The Truth About the Top 6 doTERRA Network Marketing Myths

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The Truth About the Top 6 doTERRA Network Marketing Myths

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Hey there and welcome to episode 5 of All Rise Up. A podcast that supports your doTERRA Network Marketing business

I’m Alice Nicholls and I’m a Blue Diamond leader in doTERRA based in Australia.

Today’s episode is a conversation I’ve been really excited to have with you for some time.

I’m busting out the truth about the top 6 doTERRA Network Marketing Myths. 

I’ve personally had an incredible experience with Network Marketing and have complete trust in the company I work with and the product I sell through this direct sales model, however I’m aware that there are some people who have questions about the industry and the business of Network Marketing.

There is no doubt that in the past, there were a few companies who classified themselves as Network Marketing companies who gave false and misleading information.

However, the industry of Network marketing isn’t the same anymore. In fact, this business model is fast becoming one that is not only mainstream, but completely logical, flexible, supportive and really… one that just makes sense based on our current climate the way we live and the way we want to live. 

Whether is being able to make our own decisions, create flexibility and financial abundance for our families (and show them a better way), a job that allows us to work from home and on our own schedule, or, such as with doTERRA, a job that allows us support an organisation that gives back philanthropically, in a big way.

doTERRA as a business is an entire ‘Conscious Eco-System’. Our philanthropy is far reaching and ethical.

doTERRA is a truly conscious business that’s paving the way and setting an example, showing how ethical business can be done. But you all know already that I’m super passionate about this business, so how about we get into some myth busting instead?

MYTH #1: ‘It’ doesn’t work’.


REALITY: According to the Direct Selling Association, in 2015 the direct sales industry, of which network marketing is a part of, grossed $36.12 billion in retail sales in the United States.

Further, over 20 million people in the U.S. alone are involved in direct sales. These numbers indicate that network marketing can work.

Simply speaking financially – which btw I don’t believe is the biggest definition of success – I’ve worked with doTERRA now for just over a year and quite literally seen hundreds of woman and men collect their recognition awards for reaching new Leadership levels in the business where the average commission structure is completely transparent and is really relevant to the actual earnings figures of my colleagues in this business at that level.

I’ll post the commission structure below this LIVE when I’m finished so you can see for yourself.

So financially, if that’s the way you want to look at it, it works. 

“So then why did that person write a post about how Network Marketing sucks and it doesn’t work?”

Quite frankly, because they didn’t work it. (for whatever reason)

Let me unpack that a bit for you. 

Network marketing is the business of direct selling. An industry which uses people, just like you and I, as their marketing and sales force.

And in ANY industry where you have people, in fact in EVERY industry that employs people… you will have some who succeed and some who don’t. Simple. 

I worked in recruitment for 5 years in my early twenties. I interviewed candidates for jobs for hours a day. I also worked very closely with the organisations hiring employees and spoke to them about their existing workforce. What was working, what wasn’t working, which type of ‘candidate’ rocked and which type…errrr. didn’t. And if one thing was sure, it was that those who don’t put the effort in do not make great employees and probably have a very short shelf life in that company. 

Interestingly, when I would speak to these people on the tail end of their employment.. they would come out with something probably pretty similar to the person writing a post about why Network Marketing doesn’t work. “The Manager was an arse”, “There was no opportunity”, “I didn’t get the support I needed”.

And so on.

And look, I am not trying to diminish those employees who have truly had a bad experience in a job. But it’s fair and truthful to say that it is more often than not the employee who wasn’t the right fit.

The bottom line, is that all organisations make bad hires.

Some of them are incredibly costly.

Think about the business you work in now, or that you used to work in. Was everybody the absolute best employee? Have you ever worked with someone who whinged all day about management or how they weren’t given as many opportunities or the shifts they wanted or the conditions that suited them, all the while you knew they just weren’t cut out for the job and that it was all a story they were telling themselves.

I could list actual names of these people in their tens. (I’ll be completely honest, I was one of them once in a job that I had).

In doTERRA Network Marketing, our jobs are voluntary… which is one of the best things about the industry. All we need to do to get started is purchase some oils. And anybody can do that!

This leaves us open to having people join us with misguided expectations about the speed in which they will earn money, or the effort that they will need to put in.

