscious Living, relationships and weight-loss.

Food is not simply about what we put in our mouth. Nourishment covers all areas of our lives.

Conscious living is not just about meditation, it is a welcoming of presence, freedom and a connection with the world we miss in our fast-paced lives.

Relationships do not just involve our lover, friends or family. They are built within ourselves and they are mirrored with the way we show up in the world. They are biologically driven, socially changing and in need of love and repair.

Weight-loss is not just about kgs on our hips. It is about the weight we feel on our shoulders, on our emotional wellbeing, in our relationships with our body, our minds and because of our external influences. Weight is what occurs when we 'numb-down' our lives.

These are the areas we are going to work through. Big, powerful, life transforming information and work.

What is Life Transformation Project?

Life Transformation Project is a six week interactive coaching program - created by Certified Holistic Health Coach, Life Coach and Nutritional Medicine Student Alice Nicholls - that teaches authentic, sustainable and eye-opening health and life strategies to women who want to feel more fulfilled in their lives.

Reset the rules you have about cooking, shopping and eating for health. Reset your view on what it means to live a mindful, conscious life. Reset the rules on the way you view yourself and your external relationships. Reset the way you feel about your body.

Life Transformation Project will challenge you to make positive change at your highest level.
It’s designed to turn your day-to-day habits into a nourishing lifestyle that fuels your fulfillment and allows you to reach your higher purpose.

The training has been created into weekly modules and consists of easy-to-follow videos, done-for-you digitally enabled workbooks, resource lists, recipe books and authentic information.

All the training is online, contained in the Life Transformation Project member only site. Members can connect with others, ask questions and form life-long relationships in the members only Facebook group.

Rachel Macdonald

Life Coach and Writer at In Spaces Between

What can I say about this woman -- besides the fact your life will be infinitely better with her in it? Oh, plenty. Whip-smart, funny as all get out, brimming with wisdom and lit with passion, Alice is a veritable health and wellness rockstar. She RADIATES. She's REAL. And the best bit? She (really, really) knows her stuff. Epic transformation calls for the right kind of support. In Alice, you've found your guide.

Alice’s Story

"I found myself in my late 20’s looking back (with bloodshot eyes) at over a decade of disordered relationships with body image, food, alcohol and relationships themselves.

I accepted and even welcomed second and third best into my life and in doing so, was inviting others to treat me the same way. I waged a battle every day with who I thought I was and who I wanted to be.
I made snap decisions that caused me to feel guilt and shame. I sent my body on diet roller-coasters, causing mood swings, anxiety and tension.

I 'numbed-down' using whatever I could get my hands on at the time - alcohol, drugs, food, shopping, sex and self-hatred - simply so I didn't have to 'feel' what I needed to so that I could move forward.

I drank and partied myself into oblivion and felt this weight of pressure on my heavy shoulders, wondering if I would ever break the cycle of pain I was in, If I would ever feel ‘free’.

I wasn't willing to admit that I had created the weight I carried. At the time I was the Queen of blaming the rest of the world. Surely the Universe must have conspired to keep me small. How dare...everything!

What changed?

Everything changed.
About three years ago I began to finally study - myself. I immersed myself into coaching and courses. I gave my time to devote a practice to learning about holistic health, spiritual wellbeing, conscious thought and mindfulness.

It was slowly as if a blind had been lifted up and I was finally able to see that the amount of dark in my light had been welcomed by me first and it stuck around because I fed it daily with negative (and learned) behaviour driven by a story I had painted myself into.

I understood for the first time that the light that deserved to balance out my shade had to come from me too. Not from other people and certainly not because I was owed a break.

I began to stop punishing myself, and start looking after myself. I studied holistic health and coaching and environmental medicine and then enrolled to complete my studies to become a nutritionist. I gave up negative behaviours that were damaging my body and leaving my mind in a weak state.

I started to finally live.

