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Named the “Immortal Health Elixir”, kombucha has been around for more than 2,000 years. With a rich history of health benefits from preventing and fighting cancer, arthritis, and other degenerative diseases, as well as supporting gut and intestinal repair and support, reducing inflammation and building healthy bacteria in the body, kombucha is a healthy addition to any persons diet. Buy a kombucha kit from The Whole Daily and make your own at home.

What you get

You will receive 1 x organic SCOBY (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast)
1/2 cup organic starter culture
1 x fabric vessel cover
online video instructions
eBook packed with information on how to make the best kombucha, how to handle your SCOBY, how to flavour second ferment and more.

$35 inclusive of postage

Alice Nicholls is a Holistic Health Legend (CHHC) and Graduate of the Environmental Medicine certification through the University Of Arizona.

Alice has been brewing the BEST quality organic Kombucha to support the healing of her clients gut related disorders and also as a functional probiotic support for the general health and wellness of her clients.



This is a picture of one of the SCOBY's that Alice 'grows'. The cream colour and the thickness show the health of the SCOBY and that it has come from a clean process.

Alice is so committed to making sure you get started off on the right foot you will also receive a link to video instructions for your Kombucha batch.

You will also receive your fabric jar cover, an eBook on Kombucha created especially for you + a whole lotta' Kombucha Love.

All for only $35 and FREE postage to anywhere in Australia

Alice Nicholls runs workshops and seminars on Kombucha across Melbourne. The health of your SCOBY and starter culture is of utmost importance to Alice. As well as Alice offering you unlimited text support for your own brewing process. (Don’t be nervous…it’s easy!).

Alice uses only organic sugar, organic earl grey tea and filtered rain water as a base. The SCOBY’s that Alice sells to create your own tea with are therefore the highest quality, thick, healthy and with a beautiful creamy colour that displays their vigour.

The SCOBY's that come from The Whole Daily have never been and will never be dehydrated so you will always receive the healthiest SCOBY you can get. Guaranteed.


These SCOBY’s can be shipped across Australia safely based on their health and will be the perfect starter to your Kombucha tea. The strain of Kombucha that you will be receiving will love you and share with you beautiful tea from only 8 days after you receive your package.


On top of receiving the highest quality SCOBY to make your tea + video instructions to get started, your SCOBY will also come from a place of great care and love.

Alice has a mission to help you connect your mind + body + heart so that you know you can feel and look your best every single day.

Make the choice and choose your wellness today.

Alice is happy to answer any questions you have on your Kombucha process.


Kombucha is a fermented tea drink that has been around for many centuries and originated in China, being used as an elixir of health. The high concentration of b-vitamins,digestive enzymes and glucaric acid in kombucha are credited with a variety ofhealth effects, including detoxification, improved digestion, increased liver function and more.

Many Kombucha drinkers also report increased energy from regular consumption. Some studies have even shown that compounds like glucaric acid can help prevent cancer, though the evidence on this is limited.Interestingly, President Reagan reportedly drank kombucha daily as part of his regimen to battle stomach cancer when he was diagnosed in 1987 (He died in 2004 of old age).

Countries around the world, from China to Russia, value Kombucha for its health benefits.

Kombucha is now available commercially, though prices range from $3-5 per bottle or more.

Making Kombucha at home is another option, as a gallon of Kombucha can be made at home for a dollar or less and the process is really rather simple.

The culture that creates Kombucha is referred to as a “Mother” or a “SCOBY,” which stands for “Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast.” If you are interested in brewing your own

DISCLAIMER: Kombucha tea is a beverage made from a culture in your own home. The Whole Daily & Alice Nicholls can take no liability or responsibility for this SCOBY or Starter Culture once it reaches the buyer as what occurs at this point is beyond their control. All products sent from The Whole Daily & Alice Nicholls are created using Australian certified organic ingredients and the utmost care has been taken to make sure that the product is the best you can purchase. Any questions, please email