How To Kick-Start Your doTERRA Network Marketing Journey

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How To Kick-Start Your doTERRA Network Marketing Journey

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Hey there you absolute deadset Legend,

Hey there and welcome to episode 4 of All Rise Up. A podcast that supports your doTERRA Network Marketing business

I’m Alice Nicholls and I’m a leader in doTERRA based in Australia with a global team. 

We are starting a four week business mentoring program right now and I want to congratulate you on taking the step to be here.

Around this time last year, my friend Tara was writing my address on an envelope and popping 3 bottles of doTERRA’s essential oil in it (for those who want to know, they were Grapefruit, Balance and OnGuard), which I will NEVER forget, because those three bottles and that note from T, (that held zero calls to action and zero expectation on me btw), changed my life.

We’re both pretty independent women, so we don’t chat on the phone every day, we don’t spend hours business planning or figuring out how to take over the world… but what we both do well is bring light to these incredible essential oils for people who need them and are open to natural health solutions, and be the light for those who are also inspired to share these oils through doTERRA’s direct selling model.

I’m not quite sure if T knew what a freight-train of love for these products and business I was about to switch on when she dropped that parcel in the post, but it gives me goosey’s every time to think that if she didn’t, my life would be completely different right now.

And that’s why I am so honoured to be here with you in this program. Because I know that this will help change somebody else’s life too. Maybe your’s, maybe someone you know or enrol.

At the end of today’s training I am going to ask you to do something for yourself that’s probably going to make you feel uncomfortable, so I’m putting this down here now… everything is going to be okay. You are going to learn so much here. You are in the right place.

I’ve had some years of experience working within online courses and content and to begin with I want to let you know this one is going to be a little different.

(for those of you in my team) You have voluntarily put yourself in this group and this four week business mentoring intensive, and so I am working on removing my Mothering and potential passive aggression (I’m human after all and have my quirks) and I am going to be as real and open with you as I can be so that you get a better experience out of this four weeks.

There may be ass-kickery involved, so please know that all of this comes from me with large love and your best interests at heart. Your path with doTERRA is incredibly personal and so ultimately, you can steer this train  in whatever direction you want it to take if your soul tells you to.

Within the next four weeks we are indeed going to be looking at simple strategy to rank advance to elite and beyond… however what I am most excited about, is the light I want to shine on that inner critic on your shoulder blocking your path to feeling GOOD in your journey.

There’s a lot of good training on the simple steps we take to rank advance and grow our business,, however I personally feel there’s a connection to why missing, the why of doTERRA, our mission and work in the world, how we connect with people, those down the production chain affected by this business model, the philanthropic work we do.

If you’re blocked in the simple steps, it’s a wonderful thing to be able to think about how we are all positively changing the world. That’s part of what I want to instil in you in this 4 week training.

When it gets tough – because it will – you’re going to be able to remind yourself that you’re here for something greater than yourself. That’s really special.

It’s not the strategy that blocks people in doTERRA. The strategy is really. bloody. simple. What blocks people is their inner dialogue around all that comes UP in the experience.

And all of it WILL come up.

You may have heard the term before that doTERRA’s business opportunity is a personal development experience wrapped up in the world’s best compensation plan, and I have to say, I concur.

Now in saying that, there is no doubt many diverse personalities, experiences and past journey’s that accompany us on this work. In my team, and in yours, we are never going to have two people alike.

This means that we all have a different personal development experience.

At a leadership training I went to recently, doTERRA Diamond (and bloody legend) Adam Copp, mentioned that there will be those who have already started their personal development journey before they find doTERRA and will continue this in the business (and potentially rise quickly) and there will be those who START their personal development experience within doTERRA and who take a little longer to ramp up.

Neither of these is the right way. There is no right way. There is simply your way.

And why am I here with you in this program?

I’m not here raising my voice loudly just for personal gain.

I’m raising my voice and running this program because I know that some of you don’t feel strong enough to do so just yet.

I hope to inspire you to step into your own power, as I have with mine.

I did have a personal development experience before taking up the business opportunity with doTERRA.  I’m more than 5 years into an epic personal development experience and much of this has involved learning to be conscious of the inner critic that tries its hardest to get me to play smaller.

Many of you haven’t started this work and perhaps you’ve tried to speak a little of your truth or a little of your desires in life and with doTERRA and you have felt like someone has shut you down, so you have stayed shut down.

I’m holding firm in my truth though so I can inspire you to hold firm in yours.

There is a great shift happening where we women are learning to shake free all of those things that we have been taught to be sorry for for our whole lives.

