The Toxic Load That Begins in Utero

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The Toxic Load That Begins in Utero

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Baby boys being born with testicular cancer. Infertility in young men. Female infertility on the rise. Cancer increasing year on year. The top causes of death caused from dietary related diseases.

I have written blog posts in the past about how horrifying it is that we are going to be the first generation of humans who die before our parents. And I have been trolled by people whose arguments were that; ‘The advances in medical support is incredible and we used to die in caves at 45 years old’. (Except of course the comments I received weren’t as neutral as that.)

However let’s imagine for a moment a world in which the medical advancements were still as great, but the human population were actually more well to begin with. Crazy thought right?

Imagine if we were treating the minority with these incredible medical advancements and not spending more money on dietary related diseases than we spend on caring for the elderly or disabled each year?

Is there an argument for that? I wold like to hear it I think.

I believe that there is a general understanding that if we want to be healthy and well, that we eat better, perhaps bust out the active wear every few days and don’t hit the booze too hard. And absolutely, this is a great start… however we are surrounded by over 94K toxins, and it would be wonderful if we became more educated on environmental toxicity too.

The danger begins now before we are even born with US studies showing over 200 synthetic chemicals presenting in the umbilical chords of newborn infants.

“We know the developing fetus is one of the most vulnerable populations, if not the most vulnerable, to environmental exposure,” said Anila Jacobs, EWG senior scientist. “Their organ systems aren’t mature and their detox methods are not in place, so cord blood gives us a good picture of exposure during this most vulnerable time of life.”

Of particular concern to Jacobs: 21 newly detected contaminants, including the controversial plastics additive bisphenol A, or BPA, which mimics estrogen and has been shown to cause developmental problems and precancerous growth in animals. Last month, researchers reported that male Chinese factory workers exposed to high levels of the chemical experienced erectile dysfunction and other sexual problems.’

The study went on to find that:

A whole new raft of chemicals showing up in babies’ cord blood for the first time. Some of these newer offenders include tetrabromobisphenol A (TBBPA) from computer circuit boards, synthetic fragrances used in common cosmetics and detergents and Teflon-relative perfluorobutanoic acid.

Unfortunately for us right now, the only way to hold corporate polluters’ and government regulators’ feet to the fire in regard to waste outputs and pollution mitigation is to be able to prove that the unwell, the infertile and the cancer-ridden were affected by the legal chemicals that currently surround us on a day to day basis.

Currently 1976’s Toxic Substances Control Act is the law of the land in regard to controlling the distribution, use and disposal of toxic chemicals nationwide. But EWG and other groups complain that hundreds of thousands of new chemical formulations are unleashed on an unwitting public every year via store shelves because the federal government assumes new products and ingredients to be innocent until proven guilty.

Instead of accepting the things that we cannot change, perhaps it is time to change the things that we cannot accept?

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