doTERRA Above The Line – Ascending In Life and Business : An All Rise Up Podcast Episode

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doTERRA Above The Line – Ascending In Life and Business : An All Rise Up Podcast Episode

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Today’s podcast is based on the Keynote Presentation I did at Silver and Above Day at our Annual Australia & New Zealand doTERRA Convention. 

It’s a great one for those who need a bit of a kick in the butt when it comes to owning your doTERRA business and ascending within it.

I hope you enjoy. 


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“Hi friends.

I hope you’re all awesome today. It’s such an honour to be asked to speak to you about doTERRA Above The Line. Ascending in business and life.

I’m going to share info with you that’s based off my own personal experience (and a little bit of universal truth).

I’m here with a goal to turn the light on for those who are ready to hear what I have to say and who resonate with ME.

Some – or all – of what I share today won’t be for everyone, in fact there’s probably a couple of things I’m going to mention that contradicts things you may have heard or will hear today. Take what works for you. Leave the rest.

That’s the beauty of days like these and doTERRA’s business structure. 

We have the opportunity to hear from speakers and leaders who do business differently. Have different personalities and different style and if we get together all of those peeps then you are sure to find some Aha’s you need!

Okay, doTERRA Above The Line. Ascending in business and life.

What is this?

Living above the line means choosing to take full ownership of the

decisions we make, being accountable for the actions we take and

acknowledging that we are fully responsible for the end results we achieve.

  • Ownership
  • Accountability
  • Responsibility

As we encounter challenges and problems in our lives and in our work, the default for most is to play below the line. Below the line is blaming, finding excuses and acting in denial.

  • Blame
  • Denial
  • Excuses.

In doTERRA, we are either Attracting and Ascending or Repelling our success, based on whether we live above the line or below the line.

Your thoughts create your feelings create your actions.

Our mind chatter goes on ALL THE TIME.

This is what many meditation practices are designed to free us from.  Because typically it never stops right?

Now when we have an experience in life – such as someone cancelling their booking for our class for example – that FIRST thought, or ‘the first responder voice’ is our unconscious thought.

This unconscious thought has been created through a lifetime of programming, past lived experiences and false perceptions.

This first responder is pretty brutal most of the time and. He wants to keep us feeling negative because that negativity is what feeds the first responder.

Eckhart Tolle calls it the Ego, you may hear it called the devil on your shoulder, Mel Ambrosini calls it your “Mean Girl”. 

For the sake of this presentation, I’m going to call it the REPELLER, because that’s what it does and becuase it’s the OPPOSITE of PROPELLER.

So, if you’re thinking negatively at any time, it’s because your first responder, the ’Repeller’, has come to keep you small. That’s his job. He gives you a negative thought, which creates a negative feeling, which results in a negative action.

Your thoughts, create your feelings, which create your actions.

So if you’re always acting on the feeling created by the thought your REPELLER gives you, you’re going to be creating a business BELOW THE LINE.

Because watch this: The thought “Aaarrrghhh there’s only one person coming to my class, EVERYTHING is going wrong,” = Feeling “dejected or rejected” = Action: “Cancelling the class”. Who’s done this? Hands up who’s cancelled a class when one person was coming?

I have. And imagine if that one person I cancelled on that time was a Tara, or a Jessie, Or a Vanessa or a Hayley?

How to repel your business.

Now let’s look at common ways we can repel our doTERRA business, by living below the line.

  • Minimise the risk of rejection. How do we minimise the risk of rejection? We make it so that we don’t have to hear the word NO. The easiest way to do this is to not invite. Other ways of minimising the risk of rejection is to be disingenuous to your business. Aahhh yeah, it’s just a hobby, no big deal. (all the while you feel like you’re desperate to machete work). You don’t follow up with people.
  • Give your business every excuse not to thrive. Really, this equates to not taking any action or PIPES.
  • Place unrealistic expectations on your business.
    You have a ‘start-up’ business now. And yet most of you are putting incredibly unrealistic expectations on it. I have been speaking with people who want to be Presidential Diamond within a year. Which is highly unlikely.
    Who’s ever bought anything off Amazon? Who still uses Microsoft word or excel or safari? Who has an iPhone here?

If Richard Branson, Mark Benioff, Jeff Besoz  Bill Gates or Steve Jobs gave up when most wellness advocates with start-up doTERRA businesses do, none of your hands would be up because these companies wouldn’t exist!

