The Financial Cost Of Fulfillment.

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The Financial Cost Of Fulfillment.

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I’d pay it three times over every year if I could.

We are sliding from Christmas to New Years and I have started to receive many an email from you that you’ve decided that 2015 is THE year that you are going to take action and support yourself for a change. I’ve mentioned in two emails that we are going to be releasing Life Transformation Project to you for a VIP pre-release price in early Jan and it’s got you excited.


“Alice when, when, when does this start because I already know I am going to be desperate for support to get myself in gear in the new year. I have not stopped and I feel like I’ve been hit with a sledgehammer”.

“Can I put my name down now please so I don’t miss a spot in the next course?”

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This makes me so happy. While education can be free (because nearly everything we could ever want to know is printed in books or on the web) I know for a fact that sometimes it takes a personal financial investment to kick-start positive change and to set that change up to last. It did with me.

In 2013 I spent $5,000 to study online at The Institute For Integrative Nutrition. It was this study that kick-started my life in the direction it now heads in (looks to sky – and mouths ‘thank-you’).

That same year I spent $8,000 on mentoring with some of the best blog and business coaches in the world. They helped me take a 3 day a week part-time fun experience into one that stayed ‘part-time’ and that increased in enjoyment.  That provided me with a financial income that meant I didn’t have to head back to my corporate job after baby number two.

I completed a business course called B-School (along with 12k other people world-wide) that was around $2,500.

I just returned from an 11 day retreat with Mastin Kipp and the Daily Love team in Ubud which was over $6,000 in total.

I realise these figures may seem great to you, or perhaps it’s impossible to fathom your ever spending on yourself for study or personal development. I can tell you now though that if you came to me 3 years ago and showed me a snippet of my life and my fulfilment levels today as proof of what I could achieve when I invested in myself I would have paid over five times as much.

I would have found a way to pay for it.

I don’t have money-trees. I don’t have someone handing me money when I walk out the door like the Bundy kids from Married with Children (poor Al). I simple plan, work my ass off and make it happen. Money comes and goes, education lasts a lifetime. 

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There is not a single bit of personal investment I have spent on that I regret. Some have had bigger returns than others, but because I place personal meaning into my investments they all act as positive experiences in my life and we should never stop learning. When we do, we die.

All of the greatest health and business professionals I know are still studying. They take courses, spend up big on book depository, attend seminars and conferences all over the world and always keep an open mind to new opportunities.

It’s these new opportunities I want to serve you with in 2015.

What is my meaning? My purpose?

To Serve.

You.  The World. Myself.

Don’t expect the world to change around you, change what you know about the world. 

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How are you investing in yourself in 2015?

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