The Essential Oil Detox and Cleanse Plan

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The Essential Oil Detox and Cleanse Plan

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The importance of detoxification

Research shows that the human body can easily process and eliminate a normal level of toxic exposure.

But the real question is, what’s normal these days? There has never been a time in history where we have been subjected to so many chemicals and toxins on a daily basis. For this reason, it’s a good thing to consider focusing on a cleanse and detox every now and again.

There are things we can do to enhance our natural detoxification system and keep our immune system strong.

Essential Oils for cleansing and detoxing

Using essential oils during your next detox and cleansing regimen can be a great way to support your body to clear out excess toxic load, however we must remember that the oils themselves are not a magic pill, in fact no one thing is.

Living a lifestyle that allows our body the energy and vitality to detox at an optimum level all the time is a wonderful aim and one that can be accomplished if we focus on crowding-in key elements to holistic (well-rounded) health.  I’ve mentioned a few in this guide.

These are 3 ways essential oils can be incorporated in a cleanse or detox protocol:

Topical Application

Diluted your essential oils with an organic carrier oil (which you can pick up from any health food store or purchase fractionated coconut oil  directly from doTERRA – this is the essential oil brand I love and trust around my family).

I’ve added a conservative dilution chart on the last page of this guide for you.

Aromatic Diffusion

Inhaling the essential oil compounds in the air are a wonderful way to experience the effects for the whole family.


(for adults only unless under the guidance of your Integrative GP or practitioner) Safe, occasion ingestion of the oils.

Please note the full PDF is available for you for free here with clickable links to all of the references 

Detox side-effects

1. Fatigue & Disrupted Sleep Patterns
Stimulating the body to purge toxins requires a larger internal workload than the body is used to. This creates fatigue and sometimes disrupted sleep. Expect to feel more tired and respond to the feeling by resting more than you normally do.

2. Headache
A dull, prolonged headache is one of the most common detoxification side effects. Headaches during detox are most common in the afternoon and evening, as the body has been active all day. One reason this happens is because you have altered your normal daily routine and most likely ditched some bad habits such as drinking alcohol, caffeine, smoking or cutting out sugars or processed foods, etc. This creates a situation of withdrawal, which can cause a headache, as your body is no longer receiving these.

Second, you will find you will need to urinate more frequently and perhaps experience loose stools, both of which can be dehydrating to the body. Dehydration will cause a headache. It is imperative to drink a lot of water, that being a minimum of 8-10 full glasses of filtered water daily.

3. Frequent urination, Loose stools & Digestive upset
As discussed under number 2, urination and loose stools are some ways the body eliminates toxins. Some of the herbs in a cleanse may be slightly diuretic, which stimulate the body to urinate and have a bowel movement. (Your DigestZen or Peppermint Oil will come in handy here)

5. Cravings
When choosing to do a cleanse it is important to eliminate poor dietary and lifestyle habits such as drinking alcohol, caffeine, processed sugary foods and perhaps smoking.

Eliminating stress is also an important part of cleansing. Changing diet and lifestyle practices can create a situation of temporary withdrawal. This will most definitely trigger cravings associated to those areas you have changed and eliminated. For example, if you drank coffee every morning, it makes sense that your body, being used to that, will desire it once again.

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