Sensual Massage Balm – with Essential Oils

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Sensual Massage Balm – with Essential Oils

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I didn’t think it was fair to carry the knowledge around with me that essential oils can also be used to support healthy intimacy in our lives and not share it with you. Especially if you’re in the midst of a ‘funk’.

Loss of libido can have many causes. Sometimes it could be physical such as thyroid issues or medications and other times, it can be mental or emotional. Stress often being the greatest contributor, issues within relationships, fatigue, depression and the list goes on.

But there’s no need to hide under the covers with your grandma socks on. Here’s where essential oils enter.

As human beings, we’re strongly impacted by fragrance and aroma. Our limbic system is located at the back of our brain and it’s associated with memory, emotion, and learning. Thus, it’s easy to understand how smelling essential oils can have a powerful impact on us physically and emotionally. Aroma has proven to arouse the senses, create a more pleasant environment, and increase desire.

We’re not just biochemically linked to feel aroused through our senses. Essential Oils reduce stress and elevate mood. This in itself can promote increased feelings of sensuality and energy. Think about it, the more relaxed you are the easier it is to get in the “mood”, right? So, Essential Oils really have two roles in increasing libido.

Ancient Egyptian writers and artists often created sensual images by referring to scents and fragrances in the context of sexual relationships. And the Song of Songs in the Bible refers to scents, perfumes and anointing oils as part of its sensual imagery.

As gentle and relaxing aromas, these oils can be used in diffusions, sprays, topical applications and more, but today I am  sharing the sensual massage balm recipe with you. You can use this balm to run over your body before getting frisky (either with yourself or a partner) or give your partner a massage using the balm. It’s gentle enough to be applied across the body.

Get creative to see how you can boost libido by incorporating these essential oils for sex into both your daily life and romantic life.

Sensual Massage Balm


  • In a heat-safe bowl in the microwave, double boiler over the stove, or a stainless steel jug over a low heat, melt the beeswax until liquid, then add the coconut until melted also.
  • Remove from heat.
    Add in all the drops of essential oil and stir.
    Pour the oil into a suitable container and allow to set.
    Screw on the lid and store in a cool, dark place.

Sandalwood essential oil

Sandalwood is an ancient oil that is well known for its meditative and relaxing properties; it is often used in incense in churches and temples. However, sandalwood also has aphrodisiac properties and is occasionally still used as a fixative in very high-class perfumes. Sandalwood essential oil is a base note oil and is now quite expensive, so use it sparingly. It has a balsamic, woody aroma so is a great choice if you don’t particularly like floral fragrances. Add a drop of sandalwood oil to a massage lotion or a bath for a sensual, truly romantic encounter!

Ylang ylang essential oil

Ylang ylang essential oil is extracted from the flowers of a tall, tropical tree which invokes exotic images and may contribute to its romantic associations! However, ylang ylang oil does possess aphrodisiac properties too and has traditionally been used for love and romance. In Indonesia, the flowers of ylang ylang are laid out on the bed of the bride and the groom, in an attempt to stimulate passion. In addition, the oil is used as a tonic to help overcome sexual difficulties. Ylang ylang has a sweet, floral-balsamic aroma which is quite sweet and rich. It is a good choice if you want to choose something between the full floral aroma of rose and the balsamic aroma of sandalwood.

Patchouli essential oil

Patchouli’s history goes back a lot further in time than its hippie associations and it was originally used in many perfume bases. It was introduced into Europe from the Far East in the 1800’s. Patchouli essential oil is a base note oil with a rich, earthy aroma. Use patchouli oil to re-capture the ’60’s decade of free love!

Ginger Essential Oil

Ginger essential oil is warm, arousing, and inviting.  In fact, the great physician Avicenna was singing Ginger’s praises more than a thousand years ago!  He said it was perfect for increasing circulation and, thus, creating more powerful erections.

Wild Orange Essential Oil

Throughout history, orange oil has been used to treat widespread conditions, including low libido. It’s considered an effective antidepressant, antiseptic, antispasmodic, aphrodisiac, deodorant, digestive stimulant and circulation-booster! 😉

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