Ep: 35 with Peta Serras. “Is quitting going to make it go any faster?’

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Ep: 35 with Peta Serras. “Is quitting going to make it go any faster?’

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“Is quitting going to make it go any faster?”

I’ve known Peta Serras for years, and watching her create with doERRA is nothing short of hilarious and wonderful and hands-down exciting. This is from the outside of course, because while it is surely all that to Peta too, she is the one going through the experience in colour and it’s not always easy.

In this podcast episode, we chat about:

  • Her early (early) career with another Referral Marketing company
  • Cultivating self-belief at an early age
  • Why she lied and told her friends she was studying law
  • Reminding herself why she’s doing it every single day. Even when it’s hard.
  • That no-one else has your back, so you have to create that for yourself
  • You still have to show up, even when no-one else does
  • You can have anything you want in life, but you have to work hard and you have to make sacrifices.
  • Why she’s going to have to say ‘No’ to things because this is a priority right now.
  • Getting clear on goals and how Peta works on these
  • Failure
  • Why she get’s a lot done in her days and with doTERRA
  • What Peta sees as the most important component of the business to rank advance
  • How Peta asks for and books classes
  • On the curated but totally unfiltered Instagram account that has people laughing (and a few cringing) the world over and why Peta doesn’t mind about the ones who don’t get it. (plus THOSE sexy dances!)
  • Why I personally owe Peta an apology for what my reaction to her content was
  • Why sharing from an authentic place is so important and why it’s not an easy place to reach
  • People want to hear what you have to say
  • The importance of focusing on the long-game of branding and sharing
  • You are only truly going to figure it out if you bite the bullet and figure it out along the way
  • What Peta does when it feels like it’s breaking apart and the mentors and inspiration she leans into for support
  • Whether Peta has ever thought of quitting

Peta Serras

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