Great-Big Reasons I think Selling doTERRA is an Honour (and you should too!)

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Great-Big Reasons I think Selling doTERRA is an Honour (and you should too!)

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This week’s topic is all about selling doTERRA Essential Oils with passion, connection, integrity and JOY.

Selling, sales, selling, sell, sales, sales, sales.

I feel like such a devil saying these words over and over again because I know that so many of you are triggered by them.

Imagine if you found JOY in selling and in being in sales.

Imagine if you had zero hang-ups and gave zero BLEEPS about being a sales person.

A sales Queen… A sales GODDESS.

The Bona-Fide Goddess of doTERRA sales.

I am sending out a HUGE trigger alert right now at the beginning of this training because I am going to use the world SALES, and SELLING and SELL a shit-tonne of times.

And for a lot of you, this is going to really bug an inner guru who has told you for ever that spirituality and sales do not go hand in hand.

So what I ask is that you listen.

That’s all.

And every time you feel triggered when I use the S word… please take note that I may be talking about an area of the doTERRA business you may need to do some personal work in.

I am not going to use another word to describe sales.

I don’t need to.

There is nothing wrong with sales or selling… there is only something wrong with the perception of sales.

In podcast episode #1 of the All Rise Up (you can listen here), I had a bit of a rant about how we should be proud to be selling doTERRA essential oils.

Yes, we are selling doTERRA essential oils.

You gotta’ problem with that?

There is nothing to be gained from us shying away from the art of sales.

It’s creative, expansive and filled with opportunity for growth on all levels.  I would like to inspire you to see and absorb and then expand into this too.

Selling with doTERRA is an incredible way to serve the world in a greater way.

However the block to selling may be what’s holding a lot of us back in Network Marketing within this doTERRA business model.

Ask yourself…

Do you have a tension within you between the desire to create a strong and abundant business for yourself and the idea of selling to someone else?

Ask yourself…

Do you have a tension around what other people will THINK about you and the fact that you are doing ‘something’ that has you profiting from it in some way?

While I didn’t originally desire to be that continuous voice in your ear reminding you that when you’re selling oils with doTERRA this isn’t ALL ABOUT YOU – what I mean by that I’ll cover off in a minute – there is also a part of me that is deeply anchored to the fact that heck yes, I will keep saying this to you.

If you are open to it.

All day every day if I have to, until that day you get over yourself and go ‘Aaaahhhhhh, I get it now…

Yes Alice, I am ready to step out of my own way.

Yes I am ready to see the clearer picture.

Yes I am ready to see the greater vision for myself, my family and friends, and the world at a greater scale.

When I first joined doTERRA, I noticed in the first few weeks that a lot of people were introducing the sharing opportunity and saying, ‘oh this isn’t a sales role’.

And I straight away could feel that this may be causing an ‘energetic’ problem within not just the receiver of this info but the giver of the info as well.

I began to find myself in Carrie Bradshaw-esque situations, sans cigarette, pondering the disconnect.

‘So’ my inner Carrie thoughts… ‘in this business model, do we not present a solution to a problem or a desire and then a person pays money for that solution’.

The 10+ years experience in sales management I had behind kinda got me ta’ thinking that a sales role was exactly what this was.

Just because we do not receive the purchase transaction into our own bank account doesn’t mean a thing.

When I was a Sales manager at LinkedIn, I would sell to the HR Manager of enterprise companies, and they would pay LinkedIn for the solution I sold them, and then LinkedIn would pay me.

Same thing.

So I looked at how doTERRA corporate themselves described their business, and this was an exact excerpt from their website ‘we market through direct selling’.

I realised that there was a mental block that many of us had to the way the business is done.

Now, as a somewhat philosophical+logical person, I began to see that – some – of those who told everyone this wasn’t a selling role, or a sales role, were attracting people to them in their doTERRA business that would not share the message of these oils – or in other words, who were unconsciously butting against the very nature of this business – and who were also encountering personal blocks themselves.

All the while being entirely unaware that the person standing in their way and attracting a half-interested tribe, was themselves.

Something my friend and co-collaborator in this awesome business Tara (Hey T) so beautifully wrote in an email yesterday was this… ‘Everything duplicates. The good, the bad, the ugly.

The frantic, the lazy, the sweet, the soft, the effortless, the magnetic, the bulldozing.’

Everything duplicates.

Personally, I know deep in my soul that this business model rocks. That selling essential oils for doTERRA is not just a joy, but an honour.

That’s what I want to duplicate! How about you?

Ask yourself… what am I duplicating in my business right now?

If you have a doTERRA business, and you are not 100% anchored into the way this BUSINESS is run, then this is going to be duplicated within the people you attract on an energetic level to your business.