Because this business does require a lot of effort. Something with such an incredibly large opportunity attached to it should require great effort really. 

This business works, if the person who takes it on, works on it. 

Success or failure has less to do with network marketing itself. It’s determined by the amount effort you put into your business.

Myth #2 Well then it wont work for me because I don’t have a public profile and a massive Facebook following.

REALITY: Now this one is a mighty story people tell themselves, and as someone with a semi-public profile and following before getting started, I get this one thrown at me a lot.

You may already be thinking ‘Easy for her to say, she HAD a Facebook page with followers already’.

So let me be clear about something. The key difference between my business success and your business success is not my Facebook following.

It is because I took the simple strategy that doTERRA knows works, and I did it.

Week in, Week out. For a year. In fact, if doTERRA’s strategy was that I could rank advance to Diamond in 2 years if I hosted one class a week – a rank that pays on average just over 200k per year – I hosted two classes. Some weeks, I hosted 5.

And some I had no people turn up. And some I had 10 people turn up. But I kept going.

Let me make this abundantly clear though… when I walked the stage to collect my Platinum leadership award at Convention last March, I was in the minority of the leaders there. Most of them had no public profile and zero ‘LIKERS, FANS, or FOLLOWERS when they first said YES to doTERRA.

The key difference between their business and your potential business success was not their Facebook following. It is because they took the simple strategy that doTERRA knows works, and they did it.

doTERRA is a company of ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

And you can be one of those people if you like.

Myth #3. The Market Is Saturated. 

REALITY: I am not going to spend too much time here because it’s actually really simple to explain.

Quite simply, saturation is impossible because there isn’t a FInite number of people. Everyday new people are born or turn 18, thereby adding new potential network marketers to the pool of prospects.

In Zig Ziglar’s book, Network Marketing for Dummies, Tim Sales offers the best argument against the saturation myth. He asks, “Do you know anyone who doesn’t have a refrigerator?


That doesn’t stop GE from selling more of them.”

But… let’s say you want to discuss an impossibility for a moment.  And you want this to relate to doTERRA Stats specifically.

IF no human ever turned 18 again (which is the age you can open a doTERRA account, and with only .8% of the population having a wholesale account, saturation in our lifetime… yeah… it’s still impossible.

You’re going to make new besties for life in this business.

Myth #4. Only those at the top earn money

REALITY: Hmmmm… this kinda reminds me not so much of Network Marketing, and more how 300 of us on the retail floor in my first job got paid vs how much the one CEO was making. 

It seems this myth relates more to the reality of the average, historical J.O.B than Network Marketing.

But I still went and grabbed real data to share with you because I like to back things up with something other than my passion at times.

I checked my back office Upline – those higher up in my organisation structure as you could picture it in a standard company org chart – and found that above me there are 5 people equal to the rank in the business I am in now.

Some of them have been working for this company for multiple years and I have been here one. 

I also found that myself and my direct Upline, out-rank – or are higher up in organisational recognition within the structure of the business – multiple people in our business that are in our Upline.

In fact, I found that there are some people in my Upline who are at the most junior recognised rank sitting higher in the business org structure than those in the highest leadership rank.

So what we really see, if we were to put Network Marketing into a typical corporate job Org Chart, is multiple CEO’s in entry level positions and potentially a minimum wage employee sitting towards the top of the tree.

And really, in the corporate job structure today, with 300 of us on the sales floor…. how many of us could have made CEO in that company?

I did look further though too…

I looked down into my business structure in my own back office software too.  Down into a team of over 1200 people.

I looked at where my four highest ranking leaders were structurally positioned and noticed that one them, them was actually twenty lower-ranking team-members below me. Twenty deep and out-ranking and out-earning 20 people above her.

Also I noted that this woman, Danyel, didn’t have a massive following, LIKES or a public profile either, but I will tell you what she does have?

Dedication, commitment, TRUST and belief in her product and the company, and herself….

And I know for a fact her team would say the same thing.

In good network marketing companies, members can make any amount regardless of where they are in the organisation.

Income is related to effort not position.

So, Network Marketing actually gives all of the people who put in the hard work and commitment and time and trust the opportunity to rise to the level they so deserve.

