Who Else Wants To Know The Answers To doTERRA Objections?

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Who Else Wants To Know The Answers To doTERRA Objections?

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Hi all.

I’m so bloody pumped to share this blog post with you because it’s the first podcast for my new show ‘All Rise Up – Growing Your doTERRA Network Marketing Business’

The blog post below is the transcript from the podcast in case you would like to read instead of listen. 

Responding to doTERRA Objections with Alice Nicholls for the 'All Rise Up' Podcast.

Responding to doTERRA Objections with Alice Nicholls for the ‘All Rise Up’ Podcast.

The initial topic that inspired me to create this podcast was around handling common objections that those who’re considering buying the oils may have, or one’s who’re tying to qualify further info before they purchase.

Here’s what I am going to respond to today.

1. doTERRA is too expensive

2. Can you buy the oils for me from your account?

3. Is this a pyramid scheme?

4. Are they organic

5. Can I try them first?

As this business is all about duplication, I thought, why not record my answers so that we can all listen and share and even be able to mentor others outside our team with this help. After all, we all rise up together right?

You’ll notice that these podcasts are completely public facing, you have found this blog post on my public website ‘The Whole Daily’. You may be listening to this as a non-doTERRA user yet. I have specifically chosen to do this because I like to approach business in a transparent manner.

doTERRA gift us all the chance to build an incredible small business (in size but not in financial opportunity), and perhaps you or others wonder what our secrets are behind the scenes. Well, there aren’t any… so if you are yet to purchase doTERRA for personal use or leverage their business opportunity, welcome. I hope you may also get some value from this podcast and maybe even think about bringing these little bottles of goodness into your own world too.

If you love this first episode of All Rise Up, please leave an iTunes review as this will help us share this message to others who may be umming and ahhing and looking for real answers.

Please also share with your team in your Network Marketing business as a way of duploica or even those who’re still thinking about purchasing.

Network Marketing in general is going to continue to grow and we are in the right place at the right time to leverage this incredible opportunity.

Today’s ‘All Rise Up’ episode is all about responding to doTERRA objections.  One of the key points I want to mention is that it’s never going to be the right time right now for everyone to purchase their first doTERRA oils and either use personally or be inspired to grow a business with.

It may take 7-14 touches between you and an individual you meet at a class or event or other situation before they purchase. Some won’t ever purchase.

So while these objection handling answers can be used in so many different situations, please don’t pepper or pester or hassle anybody who says no and means it. I certainly don’t want to attract anyone to my team who feels like they’ve been pressured to join or purchase. It’s not a great way to start a relationship and as I am all about energy, I want it to feel good for both parties.

In saying that, having these responses up your sleeve may be exactly what you need to serve somebody and help them make a decision. It’s important to know these answers so that we don’t miss an opportunity to change their lives with these wonderful oils and as a trickle effect, those of your team, yourself, your family and the growers and farmers and those we help through Healing Hands.

I have answered a few of these questions in long form. Please don’t think you have to respond to somebody’s objections with the entire response, it’s more to allow you to choose what feels or sits right with you and leave out the rest.

#1. doTERRA’s too expensive

Yes. They are more expensive than others aren’t they? Typically most of the best quality products are. 

I know it can seem expensive when you can see a bottle labelled essential oil in a discount store, so it’s important to understand a few things. There are 250 drops of essential oils in a 15ml bottle -+ you only need 1-2 per serving so you’re getting over 100 used per bottle at between 3c to 11 cents per drop (in Australian dollars, so most countries are even cheaper per drop than this). doTERRA the only essential oil company in the world today whose oils are proven 100% free from toxins and chemicals.  dōTERRA’s CPTG essential oils are 100% pure, free of fillers or artificial contaminants such as pesticides or other chemical residues.

dōTERRA essential oils are all externally tested/audited for purity and quality. If they don’t meet doTERRA’s rigorous standards, They aren’t sold.