Loving OURSELVES, desiring MORE, demanding better OPTIONS, realising that being spiritually abundant and financially abundant are NOT exclusive and that we DESERVE both.

Removing ourselves from the box, opening the glass from the ceiling and being OPEN to GREATNESS, instead of repelling it as if we have touched a hot log in the fire.

Instead, we are BECOMING the fire.

And I see it as a personal duty to light as many matches as I can.

‘We describe ourselves as Human beings but the truth is more like this: We are human becomings”

That’s why this program exists.

The Dalai Lama has said “The planet does not need more ‘successful people’. The planet needs more peacemakers, healers, restorers, story-tellers and lovers of all kinds.

But I think he is wrong because I know that doTERRA gives us the opportunity to be both. We can be successful, financially abundant, flexible, buoyed by opportunity and self-made-ness… as easily as we can heal, restore, tell stories and love in all kinds of ways. That’s the beauty in this business.

You may have heard the term before that doTERRA’s business opportunity is a personal development experience wrapped up in the world’s best compensation plan, and I have to say, I concur.

There is no doubt many diverse personalities, experiences and past journey’s that accompany us on this work. In my team, and in yours, we are never going to have two people alike. This means that we all have a different personal development experience.

At a leadership training I went to recently, doTERRA Diamond (and bloody legend) Adam Copp, mentioned that there will be those who have already started their personal development journey before they find doTERRA and will continue this in the business (and potentially rise quickly) and there will be those who START their personal development experience within doTERRA and who take a little longer to ramp up.

Regardless, we all have to take the journey. There’s no going under, over or around it. And if you think you can, you’re wrong.

There is no right way. There is simply your way.  And it must be forged.

I’m not here raising my voice loudly just for personal gain. I’m raising my voice and running this program because I know that some of you don’t feel strong enough to do so just yet.

How lucky are we?

As a preface to all the info I am going to share in the coming weeks, I have a lot written down from notes in trainings and conferences, and will attempt to credit everyone I can for their awesome information. If I miss someone then it is completely unintentional.

What is doTERRA?

DōTERRA is a cause, Not a company.

  • Our purpose: Oil in every home
  • Our motivation: Healthy families
  • Our dominant idea: Pure oils

There are so many incredible reasons we are literally the luckiest people on the plane to be able to voluntarily choose to partner with an organisation like doTERRA.

As listed by Theresa Haws doTERRA’s culture can be described as one with:

  • Integrity
  • Kindness
  • Product Knowledge
  • Personal Development
  • Leadership
  • Common Sense
  • Good Business Practices
  • Community
  • Sharing

I want to ask you (tell or demand really), that you watch these two clips I am sharing here. You want to connect with something greater about what we do as a family here at doTERRA?

Operation Underground Railroad thanks doTERRA

Days for Girls

(You ALL in yet?)

From a business perspective…

We are an essential oil company that chose direct selling

as a product distribution strategy.


We are a direct selling company that chose essential oils as a

business legitimising strategy.

Network Marketing, or Multi-Level Marketing, or Direct Selling, is an incredible business model.

Alison Bartolo spoke at a training recently on this and I took this info from that.

84% of consumers say they either completely or somewhat trust recommendations from family, friends and colleagues about products and services – making these recommendations the highest ranked source for trustworthiness.

74% of consumers identify word of mouth as a key influencer in their purchasing decisions

92% of consumers trust referrals from people they know.

77% of consumers are more likely to buy a new product when learning about it from friends and family.

So you can see we are quite literally sitting with our feet at the most incredible business opportunity there is… AND we couple that with the most incredible product, which is actually more than most Network Marketing companies have.

The industry standard for distributer retention in Network Marketing is around 15%. Here at doTERRA, we sit at between 65-70%.


Our product is the best in the world and our customers and distributors LOVE it. Many feel like they can’t live without it. If you came and took my oils away from me I would, quite frankincensly, mourn them.

This is a huge difference compared with some other Network Marketing models.

I’ll give you a couple of examples to put colour around this.

I know of a Network Marketing company who are new to Australia who have their distributors signing customers up for pre-sales before even they (the distributors) have had an experience of the product.

Now I don’t know about you… but if I am going to put my name and integrity to any business opportunity, I’m not going to be selling a product I’ve yet to have any personal experience with.

There are untold amounts of Network marketing companies who share the BUSINESS MODEL first… ‘Come and see how I make $10k per month, you can do it too… by the way here is the product attached to that.’

That’s where the Network Marketing Company is Opportunity led and NOT product led.

Personally, I am very vocal and supportive of having any of my customers use their oils personally before they throw everything up in the air, shout hooray and dive into the business opportunity.