What I found along the way was that every single thing I was afraid of happening, was actually no big deal. My fear of failure, of loss, or of being alone and the fear of fear itself held no place in my world.

My life became free for the first time ever. I became content, at peace, and finally fulfilled. My physical and emotional had never been better.

This is what I want for you...

About the creator

Alice Nicholls is a Student of Nutritional Medicine, Certified Holistic Health Coach and Life Transformation Coach. She is the creator of The Whole Daily, an award-winning authentic health and wellbeing website.

This year she was named as 'One of our favourite wellness
bloggers and authors' by Sarah Wilson, has contributed to The Kind Life with Alicia Silverstone and is a contributor for Lorna Jane's Move Nourish Believe platform.

"I want to see women move from an existence of always wanting something that only exists in the future - skinny, happy, acceptance, love - and love their journey today. I’m exceptionally passionate about sharing the tools to achieve that.

Cassie Mendoza-Jones.

Kinesiologist, Naturopath, founder of Elevate Vitality + the Body Harmony Society

Everything Alice Nicholls touches turns to wellness gold. She is - quite simply - one of a kind. Her Life Transformation Project really does change the lives (and hearts and minds and souls) of women the world over. She is heartbreakingly kind, and incredibly generous with her extensive knowledge and charismatic energy. She makes the sometimes overwhelming topic of ‘wellness' accessible, enjoyable and simple. She’s a special soul and if you get the chance to work with her… say yes.

Jamie Gonzalez

- Writer, speaker, seeker of truth. Jamie Gonzalez

Real, funny with a twist of awesomeness! Alice loves what she does and will add value to anyones life she comes in contact with, her type A personality wouldn’t have it any other way!

Designed Exclusively For You.

Through coaching over 1200 women, I've learned that there are a huge amount of us that are waiting for something to happen in the future before we grant ourselves permission to be fulfilled.

We don’t just get to choose to do it all again when we reach the end of our lives. This is our one chance.

And I’m here to tell you that life is a ‘choose your own adventure’.

If you're feeling 'beige' in any area of your life then now is the time to make change. And the type of lasting change only happens when you are willing to invest in yourself and your future.

I know there are a bazillion Health and Wellness choices for you today.

If you’re like me you’re drowning in 11 week diet programs, 36 day challenges and two-day super slimming detox tea-toxes.

I get it.

How the holy raw-chocolate-blissball do you make the choice about which one to choose?

You want a course that is going to offer you one on one support if you need questions answered. That’s a given right? Real engagement with the group and a group or forum where the facilitator actually enters into the discussion?

You need to be heard and not tuned-out amidst the chaos.

I am hearing that loud and clear.

It’s time to stop relying on quick-fixes, fasts and guilt-trips to become the best you. You and every other woman you know have been doing this for years and has it changed anything?

It’s time to buck the trend and invest in yourself a little differently than you usually would.

You can go and see a masseur, you can do a pump class or speak to a psychic, but they don’t get in the car with you, head back to your place and live with you for the rest of your life do they?

It’s only you. And it’s time to start nourishing you as a priority. You need to start depending on yourself to make it work.

I know you have choice in what you use as your holistic health support and that is a wonderful, magical thing. I believe we should all (myself included) be investing in self-development programs back to back to back to keep learning.

In fact, I want you to think about how much you spend on clothes, drinks or dinners out each month and start to add it up. How about your car rego, insurance, petrol, servicing?

All of these material costs, when it is you who needs to be able to be prioritised.

Will there be times you want to turn around and go back into hiding? Maybe... I never underestimate the urge to flee. It is what we have been doing for years. Fleeing from ourselves and how we really feel by numbing-down.

Today, invest in your health.

Authentic Member Testimonials

"Your program has helped me soooooo much! As we've progressed through the weeks I've followed the modules to the letter and the clarity, inspiration and peace that have come with it has been truly, I would say overwhelming but that's not the right word, the right word is fulfilling! It has been truly fulfilling.

