Your Words Will Make A Difference In Your Life

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Your Words Will Make A Difference In Your Life

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One of my besties, Melissa, often says to me “You take one foot out just ta’ put the other one in sometimes, dontcha?”

It’s well known that my mouth can throw me in the deep end.  I do have a (weird?) sense of humour, though I’m mostly stepping just a little over boundaries around the more humourous aspects of life, every now and again I’ll catch myself using my words in a way that isn’t nourishing to others or to myself. What we say and the words that we use carry energy.  When we speak negatively about ourselves or someone else we are creating an energy around our words.  Then they will either elevate us or pollute us.

I love this quote from Gabby Bernstein:

“Change your words, change your story and change your life.”   tweet this sweet.

I have spoken and written a lot about the law of attraction and I believe strongly in the power that we have to create an empowered, fulfilled and receptive life simply by sharing the energy that you wish to receive back into your life, which is why it is so darn important to make sure we are also watching what we express in life. In this video I will share with you how our words can pollute our lives or elevate our lives and why it is so important to create a kind and loving energy with our words.

“Your words will either elevate or pollute your life.”  tweet this sweet. 

Please feel welcome to share with me how this plays out in your own life and what you may do to elevate your expression in the comments below.


Love, Always,


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