I KNOW because of the quality of the product that once they get using, they cannot help but tell others about it, or have others ask about it, or who want to dive as deeply as they can into the world of oils.

Are the products that good? Yes.

Do the products alone positively change people’s lives? YES.

Do I feel the need to push the business opportunity first so have more people sign up?


You’ll also see a huge difference in the customer vs. distributor rate in doTERRA, which again shows you clearly how much the products are loved.

The majority of our customer base aren’t building a business with doTERRA, they are purchasing the oils for their own personal use, with the majority of these purchasing at least once every 1-3 months.

The smaller percentage of us brave – and smart – customers of us will leverage that business opportunity.

Other network marketing companies – based on the quality and efficacy of their products – will have to focus more on retaining distributors to share the business opportunity (that has that secondary product attached to it) to keep sales going.


Our doTERRA oils range is without a doubt the best and most pure essential oil brand on the market today.

Also, the way that Dr. Hill and his team are working to secure the vast majority of pure essential oils exclusive to doTERRA means this gap – between mediocre, synthetically adjusted, and fiddled with, low-grade, non-therapeutic value – essential oils and what we sell, is going to continue to widen.

Our CPTG assurance to you is that our oils provide:

  • ONLY volatile aromatic compounds
  • The RIGHT Aromatic Molecules


I’ve spoken about our sourcing model a lot and you can find great info (and a tear-jerking video here) for that here about our Co-Impact Sourcing model.

Our sourcing principles are unparalleled:

    • We generate jobs in developing countries for people and families who thought they had no other options.
    • We provide fair and ontime payments
    • We are continuously building supplier capacity
    • We’re focused on sustaining long-term partnerships
    • We ensure fair labour conditions
    • We promote co-operatives
    • We ensure environmental stewardship
    • We facilitate community development

Co-Impact sourcing also includes linking community bases and social impact projects funded through the Healing Hands foundation.

And this is another part of the doTERRA conscious business model.

Co-Impact Sourcing Wintergreen Essential Oil

Co-Impact Sourcing Lemongrass Essential Oil

6 things you need to know about the doTERRA business opportunity

(points by Seth Risenmay elaboration by me)

1. It’s possible

Any person can create unlimited, unparalleled financial abundance and change the world at the same time. The strategy is simple. The the only way to fail is to quit.

The most wonderful thing about all of us here at doTERRA is that we are a company of ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

2. It’s hard. Easy isn’t an option

Can you imagine if this business opportunity (let’s average that $12k+ per month that a Diamond is earning) came easy? I’d go as far as saying that if you expect this to be easy, you don’t deserve this epic opportunity. The best thing you can do with this information, is lock it in. Know the ‘hard’ is coming, and then when it hits, you’re prepared.

When I joined doTERRA, I didn’t know I would decide to build a business with the company and all of you beside me as my partner. I was a customer. Period.  Then I got bitten, and everything changed.

I stuttered, and stumbled, and waffled and rambled and tripped over myself all of my first classes. Eric Worre says ‘It’s hard to look good and learn something new at the same time’, and he is right.

No-one rides for free. Everyone who wants to build a business has to do THE WORK.

I ran a class at my husband’s office about 4 weeks into my building experience.  I had to go down 12 floors and let people individually in because we didn’t know the security door locked at 6pm.

The cleaners had decided that this was a perfect night to re-do the chemical floor polish.

One of my friends came, newly pregnant, and half-way through the class said the diffuser aroma was making her feel sick and she had to go.

7 other people came, but…no-one enrolled.

At nearly 10pm, I remember carrying a huge box of my jugs and tea pots, and hipster-fancy old-lady ceramic cups down the stairs and having to walk to the car. The plastic was cutting into my fingers and I was utterly spent.

When I had arrived that afternoon to set up for my ‘big class’, the car park was full. When I struggled back to it, heart heavy, this was it. Just my car.  And then I had a thought, that THESE were the moments that would make me laugh when I ranked Diamond.

So I snapped a pic and created a ‘Diamond’ album in my phone.  I add pictures of all the shit that goes wrong, so that when I am Diamond I can scroll through and giggle. And so I can share ‘Me Too’, with my team.

So I can see how small these moments looked in the scheme of things.

I urge you to do the same as it makes these shitty moments seem more NEEDED along the path to Diamond.  I’m not Diamond yet, but this picture makes me laugh already.

Make your vision bigger than your setback.

Seth Risenmay says: “It’s going to be harder than you think to reach Diamond, but when you reach it, you’ll think it should have been harder”

3. It’s necessary – the journey

All of the personal development work you’re about to embark on is necessary. All of the wins and lessons and experiences, are all necessary.

