Let Yourself Love Her

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Let Yourself Love Her

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I was waiting in line, biding my time, waiting for my friend who was late for our date

When I looked up to see… beauty

Like a splash of cold water walk by me, do you know what I mean?

Like some kind of Goddess walked in

And there she was not aware how everybody had stopped to stare

And I felt myself shrinking like grey seeping in

Counting the years, bringing tears, feeling late, out of date, wanting to hide, reside, elsewhere

But this is what I thought…

Just let yourself love her

Don’t get caught in your own self-loathing, don’t try to criticise her face, her form, her clothing

Just love that beauty exists like this

Beauty abounding, resounding, confounding

Celebrate how the light in the room changed

How people were rearranged by this grace, this face, this space of light created

It’s killing us this self-critique, body hatred, feeling bleak

Don’t cut her out, isolate, judge yourself, medicate

Just open to her

Open to you, you wild gorgeous flower, shine that right through

Say hello

Soften your heart

Say yes to the beauty

Soak it in

And take part



This is a spoken word piece by Heidi Rose Robbins (with permission) which you can find on Youtube here or on her blog here.

Or you can watch it tight here.



The piece was sent to me by my friend Rachel MacDonald who thought that I would get out of it what was intended and be struck by it. She was right.

I find this piece so beautiful and proud, though I see sadness in it at the same time because I recognise that women attack and hurt and look for flaws in other women before we look for beauty and this is killing our happiness and our fulfilment.

Physical beauty is subjective to a point, true, however there is great physical beauty in this world that many woman have been borne into and who are then hunted down and scorned for, for their lives – until they are old – and this is not OK.

Let yourself love her.


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