A spiritual person and still be a salesperson. Because sales can and will and is being done with grace, and integrity and thoughtfulness and with serving and a wider, greater good in mind.

There is nothing wrong with being in sales, there is only something wrong with the perception we have of sales.

And look, I haven’t gathered the data, but I am pretty sure from looking around me that is it those that unapologetically and consistently share the value of these oils that are achieving their goals.

Allow me to paint you a picture.

There is a company.

This company:

  • Generates jobs in developing countries for people and families who thought they had no other options.
  • Provides fair and ontime payments to these people
  • Are focused on sustaining long-term partnerships with these people
  • Ensure fair labour conditions, promote co-operatives, ensure environmental stewardship and…
  • Facilitates community development amongst other things.

This same company has a product that they market through direct selling.

This product is not only incredible for supporting one’s emotional health, physical health and environmental health… but that same product is also able to be used in 100 gazillion different ways, is cost-effective, beautiful and of an even higher grade than our own National (and International) certified organic standards…

A product where when we sell it to a person or share it with someone who needs or wants it they can have a profoundly positive experience with it.

The mother whose child has been struggling with respiratory health and no-one in the house has properly slept for months and who, now that there are diffusing Easy Air in the kids room can now relax at bed-time knowing that her child is calm and breathing easily and deep in sleep. And gets some sleep for her own weary head.

The single father who has to continuously head to school to pick up his child who cannot sit still in class and who has been labelled disruptive, however now that he is rolling on vetiver, franki and the Peace blend is now calmer, more focused, able to sit through classes at school and absorb information without losing his temper.

The woman who – true story – has been suffering with digestive distress for months and who is able to sooth and calm her digestion so she can actually go on a date with that hot guy from the office across the hall without having to race to the loo every 10 mins.

Or hey, the woman who contacted me some months ago looking for something to help her get back into the groove in the bedroom after the birth of her third child and who – after I blended a specific aphrodisiac oil for her – emailed me practically begging me to make her a vat of the stuff.

Look, compliantly, I can’t share even 1/10th of the incredible, miraculous stories I want to when it comes to how these oils support, benefit, enhance and improve our customers lives for the better.

But I know they do… you know this too.

I know you do because you love them as well.

Because you’ve also had an amazing experience with these oils.

I’m not finished yet though…

After this incredible company has played such an amazing role in creating industry and opportunity for those in parts of the world who didn’t think they had any other option, paid them fairly, treated them ethically and with LOVE, and made sure the environment was protected…

Then provided human beings – our friends, our families, those people who need it most around us – with solutions they may have been had been searching for days, months or years for that have changed their LIVES for the better…

This same company has a ‘100% of donations get to those who need it most’ foundation called Healing Hands Foundation, whose list of servings to the world is too great to share here today, but who have helped in thousands of ways, with millions of dollars donated, and with thousands of hours gifted by the employees of this company and us – their sales people –  to re-build natural disaster zones in developing countries and provide much needed relief and respite in areas that simply had no other option at the time.

A foundation who also partner with charitable organisations such as one’s whose sole role is to free children from sex slavery (O.U.R Rescue), or teach young women in developing countries about feminine hygiene so they aren’t exploited (Days for Girls).

Oh yeah… I forgot something though.

Just as a cherry… to be able to work for this company is entirely, 100% voluntary, any person can choose to do it… AND not only that, the company offer us the opportunity to earn an uncapped, unlimited salary that would rival pretty much every other financial career opportunity that exists on the planet, AND that we get to do it from our homes, around our lives, with our kids, and be in complete control of our destiny with it.

Yep. We get to sell for THAT company.

doTERRA is a conscious business is and an ECO-SYSTEM that extends FAR, FAR, FAR beyond you and your perception of sales.

All the way back to the child whose family had to walk for 3 days to get clean water, and who now, thanks to the work doTERRA has done with his village, can turn a tap on near his home.

We get to sell for THAT company.

What we are doing is this…

We are consciously aligning ourselves with a brand who support causes we believe in. And this is everything in today’s world.

I hope that now you have eyes into this eco-system a little more, you can also begin to get a stronger feeling for why it is a joy and an honour to be in direct selling in partnership with doTERRA, for doTERRA and for yourself.

My only wish is that all companies did business this way.

If you’d like to learn more about doTERRA, here’s some helpful resources for you. 

Co-Impact sourcing also includes linking community bases and social impact projects funded through the Healing Hands foundation.

And this is another part of the doTERRA conscious business model.

Co-Impact Sourcing Wintergreen Essential Oil

Co-Impact Sourcing Lemongrass Essential Oil

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