4. No matter how bad it gets, I’m going to make it

I can tell you now that if you begin to form an ongoing conversation with your inner self, and your inner critic now, you’re going to find it easier to move through hard times in this business. If you’re anchored to your vision, it’s going to be easier to place the ‘crap’ aside and pivot to something greater. It’s going to be easier to look for solutions and not problems. No matter how hard this gets, as long as you keep moving forward, you’re going to win.

Which brings me to Seth’s next point.

5. It’s not over until I win

This one’s kinda’ sneaky right? Because, similarly to the concept of enlightenment, we’re never really ‘There’. We never want for tomorrow and wake up and are able to say ‘YAY, it’s tomorrow today’. I want this to cement your flag in the belief that you are going to keep going…

6. It’s worth it.

This is Seth’s point and he’s experienced the journey himself, however I have never, ever met a Diamond, a Platinum, a Gold or even a Silver leader in doTERRA who has said the opposite of this.

I already feel it’s been worth it 100 times over.

3 intention-based action tips to rock your soul and elevate your business.

Create your goal and make it visible.

“I am going to rank advance to Diamond on or before May 31st.”

That’s MY goal right now.

I create a board that reflects my next goal and then in that month/s I work on it every single day I can.

The love hearts are enrolment numbers I am striving for over a 3 month period. The List of names are people who have put their hands up for this training (need to add to this list!), the right hand side shows rank and revenue numbers, the picture down the bottom covered up says ‘Collect Diamond Award in Utah’.   

The desk planner has my classes and trips booked in on it.

On the top it has said for over 6 months now, Alice Nicholls, doTERRA, Presidential Diamond.

However in the top left it says ‘I am going to be Diamond on or before May 31st’.

Here’s the same type of board I used in December, the month I aimed to rank advance to Platinum. (pic on the next page).

Did we get there? Yes.

Were there times I laid in bed and thought logically, ‘this is impossible’, yes. But logic is really sometimes driven by the Inner Critic and so I would immediately say to myself ‘I believe in miracles, I believe in miracles’ and on December 24th we ranked Platinum.

This was the pic I sent to my upline Tara.

Good feelings were shining out of my face like sunbeams.

I not only have the board in a high traffic area of the house, in this case my lounge-room, but I also have it where everyone can see it too.

On this board is ALWAYS the revenue opportunity page. I do this for a couple of reasons. I personally need to have this visible to me to understand what I am working towards and what is possible… AND I want other people to see this too.

Not just to inspire them to maybe want to join me on this epic ride… but because if I am not proud enough of this opportunity to make it visible to other people then what does that say to my soul about how I believe in my worth for this opportunity.

A couple more tips that are working for me.

Australia’s youngest Presidential Diamond, Jessie Reimers inspired me to start a ‘Diamond Journal’. Each day as I head towards rank advancing to Diamond, I write in it.

Within the first paragraph is ALWAYS the words ‘I am going to rank advance to Diamond on or before May 31st 2017”.

Now, at the time I am sharing this with you, it’s March 2017.

And my ranking to Diamond hasn’t happened yet in the literal space, but inside me, it has.

I purchased a book on emotions and essential oils by Trish Nash at convention and inside the cover I wrote ‘Alice Nicholls, Diamond doTERRA Leader, March 2017’.

I am a Diamond already.

It’s not Ego, IT IS SO.

Now, in all seriousness… there is a HUGE product volume and a HUGE enrollee volume required to make this rank advancement. All at the right time and in the appropriate legs of my business.

So what if it doesn’t happen?

Exactly, so what?

All that happens then is that it doesn’t happen at that time.

I am still going to rank advance to Diamond. There is nothing at all that can prevent this… unless I quit.

And I ain’t going anywhere.

A woman asked me yesterday whether it makes me nervous to share and declare this goal so vocally.

I have done so in so many places, but the truth is that it makes me more nervous to keep the goal hidden, for what does THAT say to my soul’s belief that I am rank advancing to Diamond on or before Mat 31st 2017?

You get the picture right?

If you’re new to ‘putting yourself out there’, declaring your vision publicly may be hard. Do it anyway. You’re made of tougher stuff than you think honey and it’s time you owned it.

What else have I done or do I love to do?

Based on advice from Aussie Presidential Diamond Vanessa Jean Boscarello, I wrote a letter to God telling him exactly what I was attracting into my business.

I use terminology such as ‘The people I attract to my business are those who are willing to personally develop themselves. They are adaptable and instead of focusing on negative aspects of the business, they look for solutions and keep moving forward.”