These guys were BROKE for years before their start-ups turned a profit.

Yet I see you at your computer trying to build your $1M doTERRA business off a Facebook post, then putting your head in your hands and being all like ‘I’ve been working on this business for an HOUR and I’m not a millionaire yet’.

  • Blame others when things don’t go according to plan: My enroller hasn’t offered me any support and so I can’t get my business off the ground.
  • You’re in denial about what you do = Below the line.

Guess what people. YOU are in SALES!

Now, some of you are sitting there thinkin’ no I’m not, I’m here to educate, and I’m here to serve.

I EDUCATE people on healthier solutions and serve the world by sharing these mother nature miracles.

Well, cool bananas. You’re right on that.

However… if you sampled your oils out 100% of the time and taught classes where you sent people home with 1/4 dram vials of all the oils in the HEK then you wouldn’t be here right?

We’re all Silver and Above’s – so I know that we’re all earning MO-NAY from doTERRA –  and I know to be here we’ve educated somebodies and shown them how they can support their needs and I am sure they’re very very grateful for that, however to get the oils in their hands that you have educated them on a transaction has to take place.

MO-NAY for oils. MONEY for oils. 

Hence. Quite frankly, quite factually, YOU my thousand lovelies, are in SALES.

And if you still think you’re not, what about if doTERRA – not me – told you you were?

“Sharing essential oils is a unique experience, and the founders of doTERRA recognised that a sales model just as unique would be needed. In order to best facilitate personal essential oil experiences, doTERRA utilises a direct selling model.”

Well shucks people. If you weren’t this morning, I can tell you for a fact that NOW you’re in sales.

And there’s nothing wrong with sales.

There is only something wrong with the perception of sales. Just that, not a truth, just a rumour that has DUPLICATED.

And aren’t we just the luckiest for what we get to sell?

Isn’t the world just so much better off because AL OF US are selling essential oils?

Wanna know something cool? I actively tell people I sell essential oils. Do I get LESS customers because of that?

What do you think?

What actually happens is that my business is growing.

People are attracted to BELIEF.
People are attracted to what they feel is SOLID.

What are you showing out there today?

You want to be very careful what you tell people who you want to grow a business with.

If you’re sitting there squirming a little about this SALES thing, you don’t have to tell them ‘THIS IS A SALES BUSINESS’. But if you tell them it’s NOT, then you’re ‘selling them’ a lie. Fact.

“I would love for you to come and co-collaborate with me. No honey, it’s not selling. You don’t have to sell anything, you’re not selling at all ever’.

OMG Amazing Al! I can make $1.3M a year and I don’t even have to sell anything?


There is a specific type of person that you will keep attracting if you insist on denying what industry we are in.

What’s going to duplicate in your business then?

doTERRA Above The Line

Growing a business above the line.
Take responsibility, accountability and ownership for your business

  • Be open to feeling like the dumbest person in the room. Forever a student.
  • Self-check each negative experience (Train your thoughts)
  • Be curious about learning. (this opens HUNGER)
  • Be the lighthouse! Stay alight. Stay Open.
    (sometimes even when someone says to turn your light off. Elon Musk couldn’t get Venture Capital funding for Tesla. No-one would back him. Even the silicon valley moguls thought his idea wouldn’t fly. He had to invest all of the $160M he made from Paypal and then take massive Government loans that were on offer for sustainable energy business to get it off the ground. Who here, watching Elon’s rocket take lift off a couple of weeks ago? Be the lighthouse. Stay open. Even when other people doubt you.
  • Stop looking at other people and start looking in the mirror. We are not perfect. We need personal development.
  • Actively seek the NO. Chase uncertainty.

Watch out here though:

You can turn any Above The Line steps BELOW the line really easily, by using any of the steps to ascension as an excuse to not take ACTION (and btw your Repeller will tell you to do this).

Let me give you an example and I can promise you some of you will relate.

“I can’t host a class yet because I need to learn more about the aromatic science behind the oils”.

“I am working through some personal blocks that I need to address before I can reach out to people about the oils.”

And the ultimate….

“I don’t have time right now”.

I don’t have time is quite arguably the most common excuse – or living below the line –  that I hear.

As the saying goes, “Argue for your limitations and you get to keep them.”

Because your business is a MIRROR of YOU and everything duplicates. Everything cycles.

