Top 4 fermented foods for health and wellbeing

Top 4 fermented foods for health and wellbeing

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Science and experience is proving to us that the traditional food preparation practice of fermentation not only leaves us with tasty food, it actually supports out entire body to be healthier and stronger.

The bacteria within fermented foods helps to heal and support a well digestive system, which in turn supports a strong immune system and increases the flow of happy hormones to our brains (the gut and brain connection) meaning that eating fermented foods actually makes us feel good.

Fermented foods improve digestion. The fermentation process begins to break down the fibre in the food used so is easier for our body’s to digest once we eat them. This gives our digestive system some slack to help the repair and healing of other parts of our body.

kimchi, white cabbage and red cabbage sauerkraut. Pin me to remember me!

kimchi, white cabbage and red cabbage sauerkraut. Pin me to remember me!

Fermented foods can be much more nutritious for us.  Studies have shown that fermented foods such as fermented dairy from raw milk products is actually much more nutritious for our body and can even be more easily digested and safe for those with lactose intolerances to eat. Vegetables, fruits and grains can also become more nutritious when they’re fermented.

Fermentation helps makes typically inflammatory foods easier and gentler to eat. The fermentation process helps to release phytic acid from some nuts, seeds and grains such as wheat, oats and barley. For those who have digestive issues after eating some modern-milled grains such as wheat or who are gluten intolerant, fermented foods are actually much more gentle on the digestive system and me be able to be included in the diet of those who would otherwise need to leave them out.

Here is a list of my favourite fermented foods. 

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  • Amanda Phillips

    Hi Alice, I love making kombucha, and it all started with the SCOBY I purchased from you! I’ve even convinced some friends to start brewing their own.

    I would love to try the cream cheese recipe – am definitely going to grab some yoghurt and a cheese cloth on the weekend. Do you have any recipes for using the whey?

    Looking forward to hearing more about the Love Your Guts course! Amanda x

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