Transformation Is More Than ‘Spot Training’

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Transformation Is More Than ‘Spot Training’

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I can’t count the amount of marketing I’ve read in the health and wellbeing world that references the ‘New Year, New You’ scenario when it gets to the end of each year.

When we continue to condition ourselves to time-frames of becoming well, that it eventually leaves us with an excuse for why today is ‘not’ the day or that we have ‘failed’ again.  And for women, we are marketed to like this on a regular basis.

New regimes shouldn’t have to start on a Monday. Or the 1st.

While ‘this’ moment now is a perfect opportunity to say to yourself ‘My mind and body deserves to be nourished today, so I choose to do that’.

Everywhere we look there is opportunity for ‘new’. Early each year people join a gym, start a new fitness class, begin running, wake up early and pull coconut oil through their teeth. We promise ourselves to stop being so grumpy and stressed all the time and we promise ourselves that this time, we WILL LOSE ‘THE’ WEIGHT finally.

What happens then is that we usually don’t ‘stick it’, we feel as if this is a failure and so we revert back to old learned behaviour that we have identified with for so many years. We sometimes employ a bit of a ‘woe is me’ attitude along with the fall back. We judge ourselves based on other women. On other families, on other situations.

Can you relate?

It’s because we think and we have been taught, that transformation has to occur immediately or after short-term effort or that it is something we can segment to only one area of our lives.

Like if we ‘fix’ our thighs we’ll finally be happy with our body or if we simply get to 100k per year we will have achieved ‘success’.

I’ve been there. This is not how it works.

I’ve written many times (here and here and here to name a few) about how transformation takes time. It’s an investment, and it can be really hard at times. What matters is that you continue – through the set-backs and ‘WTF am I doing?’ moments and through other people raising their eyebrow and top lip at you – and especially when you do that to yourself.

Transformation never ends so it’s time to stop putting time frame starts like ‘Monday morning’ around your desire to shift ourselves into a new area of fulfillment. If you want to live a life that lifts you up and that you feel is filled with purpose for yourself and those around you, then you have to begin to put the time and energy in now.

What you need to begin to tap into is why you desire the transformation in the first place. Believing fulfillment exists with a certain bank account or at a certain weight is surface level only. What is the emotion that you feel you need to call into your life that is currently missing?

Do you want to lose weight so that ‘he’ will be attracted to you because right now you don’t feel worthy of his love and are experiencing uncertainty with your value in the world?

It’s time to tap into what is driving the real reason for segmented desire for transformation and start to look at the bigger picture. It is only those who work on their whole self that begin to see huge lifelong results. Back to ‘spot training’ on your life is going to see you end up right back to where you started. To ‘Jan 1 starts’ and to ‘Monday diets’.

Choose to transform and go deeper for your life. Transform to see an enriched life and you will also see the others around you lifted up by your light. Transform so that you can find your purpose in life and so that you can finally fulfill your Master Need and contribute to the world with all you have to give. You are worth it now and forever.


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