Find your tribe, love them hard. This has never been truer than in this incredible co-collaborative business.

MYTH #5 Natural Health Is A Fad

This one. Aaaahhh this myth is like a knife in my nutritional medicine, natural health-solution-loving, earth mamma, veggie gardener, whole-foods-cook loving back.

Okay, let me be clear here… The health industry us one of the most profitable industries in the world today, AND it is GROWING, GROWING, GROWING.

Also one of Australia’s leading Naturopaths and Nutritionists threw this into the ring when I was chatting about this last week “Ageing population = increasing health care needs … health industry is only going to grow!”.

The predictions of the Australian Complementary Medicine Industry in their retailer industry update are coming to fruition. Here’s some data for you.

  • They predict that the industry revenue $3.5 billion, will grow to $4.6 billion in 2017-2018 with a rise to 45,000 of employees
  • There are over 10,000 Complementary medicines available on the Australian market
  • The sales of Vitamin & Dietary Supplements will overtake OTC medicines by 2015

Consumer Trends Show that

  1. More than two-thirds of the Australian population use Complementary Medicines
  2.  Australians spent $2 billion in out of pocket expenses on Complementary Medicines in 2010–11 whereas they spent $1.6 billion on pharmaceuticals (lemme say that one again… Australians spent $2 billion in out of pocket expenses on Complementary Medicines – like essential oils people – in 2010–11 whereas they spent $1.6 billion on pharmaceuticals)
  3.  24% (1.3 million) of Australian adults with a chronic condition regularly applied CMs to treatment
  4. Only 6 % of Australian adults regularly meet the required daily intake of vegetables despite government’ advocacy for nutrition through food. They are filling their nutritional deficit with vitamins and dietary supplements

Also, interestingly, when the GFC hit both Australia and America at different times, the health industry didn’t take a hit, in fact it GREW while whole industries went bankrupt.

We can’t get enough of it.


Myth #6. It’s expensive to start

We can start a $1M+ Network Marketing business with doTERRA for as little as $50 for a Wellness Advocate account membership.

See, there is no ‘Business Buy-in’ per se.

doTERRA make it INCREDIBLY easy for us to start a business because the only prerequisite you need here in Aussie to start a doTERRA business, is that you simply purchase some oils and get going.

Most of us  will purchase the Home Essentials Kit when we start, which is $330 and is perfect for personal use or to start our business or both. It’s aptly named as it has the ten oils that every home should have plus a diffuser.

However you can also get an oils kit with enough oils to run a great class for as little as $174.

doTERRA are also different than many other Network Marketing companies in that this convo I am having with you today about a ‘pre-requisite’ to starting your business, is not a typical one we have with our teams. We are predominantly a ‘product first’ business. 

The majority of people who start a doTERRA business purchase the oils for personal use, fall in LOVE with them, have an incredible personal experience and then can’t help but put their hand up and say YES.

In fact, this is exactly how I started.

Nearly 98% of my customers, including those building a business, I met when I was hosting an oils class or education session talking specifically about the oils and their value and therapeutic uses. NOT about the business.

If someone is humming and ahhhing about starting a business then I will always say… ‘Honey, get some oils, use them, have an experience. And then if you feel called to, THEN you can start.’

There’s no contracts, lock-in plans, or minimum spend anybody HAS to make. It’s all up to them.

And if they DO decide they want to create financial opportunity…the only monthly commitment that needs to be made to earn money with doTERRA, is a product purchase of around $125.

I classify this as your ‘Small Business ‘Overhead’. And if we want to balance that against the THOUSANDS of dollars per month it costs to run a bricks and mortar business, not to mention the set-up of one (which is, on average $80k with then over 90% failing in the first 3 years), then that $330 product investment up front and a monthly overhead of $125 is teeny. 

As I said, that $125 is for product, and you get to full control what that is every single month.

This is not an auto-ship program where the exact same product arrives on your doorstep once a month.

For example:

I am currently building my herb and spice oils collection for my culinary pursuits, so this month, I used that ‘overhead’ spend on Cilantro, Marjoram, Cardamon and Cinnamon essential oils.

The product is so amazing that the majority of us who create a business with doTERRA had an incredible personal experience with them before we began to share them.

