Tara Bliss – Conscious Inter-dependance. ‘All Rise Up’ Podcast Ep.

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Tara Bliss – Conscious Inter-dependance. ‘All Rise Up’ Podcast Ep.

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“I can’t make you ever get well, or free yourself financially. I can only be the lighthouse, And be stubbornly that. You move I move.”

It’s always just such a bloody honour to speak with this woman about… anything but small talk.

Going deep with Tara Bliss in conversation always presents me with gifts to keep for good, and this conversation is no exception.

Tara was the person I chose to purchase my doTERRA essential oils through and so cemented our relationship and connection for as long as I can foreseeably imagine. I had no idea of the business, of the company or really, the oils when I pressed ‘join and save’ through Tara’s link and so really, something else must have been at play – we think TRUST – because… I mean.

Tara and I tend to be on similar paths of being open to discovery but we are always running different focus points. I receive downloads that change my thought processes every time I speak with this incredible woman and it’s a pleasure to share this episode with you.

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We chat:

  • What is ‘conscious inter-dependance’?
  • Freedom of choice
  • Owning your healing.
  • Living a life free of excuses.
  • Being a magnet for women
  • What it means to choose out of the current situation with the tools that are in front of you
  • Being okay in the messy middle
  • Whether Tara has ever wanted to ‘put the work with doTERRA down for a while’.
  • Conscious discernment in the information age
  • Choosing yes or choosing no
  • Classical roles of power and women
  • Reconciling a place of peace within ourselves that’s going to be different within ourselves
  • The DNA strands of Rebels of Light (Tara’s 11 month program that is a journey from self-care to community care)
  • Getting to know all the selves that make us who we are
  • Creating melodies with the oils.



Tara Bliss is a best-selling author, doTERRA Presidential Diamond and the foundress of Rebels Of Light – a mentoring hub for wide-awakening women on a mission to create real change in the world using courage, consciousness and collaborative leadership as their compass.

She co-authored the wildly popular Spirited e-books, shares her ideas on stages and built a million dollar a year network marketing organisation in less than three years by empowering a tribe of tens of thousands.

Her mission is to guide women away from the confines of their false limitations and back to the remembrance of their vastness. She believes that every single one of us can re-write our story and that true freedom is just a breath away.




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