Dr. Robin Fawcett – Your Choices Are Your Power

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Dr. Robin Fawcett – Your Choices Are Your Power

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“I feel like that in my medical practice, I can either keep people sleeping or I can bring the dawn.

I think doTERRA are exactly what we need right now. They said ‘We are going to put integrity over profit’.

I think this is the first time that we’ve seen a company trust that it’s consumers aren’t sheep. And the company is willing to be vulnerable and willing to admit that they don’t know everything but they’re willing to say; ‘We are just going to do the right thing and trust that this is not the opposite of growth’.

And obviously we’ve seen that doTERRA has grown incredibly.

They have consciously chosen not to be anti-healthcare. This was a brave decision and one of the reasons I was so quick to jump on board.”

Be present with this episode of the All Rise Up Podcast friends. It’s a beauty.
Today I’m speaking with Dr. Robin Fawcett. Robin is an American-trained, London-based family doctor and dōTERRA wellness advocate. She’s passionate about empowering people to live healthier lifestyles.

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We chat about:

  • Medical school, the medical machine or matrix and what residency was like
  • The ‘off-piste’ residency decision that changed Robin’s life for good (horses and zebra’s…)
  • Robin realising what she thought was important may not actually be the way to her most fulling life and how this changed everything (also the hangover from this that she still carries into doTERRA – super interesting!)
  • Health on a prevention vs. population level
  • Looking at medicine in a totally different lights
  • What it’s like working in the NHS day to day and the sheer overwhelm to the healthcare system
  • How doTERRA Essential Oils actually made their way into Robin’s Dr’s office
  • Relieving the burden on the healthcare system that we desperately need.  How we, as Wellness Advocates can support the modern medical and health care systems
  • How we, as Wellness Advocates can support the modern medical and health care systems
  • Why Dr’s need doTERRA too!
  • What those of us who don’t have qualifications like Robin, can do to best serve doTERRA (The answer may surprise you).
  • The amazing new role Robin has been offered with doTERRA

“The big shift that we can all bring without any specialised knowledge is just simply the knowledge that you have the power to make a difference in your health”.

“The more people that can be healthy and not need it the better it can serve people who can’t.”


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