Let’s look at this in the case of Ascending Above the Line in your doTERRA

Thought: “I can learn to do this” = Feeling “Capable” = Action: Daily PIPES activity = doTERRA Above the line. Ascension.  Ownership. Accountability. Responsibility.

And let’s look at it again still with doTERRA above the line in mind but in real life.

Thought: “I can learn to do this” = Feeling empowered or capable or worthy = Invites and hosts a class and no-one enrols = Thought:  “Well this sucks. But what a great lesson. I learned my close is really weak. I learned I struggle with presenting the value of the Home Essentials Kit. Definitely an experience for the Diamond Album” = Feeling inspired to learn =  Action: listening to the training videos again and again and again until it’s imprinted in the brain, practicing to themselves and/or others. Ascending. Ownership. Accountability. Responsibility.

You will slip below the line at times, and at the start more often that not. I slip below he line every week, probably every day. But the muscle I’m flexing and have been for some years is really strong.
Building doTERRA above the line is something that will take practice. Conscious practice. We all start flexing with toothpick arms, just ask Spencer. It takes TIME and a LOT of sweat on the mat to be lugging around a 50kg medicine ball doesn’t it spencer?

Your Why.

Babes, I’m going to tell you a secret and share something with you that may free some of you from what you think you should know today.

I don’t know what my WHY is exactly.

And I don’t care.

Why should I?

Every single day I get out of bed and I get to go and do the BEST JOB IN THE WORLD.

I get to create health and wealth for my family and friends, and ripple incredible humanitarian world around the globe by doing it.

And let me tell you it feels GOOOOD.

One day, A lightbulb may come on, or an apple will fall on my head and I’ll be like ‘By George I’ve Got It!’, but for now, it doesn’t matter.

I’ve spoken to so many of you who block yourselves right at the beginning because you can’t figure out your why. Let me tell you what I’ve noticed in my truth.

It is virtually impossible for you to find and tell me your true why if your cup is empty.

Just start. Just start.

Life is a journey (cue violins and rolling hilltops and green grass), and doTERRA is a journey. And when you are on it, YOU CHANGE. Your whole world is going to change and you aren’t going to be the same person anymore. Just like active addict Alice isn’t Presidential Diamond Alice.

You won’t change if you don’t change your thoughts. Your thoughts, create your feelings, create your actions.

Easy for you to say Alice.

lemme’ take you back 36 years (this month).

I believe in nature AND nurture being our primary first developmental drivers, and so by all accounts, I wasn’t born into being a ‘small BIG business owner.’

As a little tacker, mum was an alcoholic and an addict, and my father got a ‘real job’ when my twin sister and I were 1, working for $400 a week at the SEC which he continued to do until we were in our late teens and then moved into a shed in the bush in Northern NSW.

My folks divorced when I was 3 and while Mum was very LOVING and nurturing when she was sober, our key role-model played the role of victim for all of our childhood and teens, which wasn’t a great example of ‘you can be anything you want to be’.

When bills would arrive, mum would put them away ‘out of sight, out of mind’ and the electricity or water would get cut off pretty regular. Or we’d be broke and unable to get Mr. Waterson to bring a new gas bottle out to us.

Without knowing they were doing it, my folks taught us scarcity.  Rich people were pricks who didn’t deserve their money. And also this one here:

You don’t need money you just need love.

“You don’t need money girls, you just need love’ she’d say, even as she begged all her friends, neighbours and our relatives for a loan she could never pay back to keep our lights on.

Business, finances, management, organisation, discipline, or abundance were not the home I grew up in.

So if you’ve ever thought to yourself ‘I can’t do doTERRA because I just don’t have what it takes. I’m not like ‘Alice’ or Jessie, Tara, Kim, Vanessa, Hayley, etc, whatever/whom-ever you compare yourself to, let me tell you that I wasn’t like this ‘ME’ either.

I spent much of my teens and early twenties in active alcohol addiction. It bled well into my late twenties and left splatters of relapse into my early 30’s too.

THAT Alice could not be THIS Alice right?

And yet we are the same person.

What sits between there and here though is a LINE.

It’s taking the high road. It’s personal development daily, it’s being radically open to being wrong, it’s painful and beautiful and what feels hard today won’t feel hard tomorrow.

It’s business. It’s life.

And we can CHOOSE to live above it or below it.

Where are you going to live?

Above the line of below the line

Above the line, or below the line?”

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