Keeli Martinez – ‘The World Is Waiting For You!’. An All Rise Up Podcast Episode

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Keeli Martinez – ‘The World Is Waiting For You!’. An All Rise Up Podcast Episode

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“It’s the power of one. It’s that one conversation, it’s that one 1on1, it’s that one class. It’s that going even when I’d much rather be on the couch in my sweats with my kids at home. It’s that one moment that can change your whole entire business. So don’t stop. Don’t stop sharing these tools with people.

People are on their knees, praying for natural health, praying for a better way to take care of themselves and their family. And people are on their knees praying for financial health. You get to be the person that offers that to people. It’s such an incredible blessing.” – Keeli Martinez

I think as top leaders it’s important for us to nurture on that and understand that this is the growth game and if you’re not in love with the process of growing yourself then maybe this isn’t for you. Your business is a reflection of that! 

It’s an important part as top leaders to cultivate that and to nurture our teams on the ‘journey’ part. Because the ranks are cool, but it’s the actual impact you’re making that is the goal. The world is waiting for you.

The energy that you’re focusing on is going to growing your business. So if you’re focusing on all the things that are going wrong, that one person who is not showing up, even though you have all the most amazing miracles happening on other legs or with other leaders or with other people,  if you’re focusing on the negative, that is what the Universe is going to continue to bring you. The universe is not something where it’s like ‘Oh this is something making you sad, let me switch this and make you happy’, that’s what our parents are for. You have a scraped knee, and here’s an ice-cream cone to make you happy. The universe says ‘Oh you’re focusing on this, here’s more’. You’re focusing on this, here’s more. 

So if you focus on love, because love is such a high vibrational force, or when you focus on gratitude and appreciation over expectation, your business thrives.” – Keeli Martinez.

This was a teeny tiny portion of some of the truthbombs Keeli Martinez dropped for us on the podcast.

Mom of three, doTERRA Presidential Diamond, oil educator, mentor and coach. Guiding others to create a life they love.

I know a lot of you are frothing to get your ears into this podcast episode and also I know you won’t be disappointed.

I interviewed Presidential Diamond Keeli Martinez and I am so looking forward to you ‘downloading’ the incredibly helpful advice here and ‘uploading’ this to your mindset, which is sure to up-level your doTERRA Network Marketing experience.

Keeli absolutely delivered – dare I say ‘preached Sista!’ – and she had so much to share in a way that is passionate, inspiring and shows what leadership is.


We talk about:

  • The moment doTERRA made such an impact on Keeli’s life and she started her business as a ‘side hustle’
  • Creating clear boundaries and how Keeli sets these up with her team
  • How to ‘sift’ in your team, navigate and create culture in your team
  • When there is a time to be in total servant leadership with team Q&A and why
  • The dream leader list and how you can ‘energetically’ call in the leaders who feel good
  • Her inspirational tools for business
  • The ‘Three C’s’ Keeli finds leaders have in common and why these are ‘sparks’ she looks for in her team
  • ‘Brain Dumping what feels good’
  • How Keeli introduces the doTERRA business opportunity to her customers
  • Why creativity is so important in growing your doTERRA business
  • Everything you need is free!

“It’s never a lack of resources, only ever a lack of resourcefulness.”


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