Rachell Brinkerhoff – I Chose To Focus On ‘Why I Should’.

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Rachell Brinkerhoff – I Chose To Focus On ‘Why I Should’.

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“Alice, can you find a podcast guest who is a single mamma and who works another job to interview? I want to know how they make it work. Because I am struggling.”

This was the question I had from 3 women in my team recently and so that very day, I went on a quest to find these stories for you. I feel so deeply about being a guardian of the culture that is doTERRA, one that actually ‘frees’ women over the long-term, not binds them to more struggle for the their lives.

This interview with Rachell Brinkerhoff is the first of multiple chats I am having with single Mamma’s who work on the side, and who are building a growing doTERRA business.

Rachell’s story had me humbled and a little teary to be honest. There ain’t nothing quite like hearing about a story of true rising. Come and listen, hear the possibility for yourself. And anchor into the fact that it’s not all going to be roses when we begin the ‘work’ or when we are in the ‘dip’ of it, but that whatever you always wanted to have is awaiting you when you create freedom, creative space, and financial wellbeing for yourself and your family.

In the scheme of your life, these ‘building’ years, are a small chunk of what returns to set your life alight for ever more.

Rachell Brinkerhoff is a ground-breaking entrepreneur with a story to set your soul on fire.


A little more about Rachell:

Powerhouse Mamma of two, heart-cantered humanitarian, mentor, and an expert on essential oils. Her humble beginnings tell a raw and relatable story of tribulations, triumphs and remarkable transformations. A passionate Wellness Warrior – Rachell is a 6-figure income earner with doTERRA, holds Blue Diamond Leadership in DoTERRA and mentors some 30,000, with a monthly growing network of 1500+.

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