Self-Love Is These 15 Things…

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Self-Love Is These 15 Things…

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Many women give so much of their energy to making relationships work that aren’t nourishing them, or focusing solely on finding a partner to make them happy that they completely neglect their own needs and give away their power and responsibility for happiness.

While for many the idea of self-love feels too shallow, disingenuous or even that the act of trying to give themselves self-love falls flat, it is exactly this that shows how much self-love does need to be shown to heal. Those who cannot connect with self-love are those that need it most. It is the ego/brain connection that shies away from self-love and considers it nonsense. The heart connection welcomes self-love as if it were a long lost friend, and it may well be.

There is a saying that ‘the person who cannot devote 15 minutes to meditation needs to meditate for an hour’ goes the same for self-love. If we can’t give ourselves the time to practice self-love for even five minutes a day, then we know we need to devote much more time to self-love until we connect with how important this practice is.

Self-love is not a ‘one time’ action. Think of it like showering. We don’t have a shower once and then think ‘Well that’s done now’, don’t ever have to do that again. Self-love has to be is a continuous process and inclusion in our lives to reap the full benefits.

It is a life-time of conscious thought and an understanding that can be built only on practice.

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Here’s 15  nourishing ideas about self-love that you may never have thought of before or need to know.

Self-Love Is…

  1. Selflove is choosing to trust in your intuition. Your intuition always knows which direction to take, self-love asks for you to follow that guided path of you instead of following the ego/brain side of you.
  2. Selflove is understanding that you may upset others who are used to your bounding to their beck and call. We hate to upset people and typically give more of ourselves than we should, it’s ‘you first’ for a change.
  3. Self-love is showing yourself honesty in a way that you may not have in the past.
  4. Self-love is beginning a conversation with yourself that you may have run from in the past. Where questions like ‘what am I really feeling?’ and ‘why?’ are going to be involved. Emotions can be tough. That’s why we push them down, but no more.
  5. Self-love means we make a conscious choice to rest, move our body, and nurture our soul to the best of our ability.
  6. Self-love is beginning to create a practice to believe in ourselves and out unlimited potential where we may have only seen failure in the past.
  7. Self-Love is making choices that build a life that we are passionate about even if we are single, where we explore and have fun without an expectation for somebody else to give us happiness.
  8. Self-love is releasing those other people in our lives who we expect to act in certain ways and are left feeling disappointed from.
  9. Self-love is learning to compliment ourselves on the positives within us, physically and emotionally.
  10. Self-love is learning to forgive those in our lives we hold grudges against so that we release ourselves from suffering
  11. Self-love is holding our relationships with other people up to a certain integrity and not choosing second best in the way we treat other people in our lives.
  12. Self-love is learning to set boundaries for ourselves and the other people in our lives so that we have space to nurture and nourish ourselves without exhausting our energy on other people.
  13. Self-love is where we stop beating ourselves up about what we view as failures or mistakes and start to recognise that we are simply learning lessons.
  14. Self-love is learning to move forward instead of staying stuck in the quicksand of learned behaviour that is not benefitting us, such as negative self-talk, negative body image, relationships that don’t nourish us or a mindset that holds only fear.
  15. Self-love is understanding that we are not going to be able to achieve perfection in our lives, and we may even not be able to achieve all of these things listed, but that we appreciate our effort, are grateful for our opportunities and applaud exactly who we are today regardless.

Once we realise that we are the only person who can truly make us feel loved then we are already on the right track to feeling like our luckiest, happiest and most fulfilled self. It is then that those around us will also get to shine in our light.  

What would you add to this list?

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