Karlie Cunningham – “You’ve Got To Walk It Out First!” An All Rise Up Podcast Ep.

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Karlie Cunningham – “You’ve Got To Walk It Out First!” An All Rise Up Podcast Ep.

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“You can choose courage or comfort but not both”.

Welcome to Season 2, episode 7 of The All Rise Up Podcast. A Podcast to support your doTERRA Network Marketing Business.  

Recently I sat down with a woman who just had me grinning from ear to ear after our chat. Karlie Cunningham.

Karlie’s name was shared with me by her Upline, Alice Abba, when I asked for people who had stories about building a doTERRA business as a single Mamma. She’s not defined by being the single mum though, she is defining herself again every day as whatever she dreams and desires to be.

Karlie’s kids were 5 and 7 when she first started with doTERRA, during a time in her life where she decided she didn’t want to go back to work and was desperate for an option, researching all the jobs and things she could do, all the while with a strong desire to really be present in her children’s life.

She ended up looking to Centrelink for what the options were.

Thanks to a twist of fate (and a Canadian visionary), doTERRA came tapping.

We speak about:

  • The 3 oils that changed everything for Karlie and her son
  • Why we should never hold back the oils from people who may need them in their lives because we are afraid
  • Being ‘stuck at ranks’ and exactly what it means to ‘Walk it out’.
  • The out-of-her-comfort zone activities that Karlie did day in and day out to build her business
  • PIPES – Prepare. Invite. Present. Enrol. Support. (PIPES come up again… Funny that huh?)
  • The re-adjustments and honest conversations Karlie needed to have with her team to keep walking towards success
  • When the belief came into her business
  • The power of events and why we need to go to them (in Australia AND in the USA!)
  • Simple tips on how to manifest and Vision Board the things you want in doTERRA and life

I hope you enjoy this incredible episode


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