Is THIS What Could Really Transform Your Life?

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Is THIS What Could Really Transform Your Life?

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My intuition told me to move to Mexico…

I’ve recently landed back in my dream location of Mexico, and it still feels like surreal yet oddly grounding. A few people have asked why I am here and what I am doing, and part of me is still figuring that out but I knew I had to return…

I’ve had an eventful past 3 years, which had been brewing up for much longer than that, although I was not conscious to the signs. In these years I have learnt to listen to my intuition, my gut, guidance or that feeling of ‘yes do this’ or ‘no this no longer serves you’.

It’s been a journey, and still, is to learn about oneself and become more and more content with being true to who I am and what I want.

The first step for me was saying a big F you to conformity. Rita Mae Brown describes this perfectly when she says;

“The reward for conformity is that everyone likes you but yourself.”


I used to work as a nurse, do tiring work, pleased everyone but felt numb inside. I was exhausted from living an unfulfilled life and trying to be happy. My numbness led to binge eating. When these thoughts of intuition would boil up in my belly, I would just eat to suppress them as it all seemed ‘too hard’ to change.

There wasn’t one huge big ‘AHA’ moment that some people experience, for me it was many different feelings, like heading to work with an anxious feeling in my gut and chest. I knew this life wasn’t for me, yet I felt powerless to change it. I saw a Kinesiologist and Chinese acupuncturists to help with digestive issues, which helped for a while but ultimately my problem wasn’t physical.

This is the thing; our bodies are sooooo wise and give us signals all the time as to if we are on the right path. I started to listen to these signals and my whole world changed.

I took the road of spirituality, wellbeing and educated myself with endless books and courses still whilst nursing, until I had enough funds to travel to Mexico in 2014 to do my Yoga Teacher Training. Still I was not even sure why I chose this destination but it just felt right.

I arrived in the luscious Puerto Vallarta, on the West Coast of Mexico. I had met Jodie only once through my cousin, followed her on Instagram and loved her stuff, she said she was doing her yoga training in Puerto Vallarta where she had been living after working on a yacht here. I thought to myself ‘hmm this feels right and the photos look nice on insty, so why not’.

The minute I landed here something changed, I felt like I had been here before. I felt seriously grounded. During my time here I kept asking the universe ‘how can I make this my reality?’ My ex pat and local friends were working online and living an abundant life in this phenomenal location, so where was my online gig?

I didn’t want to return home to Australia, but I had run out of money at this stage and did not have a choice. So I vowed to find myself some work that I could do from anywhere and return.

After asking those questions an online gig that I feel was made for me pretty much fell into my lap, it’s in health and wellbeing and I am able to help people daily.

I since spent 5 months in Oz before buying my ticket and am now back ‘home’ a mere 8 months later. It seemed like in most of my meditations I just sat back on the beach here, feeling grounded and fully supported by the universe.

Listening to my intuition and trusting that things will turn out for the better has turned my life around so swiftly it’s hard to believe.

It still feels like a dream. So for those in need of a little guidance you honestly have all of the guidance in you, which might seem effortlessly simple, but it’s true.

I recently heard Preston Smiles speak at a conference before I left Oz and he spoke about being able to listen to your ‘higher self’ as opposed to your ‘wounded self’. The wounded self, conformity and sometimes those that are closest to you are not your best guiders. You are.

Rumi hits the nail on the head when he says;

Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.”


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