11 ‘Eggscellent’ Egg Recipes To Power Your Day

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11 ‘Eggscellent’ Egg Recipes To Power Your Day

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Eggs are pretty brilliant. Worth spending the extra to free-range organic eggs (still a steal price-wise compared to junk-food dinners or cafe breakfasts).

Eggs can be made into hundreds of simple, budget conscious and easy meals, cooked in a myriad of ways and spruced up or made easy depending on what you feel like. They are a complete protein and pack a super-nutrient punch for those looking for nutrient density in small packages. Forget the myth about the yolk causing high cholesterol. The yolk of the egg is actually the most nutritious part of the egg.

Here’s a compilation of some of the best egg recipes from breakfast to dinner.

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#1. Paleo Eggs Benedict


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recipe for paleo eggs benedict here

#2. Prosciutto & Egg Roll-Ups


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Recipe for prosciutto and egg roll-up here

#3. Sweet potato hash with sausage and egg


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Recipe for sweet potato hash with eggs here

#4. Spinach Egg Drop Soup


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Recipe for spinach egg drop soup here

#5. Egg White + Greens Frittata

by thehealthychef.com


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Recipe for egg white + greens frittata here

#6. Shakshuka


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Recipe for Shakshuka here

#7. Sweet Potato + Brussel Sprout Skillet


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Recipe for the sweet potato and brussel sprout skillet here

#8. Baked tomato and egg cups

by abeautifulbite.com


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Recipe for the baked tomato and egg cups here

#9. Bacon and Egg Muffins

by bakeatmidnight.com


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Recipe for the bacon and egg muffins here

#10. Cauliflower Hash and Eggs

by anediblemoasaic.com


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Recipe for the cauliflower hash here

#11. Onion Ring Eggs

by tastykitchen.com


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Recipe for onion ring eggs here

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