My relationship with myself is stronger and as a result my relationships with my husband and children are also stronger. It has helped celebrate my own life and myself as a person and because I've opened my wonderful self up to the universe, AMAZING things have happened! I asked for clarity and opportunity and I got it.

Your beautiful "Life Transformation Project" has pushed me to ‪

#‎ScrewBeige‬ for life!
Thank you thank you thank you."

Sam Morrisey, Beyond Little Pink Lines

Amelia Williams

Alice Nicholls is not only a trailblazer in the world of wellness, Alice Nicholls is setting the world on fire with her game-changing Life Transformation Project. Alice is heart-driven, intuitively connected and honest - with a hefty side serve of hilarious. She is a guiding light for women all over the world who are ready to transform, lean in and take change of their health + wellbeing. Life Coach + Mentor Nurture and Shine

Tara Bliss

Straight-shooting and all-loving, Alice Nicholls packs a wellness punch like no other, but what strikes me most about her is her sense of humour. She is quite literally Burst Out Laughing hilarious. Her presence in this online world makes me take notice, her warmth makes me smile, and her recipes make my tummy grumble. Her Instagram feed is full of sass and wit and humble insights, too. Not to mention her often poetic, beautiful contemplations. She is educated, entertaining and life experience is her secret weapon. The epitome of Change Agent... yes, that's Alice. Spiritual Practice Coach | Yogi Tara Bliss

Rebecca Thexton

Alice's magnetic vibes shone right through the computer screen and I couldn't have had a more pleasant experience working with her. Supportive, humble and professional this woman knows what she is doing, and loves it!

Claire Baker

Health Coach at This Is Lifeblood

Hold your horses wellness seekers, things have truly been cranked up a notch (or ten) over at The Whole Daily. Alice has created an EPIC haven of health, happiness and honest hilarity, spoken and shared from the heart. I dig her – and The Whole Daily – immensely.

"Can you feel the thrum of it, the unseen current, the insistent love of it? Now is the time to act on what beckons, what eats at you, what you have turned your back on 10,000 times.

Oh yes, oh yes! You say!

You gloriously, boldly grab your pen, your phone, your camera, your plan, your heart and run to the door… But wait… you pause on the threshold, hand on the knob.
A sudden need to — call the bank, text your kid, serve a client, scrub the sink, make a better shinier plan for this thing you are really almost really ready to start — tugs you back. You want to start, and you will, but first you must…
Friend, hear me like a bell rung in your soul’s ear:

Choosing is your art.

Choosing is why you are here.

Every time you abdicate choice – look for the right way, scramble for the formula, wait for the seal of approval, or deny what you know you want – you turn away from your art and your life’s deep purpose.

Choosing is your art.
Now is your time. Better than any other.

- Jen Louden

The Most Frequently Asked Questions

Question Number One: Is this eCourse the right one for me?

Is this eCourse the right one for me?
I know that everyone is different. This is something I greatly love and respect about the world. The way this eCourse has been put together is in direct follow-up to the thousands of questions that I've been asked and in response to the questions I have pondered about life, love and health. In fact, it is because of you that this eCourse came about. We needed a place to answer those questions deeply and in a supportive environment. So if you have ever asked yourself “How Do I…?”

We answer.

Can I afford it?
Yes. One on one coaching with me is over $2,000 per six months. I wanted to share information with you of great value at a price that was affordable to those who know this stuff matters.

Can you guarantee to change my life for me?
Everybody’s situation is a little bit different and of course I can’t guarantee you will transform your life because, ultimately that is up to you. I refuse to sell you that I have the magic potion when that exists within you, but I will share all of the tools, strategies and step-by-step handholding to get you there as lovingly and knowingly as I can and have many times over.

I will be travelling, not home or on the go super-busy during the eCourse time. Do I have to go at the same pace as everybody else?
No. I love sharing that we have no ‘rules’ in Life Transformation Project (except love each other), so you can download and roll through the eCourse at the pace that feels right for you.

