How To Move Through Life’s Challenges

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How To Move Through Life’s Challenges

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Through difficulties and challenges in life, how can we positively move forward?

Life can seem like one long obstacle course at times. Some days are sunny and full of laughter, and other days and times in our life, can be more challenging and difficult.

We all face obstacles, in different and varied ways.

Girl-in-sun-articleThey might be health related, work related, or something in our personal life. Obstacles come up for us all. Some greater and larger than others. Yet through challenges, and despite difficulties – finding joy and happiness is possible.

And it is up to us, how we can choose to face each obstacle, so that we can move forward with positive change. And truly shine. There is always a positive path forward.

Sometimes when we are faced with challenges in life, it can feel impossible and too hard to see a way forward. But there always is. It’s often not easy, it can take time, it can even take a lot of courage and strength in many ways, but it’s always possible.

And to choose for it to be possible is the best thing we can do for ourselves, always.

I know when I’ve been faced with difficulties and obstacles in my own life, I’ve really had to work on finding the change within myself – a way of changing my own thinking and perception around the situation – to change my own thoughts and to choose to positively move forward.

There have been times of huge challenge where I really doubted if happiness and joy were possible, but it always is. The change has come from a place within. There is much growth from challenges in life and when we can choose a positive way forward, happiness and joy can be found on an even greater and deeper level.  As it comes from a place truly within. How can we do this? Create and choose positive change for ourselves –

Gratitude – practicing gratitude truly helps us to appreciate what we have in life. The joy in simple pleasures.  And it turns our focus on the things we have and the things we can do. Practicing gratitude allows us to find peace in all moments of life. Gratitude is a beautiful act of appreciation.

Stilling the mind – mindful meditation, deep breathing and quietening the mind chatter in our heads, that can over take our rational thinking.  Finding moments of quiet solitude, and taking time to rest and practice self care.  Mindfully becoming aware of the present moment and in essence – giving ourselves a break.

When we can switch off, we create new space to embrace change.

Changing our focus – letting go of thoughts that aren’t serving us and focusing on thoughts that are positive.  Sitting with what is, accepting it, acknowledging it’s presence and then positively thinking through helpful action steps to move forward.

Positive awareness creates positive thinking and this helps us to embrace change.

Embracing acceptance – if we can’t change a situation, gracefully accepting it can be empowering to move forward.  It enables peace of mind, peace within and an inner harmony that allows us to take steps forward.

Be gentle and kind to yourself.  Moving through difficulties and challenges in life can take time and it may not be easy.  Sometimes there is much to work through and process.

But there is always light that shines on the path ahead. Light shines hope and possibility. When we can focus on the light, it shines more brightly each and every day.

We can move forward with positive change, we can create it and choose it, and we can embrace days filled with much joy, sunshine and laughter.

Believe you can. And you will.

With love,


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