Jessica Etcell – It’s About Real Connection

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Jessica Etcell – It’s About Real Connection

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“Any way that you can be connecting with like-minded people [you should]. And that’s the great thing about doTERRA because they’re like minded people who’re on this really positive uplifting healthy, inspiration ‘living their best life’ trajectory. They’re the type of people that I’d be wanting to surround myself with anyway. And I don’t know where I could find such a big pocket of people who’re like that outside of something like this.

And the way that everyone lift each other up and support each other and works together…  I’ve made some of the best friendships through this process and I don’t know in what other circumstance I would have met them.”

I sat down with Jessica Etcell from Becoming Birth, as Part III of a 3 part series with single Mamma’s who’ve built and are building and expanding in life and their doTERRA businesses without a partner by their sides. Jess had a 3 month old and a 19 month old when she started her business with doTERRA. She had to move in with her mum, she had no money, she was isolated and she had post-natal depression.

An analyser and a thinker, Jess shares how her love for doTERRA and her anchor to the opportunity wasn’t a flash straight away, and rather grew over time.

This episode melted me and shows the strength of women when awakened, the ability to get done what needs to be done in the pockets of your life and how a business model can give the connection that’s so needed.

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Jess is a mama to 2 beautiful little girls. She’s a student midwife at USC on the Sunshine Coast, and she loves photographing bellies, births and babies.

We chatted:

  1. Why building connections and stories with the oils themselves is so powerful
  2. Hoe she hosted classes and made it work with two infants under her wing.
  3. How she resisted the opportunity itself
  4. The way Jess made the time work to actually get a solid few hours work in and make it happen even with her little bubs
  5. If you get creative there’s always a way.
  6. The oil she rolled before her hours of power.
  7. How Jess focuses on her top priorities before touching anything else
  8. Being disciplined with her time.
  9. The non-linear rise up and taking ‘the pressure off’
  10. A conversation about letting go of the ‘all or nothing’ and the comparison and consistency

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Show Notes:
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