Easy step to decrease workplace stress & increase productivity.

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Easy step to decrease workplace stress & increase productivity.

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A good employer brand is much more than a pretty image on a LinkedIn page these days. It’s support and consideration for the balanced wellbeing of the company’s employees.

Both emotionally and physically.

When a business brings this thought to their brand, they may not only increase employee satisfaction, but also the bottom line of their organisation. It’s not even considered ‘forward-thinking’ anymore. It’s a given in successful businesses. So if yours doesn’t encompass this yet. It’s time to take stock!

Sick days and leave cost SME’s in the Aussie market around $20,000 per year.

The average Australian employee leads an increasingly busy life – longer hours and more demanding work make sure of that. This often manifests in increasing levels of stress and health problems, which negatively affect employees’ work attendance and productivity.

DHS’s 2016 Absence Management Survey found that on average employees took nine sick days per annum, and that the total cost per employee was roughly $3,608. For highly paid employees or those essential to the functioning of your business, this figure could be considerably higher. Some of these sick days are relating to a respiratory bug or tummy bug, but many are related to stressors at work and feelings of overwhelm.

Any employer with a team in the office who cares about their overall health and wellbeing would be wise to invest a small and totally tax-deductible amount into an essential oil kit and diffuser for the office.

Pure essential oils being diffused into the air can kill air-borne bacteria, minimising the spread of potentially ‘catching’ bugs, they can open the airways and increase wellbeing throughout body systems, and the benefits are going to be seen on a company’s bottom line in less time taken off work by employees.

Not only that, but the data shows an increase in fulfillment in the workplace, less stressors and less feelings of overwhelm.

This is exactly what Vanderbilt University Hospital found in their peer-reviewed case study.

‘The wellness committee approved the use of essential oils and defined a research model to analyze the direct effects of diffusing dōTERRA essential oils in a hospital environment for the perceived outcome of stress reduction and increased energy levels. Our staff was surveyed for 30 days pre and post implementation. Before the use of essential oils, 41% of the staff felt work-related stress very often; after the use of essential oils, only 3% felt work-related stress very often. The feelings of being overwhelmed changed from 25% very often before implementation to 2% after implementation.

Feelings of being well equipped to handle stressors at work changed from 13% very often before implementation to 58% after implementation. Perceptions of staff optimal energy level increased from 33% to 77%. Following the implementation of the essential oil initiative, 84% of the staff strongly agreed and 10% agreed that diffusing essential oils contributed to a more positive work environment.

“Imagine the possibilities if essential oils can have this kind of impact on the working environment, even changing the perception of one’s stress and energy levels.

Essential oils have the power to impact an individual’s personal health and well-being. Many have witnessed amazing life-changing experiences. Their power is very real.”

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