Danyel Waters – Go Change A Life Today. ‘All Rise Up’ Podcast Ep

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Danyel Waters – Go Change A Life Today. ‘All Rise Up’ Podcast Ep

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“You owe the world to be as prosperous as you possibly can. Because it’s people who have money, with a heart like yours, that will make the most difference.

“I need to make a bucketload of money, and I need to provide for my family and I need to make sure that all of those around me are safe and secure and then I need to give the rest away, to people that need it.”

I am so excited to share this episode with one of my own Leaders. Danyel was one of my first few months enrolments when I joined doTERRA and as it goes in so so many teams, the fact that we we strangers and are now tied so beautifully by this business and a shared mission seems written and perfect and just… ‘How can it get any better?’ (and then of course it keeps doing that).

This woman is fire. I have a few who inspire absolute goosebumps across my life when it comes to their ability to lead and Danyel is one of them. It’s an honour to work alongside her, an honour to call her a friend and a bloody blessing that she is in my life. She’s all kinds of wonderful.

We chat about:

  • The single life-changing experience with a single essential oil that changed Danyel’s life
  • Moving through negative perceptions of the opportunity
  • *Note from Alice: You can see my own personal gaps in the beginning of my business here. Listen out for what I failed to speak to Danyel about or teach in my early classes.
  • Why personal experiences with the oils are so powerful and why we need to focus on not keeping these to ourself. Sharing these personal experiences are what can change or save a life.
  • Laying to rest some excuses you may use to hold yourself back from actually standing in your power with your business.
  • Building to Gold through connection and by ‘just asking’.
  • The tear-jerking goodbye message her kids call out to Danyel when she goes to teach a class each weekend.
  • Emotional Poverty in the Western World, Healing Hands and the deep personal affect travelling to Nepal with doTERRA had on Danyel.
  • Going through the pain of change and growth.
  • Losing faith in herself along the way and how Danyel brought it home again.
  • Finding out that the person you discover yourself to be in all your messy weirdness is GOLDEN


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