Energy, Responsibility, Duplication – All Rise Up Podcast

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Energy, Responsibility, Duplication – All Rise Up Podcast

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Energy, Duplication, Responsibility.

On today’s episode I condense a lot of what I chatted to my team about in a team call last week around energy, duplication and responsibility. I realise I could go on about this for a much longer time, however hopefully you see and find value in this episode


2018. Serve. Sister. Me. 


Serve. To be in service in life and as this business calls us to be is so big and juicy and special. We are in service to the customers we educate on the oils and their uses and how they can positively affect their physical, emotional, environmental and spiritual health.

We are in service to our teams and to our sisters that stand beside us in rising up into their fuller potential. We are in service to not specifically smashing the patriarchy of male or female roles in work but in the entire patriarchy of the historical boxed-up business model.

We are in service to the wider community through our partnerships with charitable organisations the world over, though the ethical and sustainable relationships we have with our farmers and growers, AND we are in service to ourselves my friends. To ourselves.

Sister. We stand beside these women who said yes. When they are freaking out because their first class is about to start. We open our lounge-rooms and and homes and our arms to brand new best friends. We ask them to crack open their stories and their energetic baggage and we call them to stand in the best version of themselves, even while it feels painful (and it’s gonna feel painful at times) and when they say ‘HELP’, many arms reach out. And if this is not what you’re experiencing then please create that, be that, and again that will duplicate. That’s YOUR responsibility.
Me. My work in serving. My work in serving the sisterhood. My work is serving me. My work in serving all of the ME’s in my beautiful tree.

This energy. This Service to all, and to yourself is what I would like you to take into 2018.

The Big Questions + Musings.

  1. List three feelings your 6yo self would have wished you to feel as an adult
  2. List how you do actually feel right now (are these aligned? If not, how can you bring them closer together)
  3. If my 6yo self sat next to me in my doTERRA business right now, what would she tell me to pull my socks up about?
  4. If my 6yo self sat next to me in my doTERRA business right now, what would she be proud of?

‘I wave goodbye to my Upline’.

‘Contact your Upline, thank them for the opportunity of being introduced to this incredible business. Let them know how much you appreciate that they shared this with you and invited you in. And then wave them goodbye.

State ‘I am so grateful for this opportunity, and I thank you. From now though, I want to let you know that I’ve got this. When I need help, I will find solutions and I will work the recommended steps to grow my business. Perhaps if I get in a real jam and have a large Q I want to chat with you about I will contact you, however if you do not respond or do not receive this message in time, that’s okay too.’

Write or repeat:

I only compare my business to my business

I only strive for rank against my own rank

Each month I do better because I know better

Links to audiobook recommendations here:

  1. Big Magic, Creative Living Through Fear: Liz Gilbert
  2. Go Pro – 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional (Unabridged) by Eric Worre


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