Are You Bigger Than Your Body?

Are You Bigger Than Your Body?

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pic ben giesbrecht

pic ben giesbrecht


Yep! John Mayer was right.

You’re bigger than your body gives you credit for.

Your growth and ability to learn and expand your life, happiness, health and (self)love is unsurpassed by your physical form in so many ways.

I’m going to get a little ‘woo woo’ right now so bear with me.  Because it works and it’s real.

I have found this concept, of being almost like an atmospheric aside to my physical form to be so helpful when I practice mindfulness.   When I feel like beating up on myself about something, or when I am frustrated, angry, envious or jealous,  I visualise the interaction I’m having with myself as if from a 3rd person point of view.  Almost like I’m outside of my body.

It opens up a ‘buffer’ for you to recognise when the ego is bringing you down (The ego’s job is to make you feel small) and to consciously make better decisions.  There are no mistakes.  There is creating awareness and then cultivating growth. 

I won’t lie to you, it’s called a practice for a reason.  You don’t just decide to be mindful or practice self-love and then have it aced. Even a yogi who has rolled his mat out for 50 years still calls it a practice.

If you can begin to be aware of the emotions that drive the behaviour (and whether or not they come from a place of fear or love) then you will be able to pick them up, you may find you recognise them as if from a third person perspective, and make better decisions.  Maybe you’ll see it pan out the same way 20 times before you can make the change.  The power is in the beginning of recognition.

The beginning of being able to then sway your unconscious thought to conscious awareness is the beginning of enlightenment.

p.s I saw John Mayer at a Blues and Roots festival in Byron years ago and he is AMAZING live, a guitar-smith.

Have you tried practicing mindfulness?


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  • I recommend it to others and try to practice it myself. It is certainly a practice. I find eating mindfully is very helpful with satiety and enjoyment of a meal. Slowly becoming more mindful in life’s moments, it’s a good feeling.

  • Love a bit of ‘woo woo’ and this concept is so true. Nailed it!

  • Alice Nicholls

    Thank-goodness. The more I work on this idea of recognising my emotions connecting with my ego…heart etc. (typically ego) the more radically able I am to make better decisions. Full disclosure Tegan…I was angry at my husband today and I was actually verbalising that out loud.

    Hahah. Like a crazy person but it’s actually healing. What next huh?

  • Alice Nicholls

    Always a practice. Always. I think of it like a yogi will still practice when he is 80 even if he started yoga when he was 12. (or….if Oprah ain’t healed yet…we all got some work to do to!)

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