Top 10 Health Tips For the Burned Out, Stressed Out or Just Plain Exhausted

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Top 10 Health Tips For the Burned Out, Stressed Out or Just Plain Exhausted

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I returned from nearly a month of travel last week and hit a brick wall upon my return.

I wasn’t sick, I was just spent.

I don’t like to glorify busyness, so I won’t. It’s not healthy for us. Especially us women who need to be anchored so greatly to the world and earth to feel truly alive.

While I’m definitely more wired for speed and action and I love that, this means I have to be even more conscious of my health and signs I’m heading for burn out.  It’s a point I don’t want to reach. I’ve been there before.

When it comes to healing from disruption and grounding again amidst chaos, routines are really important for me. Anyone who watches my Instagram Stories sees these routines in times in my life where extra care is needed. And if I stop ‘gramming’ completely. You know it’s because I need space.

Simplicity breeds space to rest and what comes into this for me are my non non-negotiable health tips for the burned out, stressed out, or just plain exhausted.

If you’re feeling even slightly one of these, then choosing to bring any of the below into your day is going to be beneficial to you.

Simplicity breeds space to rest and what comes into this for me are my non non-negotiable health tips for the burned out, stressed out, or just plain exhausted.

If you’re feeling even slightly one of these, then choosing to bring any of the below into your day is going to be beneficial to you.

1. Eat More vegetables

In the science of food, no change has been bigger than the discovery of phytonutrients and their beneficial support of our health. Phytonutrients include all of the unique substances that give foods their brilliant colours. Different coloured veggies have different nutrients so to get as many in as possible I always recommend to ‘eat the rainbow’.

The anti-oxidant quality is also a key reason to add more veggies to your diet. As oxidative stress causes ageing it’s important we provide our bodies with anti-oxidants to fight free radical damage.

Veggies also provide us with much-needed fibre, which helps to sweep the gut and bowel. Every time I look at an organic curly kale leaf I think of it as Mother Nature’s ‘broom’ if you know what I mean?

2. Fluids – flush the system

Water, Water, Water.

More water.

3. Bone Broth

Not only does this wonderful functional medicine improve the health of the lining of our digestive system, aiding to heal and seal from damage done by inflammatory foods and stress, bone broth is exceptionally high in the amino acids proline and glycine which are vital for healthy connective tissue (ligaments, joints, and around organs.)

Having bone broth can improve digestion, allergies, and immune health – improving the health of the brain and of stabilising and improving our emotional health in the process (95% of our brain chemicals/hormones are formed in the gut.)

So when our gut is healthy, our immune system is healthy and we feel and look better.

4. Go to the water

Where will you find me when things are either overwhelming or I am feeling on the edge of burnout? The water.

The ocean is my favourite because I really feel like ‘She’ takes it all away (do you feel this too?).

Second for me is the shower. When I feel totally overwhelmed, I go to the shower.

There’s something about around or in water which recharges or cleanses the body and both literally and metaphorically, ‘washes’ the struggle away.

The water gives us a place to let go of what’s not serving us and to loosen off that which may feel like it’s weighing us down.

You may want to have a bath, go for a swim and do some lazy laps or dive into the chill of the waves. Whatever rises your tide.

5. Meditate

One of the first things I did when we came home from travelling was set the alter back up again.

I don’t meditate in perfect conditions (life never presents perfect conditions, so why wait until all is just ‘so’ before taking time for the mind, is what I think.

I meditate after dinner, with my two daughters around me, the lights off, the diffuser with frankincense oil in it and the Abraham Hicks guided meditations from the ‘Into the Vortex’ app playing.

They’re 15 mins of Law of Attraction meditation., and if I’m feeling disconnected from body/self then I will often play the ‘Physical Wellbeing’ meditation.

6. Switch off

Opening up Facebook or Instagram and absorbing all of that content is draining. Simply not checking social media apps and even not opening my inbox, (which is a big thing for me as I do battle with people-pleasing a lot and often feel like I ‘have to’ reply asap) is one of best ways for me to clear my mind.

7. Move gently

I’m a firm believer that we all need to move our bodies to feel as though we are in peak health and be in optimum form. Exercise releases feel-good hormones such as dopamine and cortisol that help us feel amazing (studies show moderate exercise to be a key support for those with depression).

I love to sweat but pushing the body when it’s already under pressure may not be the best thing for you. I’m a massive fan of taking a few days to yourself and away from heavy cardio or weights but this doesn’t mean bringing on the ‘couch potato’ either.

Gentle movement is key to resetting the body and grounding on down. Do three yogic sun salutations morning and evening or go for a 20min walk. That’s all you need to keep the body in flow state.

8. Support a release of toxic build-up

When you’ve pushed too far, are feeling totally exhausted or burned out, there’s typically going to be a build up of toxins in our elimination organs. This includes the liver, gall bladder and skin.

It’s important to support these organs to do their job.

Here’s four ways:

  1. Dry body brush to help detoxify, release dead cells, and increase circulation.  Use an Ayurvedic dry brush to gently rejuvenate and awaken your skin. Dry body brushing may also help to build muscle tone, fight cellulite, and improve blood flow.
  2. Bath in lemon essential oil with magnesium salts. The magnesium salts and lemon oil help draw toxins from the skin.
  3. Get into coffee enemas. This is essentially putting coffee up ya’ bum. Research shows that coffee enemas are an effective way to to clean out the lower intestines and improve your health.
  4. Also… water, water, water…

9. Sleep

There’s a reason why sleep deprivation was used as torture in the war and most new mums would agree, but more and more of us are having disrupted or not enough sleep each night.

It’s funny that we talk about how much kale we’re eating, or how much we exercise or meditate and yet don’t brag about the amount of hours we sleep in a night.

The body does its best repair while we sleep which is why it’s so important we aim to get enough.

Aim to hit the sack by 9pm for a few days in a row and avoid looking at any digital screens before bed.

I pop some Vetiver essential oil (Mother Nature’s sleeping pill) and Lavender essential oil on my pillow and this aromatic anchor tells my mind and my nervous system to drift off each night.

Sleep is the ultimate body reset tool. A great way to reset the system snd get better sleep is through a 5 day juice cleanse.

10. Use essential oils

I use essential oils every day for physical, environmental and emotional support and when I am giving my body a reset I look to oils that will support immune health, support my lymphatic system, skin support, liver and gall bladder detox support and generally oils that will help me release anxious feelings and relax.

Here’s a simple list of some I turn to when I’m focusing on resetting my health.

  1. Lemon oil for liver support. Bathe in a few drops, place a drop in a white or peppermint tea
  2. Grapefruit oil, the oil of honouring the body. Massage into the body with an organic carrier oil like jojoba oil and tell yourself how much you love yourself.)
  3. Zendocrine restart blend. Liver and gall bladder detox support. A drop under the tongue or in a warm glass of water.
  4. OnGuard Protective Blend. Diffuse into the air for immune support.
  5. DigestZen Digestive Blend. Support and soothe the digestive tract with this warming oil.
  6. Lavender. Adrenal support and a sedative, who needs to know any more.

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