When you buy bottles labelled ‘essential oils’ from a store, you are risking using inferior products that are neither quality tested or pure. There are certain dangers that come with that. For one, they should never be taken internally. + if you weren’t able to take them internally, why would you then place them on your skin topically? + if you wouldn’t apply them topically them why would you use them aromatically?

When you buy doTERRA essential oils through a wholesale account, you straight away receive 25% off retail.

doTERRA’s Loyalty Rewards Program sets you up for SERIOUS long-term financial savings and success + up to 55% OFF retail essential oils and consumables we use every. single. day (like shampoo and conditioner, deodorant, skincare, toothpaste and nutrient supplements). This means we actually SAVE money buying our incredible organic essential oils (+ products!) doTERRA essential oils are high quality & extremely potent.

It takes around 45 proven organic lemons to create a standard 15ml bottle of lemon oil. To purchase 45 organic lemons in Australia would be over $100, and yet your 15ml bottle of lemon oil will only cost you $12.

Also, on pricing – and this is a personal view – we must begin to see a shift from our subconscious belief that a product doesn’t have a creation or sourcing background, and beginning to invest in ethical businesses who share their profits and support industries in developing countries, just like doTERRA.

doTERRA invest in co-impact sourcing with their farmers so that they know the oils are grown and harvested by those who are treated fairly and ethically. We source our oils from over 23 developing countries and it’s an incredibly high priority for us to know that we are supporting the farmers, their families and the industry in an ethical manner.

Let’s keep talking about pricing for a little bit.  I remember when I first started with doTERRA, ALL I sold were Home Essentials Kits. My first 30 enrolments all bought them. I literally didn’t know this wasn’t happening with all Wellness Advocates who were building a business.

Straight away in my doTERRA journey, I had 100% belief in the value of the Home Essentials kit.

I didn’t speak about any other kits unless I was asked about them, and I still follow this model.

I don’t NOT let peeps know about them, I certainly didn’t hide them, I just don’t use any other kit to share the value and info about in my intro classes or convo when it comes to doTERRA.

It’s called a Home Essentials Kit for a reason folks.

I knew that ANY household who purchased it was saving over $200 and gaining mother nature solutions that covered all areas. Emotional. Physical (including first aid) spiritual and  Environmental too.  Whenever someone asked me about purchasing, even if they mentioned they wanted one oil only, I would ALWAYS tell them about the value of the Home Essentials Kit.

Then one day I had a chat with a woman on another team who was asking for help with sign-ups. She had three people at that stage who were either looking at single oils or one the essentials collection.

I realised in speaking with her that she hadn’t shared what the Home Essentials Kit was or what the value in this is. I also realised she was afraid to share it because she worried that it would see like she was trying to ‘scam’ more money out of her potential customers.

And also because with one woman in particular, she mentioned she was pregnant and didn’t want to put her out by offering a kit that was more money, so she didn’t mention it. Assumptions will ruin opportunity.

(pregnant women be THROWING their money around like it ain’t a thing at all! Bugaboos, breast-feeding chairs, matching room sets made from mahogany).

Quickie: I actually used to do this with older folk. I thought that anybody over the age of 65 couldn’t afford the Home Essentials kit. It was just by sheer good lessons that all of the epic older ladies who came to my classes bought and taught me a damn good lesson early on.

And here’s the thing with that. When we do this –  be afraid to share or talk about a greater investment – then we do them an injustice of not educating them and allowing them to make a decision that is actually of greater value to them. We sit in a place of ‘me’ and not ‘we’ or ‘I’ and not ‘serve’.

When we ASSUME what people can and cannot afford, then we do them an injustice of not educating them and allowing them to make a decision that is actually of greater value to them.

We are also doing the farmer and their family and injustice. We are doing doTERRA an injustice and we are doing YOU an injustice. 

