Alice Abba. Be a shining example of the opportunity.

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Alice Abba. Be a shining example of the opportunity.

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“You do you. You be the lighthouse.

You attract other people just by being in your own beautiful light.

You don’t have to tug people along this journey. They’ll see it.”

Thank goodness for this thing called technology because this Alice (right here, me) called another Alice (Abba) on Skype from Australia to Mexico, to chat about doTERRA, family, travel, abundance, and what it means to raise a grounded family where abundance lives. (let’s chat about empty LLV bottles being toys huh?

Alice Abba is a happiness and business mentor, a wellness guide (using her fave tools, essential oils) and a doTERRA Blue Diamond leader, running a multi-million-dollar-team who live all over the world.

She’s known for living an aligned life, and being authentic in her mum life and my biz life (no ‘perfection’ filters over on Alice’s page).

She’s known for working with passionate, intelligent and self-driven mums who are ready and open to receive my guidance and support as they unearth—and lean into—their potential and grow their businesses (especially in the post-motherhood journey).

We chat:

  • Travelling with family while needing the time to invest in her business. How Alice and her husband roll with this
  • Honouring what the other person needs in the family dynamic
  • What being a shining example of the opportunity is + how to get all the people you want to join you in the business to do it!
  • How the doTERRA opportunity can be used to support a family ‘before’ it’s begun so that difficult experiences during work/maternity leave don’t need to occur.
  • Throwing off the bough-lines and living ‘The Coconut Life’.
  • Purpose and Meaning, why this is so important and comes in many flavours
  • Cultivating imagination, creativity and grounded-ness in kids even when abundance lives
  • How Alice attracted empowered leaders ‘finding leaders’, ‘finding builders’
  • We are ‘failing’ at every level of this business. And why that helps us all.
  • Why allowing our team the ability to grow into their rank is so important to Alice
  • How is your business asking you to fumble…

[note Alice was going to the gym everyday when she rank-advanced to Blue Diamond! You know I always speak about our physical health being so impactful for our business success!]

Show notes:





Diamond Song: Kill em’ with Kindness – Selena Gomez

Blue Diamond Song: Light it Up – Major Lazor 

Presidential Diamond Song: My Way – Thandi Phoenix – remixed by Rudimental


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