My Top 6 Non-Negotiable Tips for Healthy Travel

My Top 6 Non-Negotiable Tips for Healthy Travel

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With my doTERRA Business comes Global travel, which is a pretty spectacular part of this business when you grow into a Leadership role and have Wellness Advocates all over the world.

I don’t believe all people are created equal when it comes to how their bodies travel and adjust to different time zones, long hours awake and flights, or planes, trains and automobiles though.

Personally jet-lag and I don’t have the best relationship and there have been times in the past where a lot of travel and unconscious decisions about my health have been on the road that have caused me to return home tired, sick and flat.

Now though, I have what I would consider a handful of pretty strong ‘non-negotiables’ that support my health when I am traipsing the globe. These are achievable for all,so perhaps when you next travel you’ll integrate these simple tips into your own experience. Your whole body will thank you for it. Trust me.

1. Rest and Sleep

There is nothing like sleep to allow the body to heal and reset. Travel can stress all of our body systems and sleep allows these systems to repair any damage they sustain while you’re on the go.

When I travel Internationally I do my best to get on the time-zone of the country I am in as soon as possible. I try to stay awake until a reasonable bed time in that location and then set my alarm to wake me up at my usual time in that time zone.

I also make sure my alarm is subtle and kind on my senses. Currently I have a Deva Premal mantra for joy and bliss that starts with the gong of a sound bowl. Making sure I don’t wake up to angry barking alarm noises.

2. Food

Eating. Dining Out. Take-Out. Service Station Eating.

I travel with BPA free plastic containers, and a travel knife, fork and spoon. It makes it easier for me to put together meals from scratch or take leftovers from a lunch or dinner with me and eat at another time.

A lot of us ‘let loose’ when we travel and eat the buffet every day. I find that one of the best ways to stay healthy when travelling is to eat beautiful food every day.

I also know from experience that there is always a way. Over the last two weeks, I’ve been on planes, in Convention centres, arriving in places at near midnight and shopping for ‘meals’ out of service stations and 7 Eleven’s.

Before you fly: On the way TO a destination, one of the best things you can do is say no to plane food and bring your own. Inflammation is one of the biggest reasons we suffer jet lag and plane food is nearly all inflammatory.

From the stale bread roles, to the chemical and sugar filled desserts, the last thing your body needs when it’s trying to reset in a new time zone is toxic inflammation to deal with as well.

Not only this, but the type of food typically served on the plane, along with dehydration, can block your digestive system, making you feel sluggish, foggy and flat when you get to your destination.

I know some people who fast (go without food) on planes, but that ain’t me. So I make sure I pack meals with a mix of my favourite fab four! Greens, Fibre, Fats and Rainbow Colours. Heading to the USA this last month I made salads with roast veg, a boiled egg and half an avo in each.

I took nuts, some 90% dark chocolate and some goji berries. These lasted me the whole 14 hours in the air and my digestive system was active as soon as I arrived if ya’ll know what I mean.

Reaching the destination: When I arrive or even before I leave home, I check out organic stores and supermarkets near where I am staying and head there to stock up my hotel room.

Greens, colour, water/coconut water. Nuts, seeds, berries and if possible, salads and avo’s. The same type of food I have eaten on the plane I want to have on me in my hotel room. I’ll also grab some almond milk and keep that in my fridge also for early morning coffee’s – which yes, love – or adding to 7 eleven or service station black coffee’s. (I also take my AeroPress and organic coffee grounds where possible.)

In all meals my first choice is colour, (which = antioxidants) fibre (Such as from vegetables) and fat (butter, nuts, seeds, avocado, eggs, coconut oil).

If you’re eating these types of foods, the protein and carbs comes within them regardless (such as the protein from eggs, and the carbohydrates from vegetables).

If a mini-mart is all I can go to, I’ll grab a head of lettuce, some avo or nuts, some carrots and some olives if they have them and physically make myself a balanced salad.

Service Stations:
These days my top purchases from service stations are these:

  • Nuts
  • Fruit (They typically have apples and bananas at the counter)
  • Coconut water

Take-Out Ideas

Japanese: Great for fermented miso soup, sashimi and seaweed salads

Thai or Vietnamese: Choose both based soups with vegetables like Tom Yum or Pho.

3. Hydration

I don’t drink water from hotel rooms that I haven’t been in before, and I go out and buy water when I arrive. I love grabbing some 1ltr coconut waters where I can and then multiple litres of filtered water to carry, keep in my room and use for my herbal teas.

