Is This The Secret To Freedom?

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Is This The Secret To Freedom?

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“There’s something very beautiful about learning to walk beside whatever difficulty you’ve got, with dignity, acceptance and grace”
What incredible words to read.For me, they speak of a story of personal development, which I truly relate to.  Learning to walk beside difficulty and challenges in my life, and to embrace the art of acceptance.
The word accepting – it’s empowering, it’s beautiful, it’s graceful – and if you live with difficulty in life, most importantly, it’s possible. There is something very sacred and profound, with choosing acceptance, and letting go of resistance.

Acceptance is such a powerful word.  To choose acceptance, is powerful in itself.

It is a choice which has the ability to bring deep inner healing and peace.

Acceptance doesn’t mean the difficulty goes away.  But it does mean that you choose a different mind-set, a different level of ‘being’ and know that you can live a life with meaning and deep self-worth, despite difficulty and limitation. Limitation doesn’t define you.  You define you.


Choosing acceptance is re-claiming power over your life and the choices you can make for yourself.

The moment we choose acceptance, to let go and give up the internal fight, let go of that wish for things to constantly be different, it is truly possible to live a life of happiness, fulfilment, joy and embrace all the opportunities and possibilities in front of us.  A life full of limitless possibility.

These words and thoughts – they come from a place of genuine, heartfelt and soul inspired belief and personal realisation that through difficulty in life, acceptance is necessary and it is possible.

It’s not easy but it’s possible.  And to accept is to transform.  

If you’re reading this and it resonates, you might be living with something in life right now which you’re constantly fighting.

 It might be pain – emotional or physical, it might be an illness, it may be grief and loss, perhaps it’s a difficulty or challenge from the past which is still present or something you live with every day that is still very present in your life.
What’s holding you back?  And what’s stopping you from choosing acceptance over resistance?

Whatever the circumstance, whatever the difficulty, there is always benefit with acceptance.  At every level.  In every way.

How would it feel to you if you could accept this difficulty as a beautiful part of you? Make friends with it, rather than seeing it as an enemy and fighting for it to not exist.

 Rather than a constant internal struggle within, what would you say to it if it were sitting beside you as your best friend?  How would you feel if you could lovingly embrace it rather than fight it and constantly want to push it away?
That internal fight and struggle only creates more, resistance when the acceptance can open the door to self-love. And with self-love, can come the incredible realisation that despite difficulty, life doesn’t always need to be so hard. 
It’s confronting and it’s challenging, but with time and practice, by letting go of the constant struggle and fight that often goes on in our minds, we are set free.

There is something profoundly special and sacred in choosing to accept difficulty in life as it is with dignity and grace.

I think it’s true beauty.  I think it’s wellness.  I also believe it’s truly inspirational.  

Acceptance is to heal within.  That’s Wellness.

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