Last month, I topped up on OnGuard, Lavender and Easy Air essential oils to keep our house sickness and germ free during Winter.

The month before, I bought a handful of Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint oil to give away as samples to those interested in the oils for personal use.

And then I am turning over heaps more oils that I use in classes, give as gifts to friends, and also those I use to replace previously toxic products around my house like dishwashing liquid, toothpaste and laundry detergent.

Because yes, doTERRA have them too.

AND let me be clear here. You don’t even HAVE to pay that teeny business expense once per month if you don’t want to. You can choose when you’re ready to switch it on and you can turn it off at any point. No contracts, no expectation, full control + epic product.

AND it gets better. Here’s a couple of other reasons that this business opportunity is not only an incredibly low investment, but HUGE return.

Our ‘job’ if I can call it that… because it’s a real-life dream really… is to share these essential oils with those in the world who need and want them through education and direct selling. But it is doTERRA who provide the most amazing support and business structure.

The manage the entire sourcing, farming, distilling, manufacturing, product, delivery, customer service, back office and information side of things.

Can you imagine how hard and costly it would be for YOU to manage relationships with farmers and growers co-operatives and all that this involves with over 40 different countries in the world?

Can you imagine managing the science in the labs in Utah and the large team in the Nerd Herd that make sure that the oils that reach your hands are the best and most therapeutic grade in the world? Can you imagine managing the distribution to over 3M people world-wide and then imagine YOU managing the customer support for this too?

doTERRA do ALL of this for us and they do it so, so well! (and remember all we have to do to earn money us spend on average $125 a month… )

And the final point that shows you how freakin’ deliciously low-investment and high return this opportunity with doTERRA Network Marketing is, is that when you purchase your oils… you don’t just get the oils, you get support on top of that.

For example, let’s say you do decide you want to create financial opportunity for yourself by leveraging this opportunity to partner with doTERRA and create a business. You purchase your oils through me and I offer you text, email, phone, Facebook group, website, class, and training support.

Erin, an awesome woman on my team, said wrote this in our Facebook group this week:

“I completed a nutrition course back in 2013 which launched me into following my passion for health and wellness and becoming a health coach.

In the spirit of honesty and transparency I then spent another $5k on a 6 month business training. No – I am not ‘rich’, I earn a nurses salary, but I prioritised the spend as I really wanted my business to take off and learn more about what it meant to ‘market’ and create a business.

Everything I wanted to learn – seemed to have a price attached to it. Blogging courses, Instagram courses, social media courses, hiring a coach, business training … etc etc. I do not have any problem with this, as it is all incredible, useful and amazing.

However, when I came to doTERRA I could not believe that EVERYTHING was free. ALL the marketing materials, the back office, HOW to share the oils, the class in a box, HOW to make money, HOW to help others make money, HOW to start the business. ALL FREE.

And Alice was there for me too! FREE!

I could call her and she would answer and support me with anything and everything, no questions asked, no ‘that will cost you $$$’.

From my perspective, I found that amazing and open hearted and generous and so kind.’

So firstly, I am not an Island.

There are thousands of doTERRA leaders who offer support, training, mentoring, coaching and shoulders to their teams. And if YOUR personal enroller doesn’t then I PROMISE you that if you take the initiative to find them, that someone in your Upline will be offering that if you reach out and up.

I created an 8 week blogging course in the past, called Blog to Profit, and I sold that course for $1000. Hundreds of my friends have paid thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars for business coaching that you do indeed get for free as part of this business model.

It truly is the most low-investment, high-vibin’, high return business model there is!

So what I want to finish saying on this epic-length Facey live today loves, is that the key thing you need to ask yourself if you’re taking any of these myths on board, is to be careful of the stories that you’re telling yourself.

In full and with love, butt-kicking mode… those who believe any of these myths are those who are giving themselves an OUT in taking full responsibility for owning their power playing large and hey, MAYBE turning their life into one they only ever dreamed of before.

You are a bloody miracle. From the day you were born to now… it’s time you remembered that. Don’t let these false beliefs stop you from considering a network marketing business with doTERRA. If you commit time and effort to your business you can absolutely reach a level of abundance, spiritually and financially that you had not thought possible before, ALL THE WHILE serving those in the world who need it most.

Mic drop…

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