I try to drink at least 2 litres of water a day when travelling, even though I tend to need to go to the bathroom all the time (a Hashimotos hangover). Because of this, I request aisle seats in the plane’s I fly so that I never feel rude getting up and down during my flights. It means I can chug water without worrying about how my neighbour will suffer.

I personally choose sobriety health when I travel. I’ve gotten off planes with hangovers or drank through jet lag in the past and it’s always horrible.

I spent a good ten years of my life feeling less than stellar due to my alcohol intake and I’ve also travelled internationally with hangovers following me off planes, into conferences and then back home again. No more.

Falling asleep sober each night while travelling – and any other night/day – and waking up as well as I can each day is something I am both proud of and know for a fact is the best for me and my body, energy and then ultimately the work I can serve you and the world with when I am travelling.

Alcohol dehydrates the body, forces the liver to strain and creates fogginess and fatigue.

Not to mention that while the liver is attempting to process toxins from the airplane it’s now got the added burden of processing the chemical ethanol (what alcohol is) as well.

Not only is it the actual alcohol itself that contributes to travel ‘blergh’, but when under the influence, you’re more than likely going to eat foods that the body struggles to process and double-down on your feeling pretty shitty when you’re on the road and then as you head home again.

4. Essential Oils

Oh baby. Where would I be without my oils. I only use and trust and share doTERRA Essential oils. Their therapeutic quality, sourcing methods and humanitarian work in the world is second to none. Overall, they have a greater range of greater quality than any other company in the world.

I also take a small travel diffuser so I can inhale them aromatically in my rooms.

They have essential oils that support Physical, environmental, spiritual and emotional wellbeing and when I travel I take around 10 separate oils. Here’s some of what I have with me on my current trip:

OnGuard: Immune and Protective Blend. I pop a drop under my tongue each day and diffuse in my home rooms.

DigestZen: Digestive Blend: I run in a clockwise direction across my tummy after meals and if I am feeling like my digestion is sluggish or if I’m ‘blocked up’ or the opposite. In fact, DigestZen is a MUST for travellers because if you do get sick overseas, the soothing blend of oils can often assist to cease gastro symptoms miraculously quickly. I have experienced this myself. It’s also great for motion sickness of any kind.

Lavender: Sleep, calming/relaxation, as a pure-fume and also as it is the oil of communication and if I am speaking at an event I will often place lavender oil behind my ears before I walk on stage.

Peppermint: Alertness, focus, concentration, to clear the respiratory tract.

Lemon: A drop in my mineral water is enjoyable, detoxes my body, support lymphatic and immune health. I’ll also pop into my diffuser to kill airborne pathogens in my hotel rooms.

Passion: This blend is my ultimate pure-fume. It’s dark and sensual and reminds me of the trip I took to Europe with my husband last year. The sense of smell-memory we have means we can easily use a pure-fume (essential oil or essential oil blend) to tie our memory to a trip or holiday, which can be a lot of fun.

When I open my passion roller I hear the bikes on the cobblestone streets of Amsterdam.

How To Buy doTERRA Essential Oils

5. Meditation

When I stop my daily meditation practice I don’t immediately notice the difference, but within a few weeks I begin to feel disconnected.

When I meditate each day – even if just to a 5 minute mantra – my central nervous system calms, paths and opportunities show up in my life and I feel more at ease.

My favourite meditations when travelling are here:
Mantras for Precarious Times by Deva Premal (I listen to one chant and keep my eyes closed for the whole time):
Abraham Hicks Guided Meditations from Into the Vortex App: (I love this as I can listen off the app

6. Movement

It only takes me four days without sweating or strong movement before my mind starts to go to mush.

My husband can even recognise in me when I need to clear that space, shake it out and get some exercise in.

When we exercise we release feel-good hormones cortisol and dopamine.
When I arrive in a new location or once again, before I have left the house, I will check which gyms or classes are in the area where I am staying.

If you’re in a town or city where there are studios or gyms, they often give you free ‘drop-in’ classes or offer free classes for a week to new attendees. This means you can often get an excellent yoga class or other workout for free.

Sweating and moving allows us to release toxins and allows our lymphatic system to remain healthy and strong.

Essential oils to support movement and exercise

Peppermint and Easy Air Essential Oil: Opens the airways, inspires us to take deeper breaths, therefore increasing the oxygen in our lungs and in our blood. Increases the efficacy if our workout. Allows concentration.

Lemon Essential Oil: The oil of focus, also helps to detoxify our body and support immune health and lymphatic health.

After exercise

Ice Blue oil: Rub into sore and tired muscles and joints. Helps to relieve tightness and

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