Can I buy this for a friend?
Honey, you can buy this for your whole netball team if you like. I can send you a digital or a hardcopy certificate and you can share the love. In fact, THAT IS A GREAT IDEA. Why didn't I think of that?

Can I pay in instalments?
No, we have one upfront payment and we will give you time prior to kick-off if you need to get your finances together.

What about food?
I have a passion for food, and a love of my ‘cooking meditation’ and I sure hope you will develop this also. Creating simple, beautiful and nourishing meals from whole, fresh and in season ingredients will do more for your health than most people will ever realise and we are going to be pow-wowing and sharing food ideas, shopping lists and Recip'(e)Books with the best of them .

I share my anti-inflammatory lifestyle eating focus which does include recipes, shopping lists and eBooks and is suitable for Paleo, is anti-inflammatory, autoimmune disease supporting, gluten-Free, refined sugar-free and free from chemicals. YES!

What do I get? What happens when I join?
As soon as you purchase, you will be asked to create a login and password for our exclusive membership site on The Whole Daily platform and you will immediately be able to access the members only area of Life Transformation Project.

You will be asked into the exclusive Facebook group. This group has brought me to tears (happy tears) on many an occasion. Seriously, it is The. Place. To. Be.

You will receive emails on a weekly basis for six weeks to let you know that information is waiting for you (in case life gets in the way). It is all digital + downloadable so you can login to access the content & download the course and take it on the go with you as well.

Content is available in video (vimeo), audio download (.MP3) and eBooks (.PDF). The eBooks are digitally enabled so you can either fill them in online or print them out and do this the old-school (love it) paper based way.

You will receive a minimum of TEN workbooks of information covering off out themes of Living, Eating, Healing and Self-Loving Better. These have over TWELVE projects for you to complete within them to help support your journey.

You will receive FOUR+ recipe and inspiration books that will show you how to create delicious healing foods that are suitable for vegans, vegetarians and conscious carnivores.

You will receive access to amazing contributors each week sharing self-love, yoga, kinesiology and meditation practices with you.

You will receive guided meditations to complete whenever and wherever you are.

You will receive social badges, digital wallpapers and phone wallpapers to remind you of the theme of the week and to inspire your progress.

What if I buy and want a refund?
Life Transformation Project comes with a one week 100% money-back guarantee. We have invested hundreds of hours into making sure this content in the eCourse is relevant, helpful, and really drives to answer your questions and support you.

If you can honestly tell us within a week of having access to the entire eCourse that there is no value in the eCourse for you, then we will trust you and share a refund with you.

The only thing we ask of you is that you share your reasons so that we can make sure we aren’t missing out on providing information that would help others.

Can I start right this instant?

The eCourse is definitely right for you if:

If you have ever asked yourself or someone else “How do I…feel happier, feel healthier, feel more fulfilled, love my life, love myself, learn to cook in a way that nourishes my body, release myself of anxiety, manage my anger, manage my expectation, chase my dreams, meet the right man, lose weight, connect with myself, know myself, live the life I want or get…there.”

If you want an exceptionally supportive environment to open up about your life and share (if you so desire)

If you want to network or meet with other women who have the same questions as you.

If you want to focus on yourself as a priority and not what everyone else is doing, thinking, wearing, saying or eating.

If you want to show yourself that you matter.

The key prerequisite is that you are willing to explore yourself more and are open to diving into matters that may make you feel uncomfortable – i.e. YOU.
An open and positive attitude is also going to help you.

The course is definitely NOT for you if:

If you expect that your life is going to change overnight and never be beige again simply by reading the material. The information in this eCourse and the direction that I take you needs to be applied as a practice and when done so – even through the awareness that you will learn to cultivate – will change your life.

In the beautiful words of Danielle LaPorte

"For the Love, Love. Life is really really hard and I never said this consciousness shit was easy. You gotta work for it, babe."

