Kim Camuso – Find your Gift, Give it Away. All Rise Up.

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Kim Camuso – Find your Gift, Give it Away. All Rise Up.

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“As a stay at home mom, wife, Certified Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, and Holistic Mentor, natural wellness and healing have always played major roles in Kim Camuso’s life. Kim gets to make a living from her passion and is grateful for the opportunity to share this journey as she heals herself, takes care of her family, and enriches the lives of others through education, awareness, and simple solutions. Kim hopes to inspire others to embrace the healers that reside within all of us, and truly feel empowered knowing they can make a difference.”


  1. What Question does Kim get asked that she wants to punch in the face?
  2. The absolute AHA moment where Kim shares why she doesn’t actually want everyone to join her team, why, and why this means that she has so many powerful women on her team. (Ladies, this one was a big one for me. So powerful).
  3. The truth about building your business ‘on social media’.
  4. The absolute truth about sharing your doTERRA business goals with your life partner
  5. The personal development work Kim is focused on to grow herself and empower those women around her to be open and honest about their own inner struggles
  6. How Kim supports her essential oils customers and allows her builders to step into their rightly owned place of leadership earlier in their doTERRA journey (at the same time).
  7. What is means to be a ‘Guardian’ in the Omni Essentials team and how this culture breeds support, service and stoked leaders.

And so much more. I learned so much from Kim that will help me lead in a way that feels good for my soul.

Kim’s social media and website: Instagram   |   Facebook   |   Website

Kim’s Diamond Song – AC DC, Back in Black

Kim and Jerry’s Blue Diamond Song – Nahko, Love Letters To God


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