I heard this quote recently and I’m not sure where but I love it: “Keep moving forward, people will follow you if you are going somewhere.”

What to watch out for.

I want to be straight up with you that it’s imperative that you stay in your own lane and try not to compare yourself with other people and the speed in which they do anything. There is a massive difference between being inspired by and comparing to.

Source inspiration from everywhere. This includes those that rose in ranks quickly, however it also includes those who didn’t and who have a story to tell around that.

For instance, Adam Copp I mentioned previously? He and his wife took 5 years to rank advance to Diamond and during that time, sat at Director level for nearly 4 of those years. We don’t see that path though, when we hear the word  ‘Diamond’.

Be inspired NOT in comparison.

IF it took you even TEN years to rank advance to Diamond… while every person around you (because you have an entirely new family by then by the way… one’s who get exactly what you’re about), will you, in that exact moment… think ‘I wish I got here sooner?’

No. You’ll just be absolutely thrilled.

All of the first week welcome trainings I have worked with so far list all the resources and books and websites and videos and audios and all the rest for you to watch as as a starting point.

This is fine, and these are great, however I have begun to see a really strong seam of a singular group of behaviour from women who I know could breathe fire on this opportunity if only they were directed, inspired, driven to make an ACTION decision as quickly as possible with doTERRA.

So this is what you need to do now.

Book a class.

After you book it, you can get stuck into the videos, audios, links, trainings, resources then. I have had SO many phone calls and women tell me ‘they’ll just be ready when…’ ‘They watch all the videos, listen to all the everything’s, learn to me an aromatherapist, learn everything Dr. Hill knows, understand the blood brain barrier and serpentines and lineol and menthol and acetate.

This, from Seth Risenmay: Once I had a meeting with someone that, to show her commitment, had turned her living room into a doTERRA® product showcase. She was also enrolling in a school to become a licensed aroma therapist. I asked her, “If someone is under the impression that to do a doTERRA business they need to turn their house into a product showcase and become a licensed aroma therapist, do you think they will be more or less confident that they could do this?”

She responded that it would probably make them less confident. I think she’s right—it’s not bad to be educated, but it makes your overall message more about you. You want your message to be about the oils and a cause others can engage in.

You want others to feel that it is possible to duplicate your example and create their own success. Duplication works because a lot of different people can plug into a duplicable system. If you’re trying to stand out, then your team is going to be all about what you want to do, and it limits how much your team can grow. If your business is a cause, then the cause will grow and so will your team.

The chance to be an individual is in how you set yourself apart with your passion, your individuality, your love, and your leadership. Your individual nature can accelerate or hinder your growth. Just become the best version of yourself and that’s enough. Make your business about the cause.”

The information that you give in a class is simpler than you think.

It’s booking the class that holds people back, and that’s got nothing to do with the oils.

(For those of you in my team listening to me, I am also going to get you to text me the date of your first class and what type of class it will be. Your house, a friend or family members house, etc. I am going to put this in my calendar and we are going to move towards this with grace, faith and a simple strategy.)

Ideas for people to contact to ask to host your first class. (if you can’t think of at least 5 people to ask to host for you).

Check out this Memory Jogger by Network Marketing Legend Eric Worre

Use the results  and then send an appropriate platform (Facebook, Email, Text etc). To at least 5 people (But I would like you to aim for 10)
“Hey there — personal greeting and salutation that suits them and your relationship. Include a personal hello, such as ‘I hope you’re looking forward to Easter Holidays soon’ or something like this’. — I have a goal to teach a brand new doTERRA essential oils class in the next few weeks, would you be open to hosting one for me? I’ll supply you with a host pack and everything you need for us to create a great experience for between 4-7 people. I have these three weekends free — list which dates – do any of these suit you?’.

(Shorten this if in text etc. Keep it light. Don’t pressure).

IF you’re already booking classes, I want you to do the actions as listed above and fill in your calender.

Action Items for today… OMG they are SO SIMPLE!

  • Book classes
  • Create your goal and vision board
  • Diamond Album
  • Fill in your Memory Jogger

I want to finish this first week with a loving call to action for you FROM you.

Now that you’ve decided you’re in for this business opportunity, I want you to anchor into the fact that you are your own BOSS now. I am not your boss or your manager. I am here to mentor and inspire and coach as I can, for sure… however this is your beautiful business and one that you should be proud of.

YOU are the CEO. YOU are the one responsible for this incredible process and the light that you are going to shine on others, the greater world and yourself.

If you’d like to learn more about doTERRA or join the incredible humans in my ‘Natural & Empowered’ team, here’s some helpful resources for you. 


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