Kate Johansson

Alice is the real deal. There’s so filtered picture of life’s struggles on the journey to a healthy mind and body. She’s honest, authentic and inspiring. Founder Koja Real Food

Lauren Glucina

Alice is the type of lady that will give you shivers as she reveals a peak of the awesomeness that awaits you. Passionate, real, grounded, fired up, authentic and ready to get stuck in to lovingly help you make changes that will bring riches into your life – the real riches – health, happiness, love, peace of mind.

You can rest assured we’ve got your back.

Juicy Support

Get any questions answered by me personally. Make comments, form a totally awesome team of conscious life-livers. Of truth seekers.

Use the Facebook forum to roll ideas, get into discussion, collaborate and center.

Share your process, your thoughts, plans and breakthroughs. You can bust out of fear and into freedom solo, or you can rock it in the group and share as an exclusive member and ambassador for Life Transformation Project on Instagram, Facebook and twitter.

We know how important it is to have supportive, authentic and at times, humorous people in your corner. And hey, sometimes not everybody else in your life can be there for you when you want to talk about your heart, head, emotions, physical desires or future. I’ve had eye’s rolled in my direction, I know what it’s like. And I don’t want you to go unnoticed.

I will be available across email and also social media if that’s where you like to hang. I’ll be answering questions, sharing all of the knowledge I can and helping you get the answers, the support and the love that you need in this process.

This is the closest that you can get to one on one consulting and everything that has been created and will be shared has you in mind.

There is no risk. I designed it that way.

Catch your doubts, remember how much you spend on a night out, or your car insurance, or your hair every 12 weeks. Think about how much you invest into areas of your life that don’t ‘have your back’.

Tell that bully on your back that is telling you “Next Time” to get stuffed.

Tomorrow doesn’t actually exist. When you wake up - is it EVER tomorrow?

The feeling of ‘doubt’ will never tap you on the shoulder and say ‘do it now’.

Your doubt is fear and the only thing to do is cover it with love like a big warm cable-knit jumper.
And love...

What would love do?

Working through the 'Why'
ALL NEW 30 day body reset mini eCourse - cleanse your body of toxins, reset your digestive system, improve your energy levels.
Guiding you through the eCourse
Introduction to members
Shopping guides, weekly planners, intention setting
Guided Meditation

Connecting with self
Reflection on ourselves - project
Receiving intuition
Body-love - project
Self-Love and food
The energetics of food
Love-Food - project
The weight is where?

Lifestyle diet
What went wrong with the way we eat
Are we eating ourselves into an early grave
Nutrition and our food sources today
Self- Reflection

The diet industry
Real-food ingredients - Project
Conscious food - Project
Feel and Look like a picture of health
Foods and food groups - eat and avoid

Conscious awakening
Conscious Living - What is it?
Conscious thought power
Cultivating freedom from unconscious thought
What is Ego
Conditions fit for Ego
Connect with awareness
Truth vs. Illusion
How to rise above Ego
Conscious thought - Project

The wondrous world
Benefits of mindfulness
Mindfulness techniques
Practicing mindfulness
A beautiful mind
Postcard - Project

Fear and Freedom
Fight or flight
What is fear?
The trappings of fear
What if you were no longer afraid?
Playing small
What's your story? - Project
Let's look at your layers
You will survive - Project

A Letter for you
Fear of now - Project
Anchor your feelings

What is feminine and masculine
How is this created
How are you showing up in your relationships?
The biology of man
Woman in a time of changing worlds

Your relationships
Where are there gaps?
How does your history affect your masculine and feminine
Ways to improve existing relationships

Authentic Member Testimonials

"This eCourse is for those who are looking for a LASTING change with their health, wellbeing and relationship to themselves. Once I have learned to love and approve of myself my outside world seems to reflect this. Life just goes smoothly. A huge thank you to Alice. You've given us all a precious gift of an improved relationship with ourselves which I will cherish for the rest of my (freaking awesome) life."

Kim McPherson