Beyond The Bottle. Consciously Opting-In To Greater Good with doTERRA

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Beyond The Bottle. Consciously Opting-In To Greater Good with doTERRA

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Already 100% committed to using my platform to be a an advocate for wellness in the world, I didn’t know it was possible, but I am even more so now. 

Not only that, but in doing so forging a bond with a company whose founders are bravely disrupting an industry.  This industry is Healthcare in the USA – where infant mortality rates are the highest and average length of life the lowest in all the developed world. Where they have everything and are killing themselves with it.

This afternoon, my good friend Tara Bliss and I took a small bite of the info we have had fizzing through our bodies for over 9 days and ran a Facebook Live to chat about doTERRA.

Passion, Purpose and Partnership.

We’re so excited to share with you what we’ve been immersed in these past 2 weeks.

Beyond the bottle: Living an essential oils lifestyle, opting into incredible humanitarian efforts and peeling back the layers on a business model that could rock your world and bring more energy and meaning than ever. 

If you’ve ever wondered why we are so invested in this company OR if you ever thought to yourself ‘This is too good to be true’, or if you ever thought ‘Everyone else is doing it – doTERRA – and the market is saturated’, or if you ever thought ‘Network Marketing is a Scam’, then please check it out.

We would BOTH be so honoured if you gave yourself the gift of seeing it through our eyes and hearing about the impact this work is having on the world. All of this information is genuine, unscripted, and deeply from the heart.

If you watch this video (or listen to the podcast)  and you feel like you want to link hands with us, and this company, then please either grab yourself some oils for personal use, through the image below, or reach out to me at alice @ and let’s start a conversation.

It starts with a drop.

Watch the video

Listen to it on iTunes as a podcast

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