However primarily, your customer, because never forget that these oils can and will change lives through their entire creation and use, from seed sown by the farmer who can send his kids to school and put a pipeline in for clean running water, to the Mother who had a kid who never chilled-the-heck-out and never slept and who is now calmer and more grounded, to the small business owner creating flexibility with a young family and who doesn’t have them means or ability to give all of themselves to a Boss each day.

And lets’ talk about that value okay? So what does my convo sound like if someone says to me: “I just want to buy a single oil”

Here’s what you may hear me saying.  That’s great, I am always so happy when anybody decides on natural solution. Which oil are you looking at and what problem or support are you looking to achieve?

I ask this because once I know this, I am in the best position to consider what can serve them and then how I can offer this up in a valuable way, and this does typically mean the Home Essentials Kit… once again, aptly named. For instance… let’s say their response is ‘I want to sleep better.. My digestion is shot and I feel really foggy, can’t focus at work which is and feel like I need a big reset or a detox. I’ve heard lavender is really good.’

This is perfect because it allows me to see where the value is… yes home essentials kit, and I can picture which oils combined can be a support for each problem. Sleep? Lavender and or frank, digestion? Peppermint and DigestZen, clarity and focus, peppermint, easy air and lemon, Immunity and resetting, Frank, Lemon + Oregano. And then never forgetting OnGuard for environmental protection for ALL of this.

See how our qualification and their answer make it so much easier to actually SERVE them with that they need

Then, once I know that I can say something like:  I know you just want to buy lavender, but it would be doing you a disservice not to mention the Home essentials kit, because there are a lot of oil in there that can really support you.  The total value of the Home Essentials Kit is actually $553, however when you enrol with a Home Essentials Kit you actually get 10 oils PLUS a diffuser for $330.

A great example of the value of this is that within these 10 oils, you receive a bottle of Frankincense oil, which retails for $114, however you get that within that Home Essentials Kit with the 9 other oils and the diffuser for $330. It’s incredible value.

I would then quickly share the value of those other specific oils for exactly what she is looking to support, as I mentioned above.  Then she can make a decision based on real knowledge and not lack of it. See the difference.

And that decision is one I respect btw. We don’t pressure peeps into buying.

#2. Can’t you just buy my oil for me?

Can you just purchase me an oil through your own doTERRA account?

Don’t you get the oils for wholesale? Can you just buy them for me and I’ll pay you back?

This one hasn’t come up with me before (actually I think my sister asked me once, but she’s since opened an account.

There’s a few reasons why we want to steer as well clear of this as we can, and it’s most certainly not all about us.  Because it’s nice to do a friend a favour (and earn points for ourselves in our back office), however if you begin to sell oils at wholesale prices to all of your friends and family, you’re doing them (and yes you, a massive disservice for a few reasons.

You’re foregoing any fast-Start commission, which btw is $47 per home essentials kit sold, but is then also applicable to any other purchase your enrollee makes in their first 60 days with doTERRA.

You’re also killing any future Uni-Level bonus from their future spend. 65% of our customers purchase at least once every 1-3 months, and you won’t be receiving any commission from that too.

This final one is a biggie for me.

It seriously damages their chances of creating an amazing small business and ruins their any financial opportunity they could create for themselves by sharing the oils with others. Let’s imagine this… you sell your oils to two friends at wholesale prices. They come back a couple of times and do the same. One has someone ask them what she’s wearing and they then enrol in doTERRA through another WA because they want to get the same oil, or even through you, which from an integrity perspective is a big No No.

The other tells everyone who’ll listen that she wears and loves doTERRA because you either haven’t taken the time to educate her on the value of being a WA and they enrol through others. 2 months down the track she decides she wants to start a doTERRA business and be a WA. She’s lost that original potential because she’s buying wholesale through you.

MOST WA’s who decide to start their business, do so AFTER having an epic experience with the oils. So give them the foothold they deserve up front by educating them on the value of the wholesale account.

If people do not want to join with a wholesale account – and some won’t, and this is fine –  then we should ALWAYS offer the oils at retail. They can order through you at retail or they can order through your website.

Quick chat on the retail vs wholesale:

  • Retail is purchased at full retail price. This is actually a good option for those who can’t or don’t see the value in purchasing more than one or even two oils TODAY.
  • Wholesale accounts: 25% off retail (this is a big deal when you consider this is a saving of $30 off a bottle of Frank).
  • Opportunity to join the LRP program (save up to 55% off retail)
  • Opportunity to earn commissions
  • Opportunity to earn free products each month, greater discounts and shipping points
  • No commitment to purchase anything else.

#3. Isn’t that a pyramid scheme?

Is this a pyramid scheme?

That’s a pyramid scheme.

With this question, and with most of these objections actually, I don’t personally hear it that often. In fact in the last 7 months, I’ve heard it once. I have to put this down to the fact that my posture and my belief in this organisation, the worlds best product and the business opportunity is real, amazing, and available to all.

This is one of the simplest ways to describe what an – illegal  – all pyramid schemes are illegal, pyramid scheme is.  In their day – they ARE indeed illegal now – a Pyramid scheme’s focus was to recruit new members, and pay bonuses for achieving recruitment goals. They were not paid commissions of an actual product sold.

In their day, pyramid schemes will often require a large paid investment just to join which you wouldn’t receive any product or service for, or would often involve recurring “membership” fees or expensive “educational,” “training,” or “advertising” materials that can easily be found free of charge elsewhere. They often pressure people into recruiting new members and promise large profits for minimal work, often in high-pressure seminar environments.

At doTERRA any person is as capable of earning and out-earning anybody else in the business, it’s not structured so you can’t make more money than a person above you. In fact, I am out-earning those above me now and there is an Incredible Presidential Diamond in the business here in Australia who is out-earning HUNDREDS of people structurally above her. And these aren’t isolated stories, this happens when a Wellness Advocate works hard to build their business.

doTERRA market through direct selling, which exactly why I’m here talking with you today. Where large companies we all know and have bought from, will invest billions of dollars a year into advertising, doTERRA like to market using the referrals of people who use and love their products. Most of these people are women and many have families. So instead of paying those billions into marketing, they are able to pay small business owners like myself a commission for referring these products to others, which we do all the time anyway.

One of the best things about this for you, is that after you purchase, you get my support also so you’re making the most of your oils purchase. This after-sale purchase is un-heard of in a retail environment. So everybody wins.

This is also a great answer for those who ask:

Do you make money from me buying these?

#4. How do I know they’re organic?

Guys we used to spend a lot of time answering this and talking about CPTG and what this meant but thanks to the EPIC work that doTERRA Have put in through Source to You, we can now speak simply to the quality tests they can do for themselves.

doTerra are the Most Tested and most Trusted essential oil company in the world today. They are also now the ONLY essential oil company in the world whereby you can see for yourself the tests done on that oil.

Each batch of dōTERRA essential oils goes through a battery of rigorous tests to ensure you and your family receive only the most pure, potent, and effective oils on earth. We are also now the only essential oil company in the world whereby you can Enter your unique Quality ID to view GC/MS test results from an independent, verified third party lab on the Source To Your Website. We are committed to providing you the highest quality oil, every time.

#5. I need to try the products first

I always like to keep rollers and samples in my Mary Poppins bag. If I have some to gift I’ll do it on the spot and ask them to let me know what they think. If I don’t I’ll take THEIR address and send them something. And then the key to this is to follow up! So many people give and then never follow up.


Sharing something with you that really bugs me here now peeps. I physically cringe when I hear someone get an objection to purchasing doTERRA and they go on the defensive. No-one ever comes to a happy agreement when they’re both pushing forward. They’ll both usually just increase their force and everybody loses.

What’s better is to qualify their query and consider using a story-telling response around how you answer… such as ‘I can see why you think they’re expensive, I did too originally, until I knew about the quality of these oils’… and continue with your message there.


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