Easily Influenced To Ditch Your Health Goals? Read This.

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Easily Influenced To Ditch Your Health Goals? Read This.

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Ever eagerly started a new diet, health program or training regime, only to find resistance from the place – and people – you thought would most support your vision?

“But what will you eat?” They question.

“Will you be consuming enough protein?” They ask.

“That’s totally unrealistic … and unsustainable!” They declare.

“You’ll quit within the week.” They predict.

Almost immediately, you feel as though the shine has been dulled from your grand plan of holistic awesomeness. Doubts begin to creep in, motivation plummets and predictably, you hop off the bandwagon and back onto the steam rolling train of society (laden with bad habits and loaded up with junk food).

So what’s a health-conscious girl to do when she really wants to change for the better? Here are my top tips for brushing off negative feedback and doing what you believe is best for you and your health:

1. Find a powerful ‘why’
Discovering your powerful ‘why’ (and the reason you want to get fit and healthy in the first place) will protect you from other people’s negativity and allow you to stay true to your goals.  You’ll know you’ve found it when you vibrate with emotion and empowerment.

2. Remember that everyone’s journey is different
It might very well be unachievable for your BFF to kick sugar or quit junk food for good and that’s totally fine. But what you’re capable of and what your journey consists of, is nobody’s business but your own. Take charge of your journey and don’t worry about what anyone else thinks or what anyone else does.

3. Do your research
Take the time to really educate yourself on what you’re planning to do and achieve and how you’re going to get there. You want to feel confident and safe with what you’re doing and the best way to do so is make sure you’re informed and educated and never stop learning and adjusting.

4. Know that they have your best interests in mind
Your loved ones aren’t deliberately trying to self-sabotage your health goals. Promise. But …

5. Also understand that what you’re doing may highlight issues in their life
It’s hard to avoid comparison-itis when your BFF is suddenly on a health rampage and you’re still on the sofa eating Pringles and watching Pretty Little Liars marathons. So keep in mind that sometimes the issues they have with what you’re doing are really unacknowledged issues with what they’re doing.


6. Trust your gut
You’ll know in your gut – and heart –if what you’re doing is best for you. Following that inner guidance at all times and you can’t go wrong. And take feedback and wisdom with a grain of salt. It is nice to have others perspectives but really ask yourself what sits right with you.

7. Compromise
So it might be a hard pill to take if you’re cancelling Friday night booze-a-thons in exchange for … well, nothing. Which is why you can make it easier on your loved ones by doing the old swap-a-roo act. Swap booze nights for walking along the beach nights. Swap coffee and cake catch-ups for smoothies and kale chip soul sessions. Swap junk food marathons for actual marathons … okay, that might be pushing it, but you get the idea.

8. Ask for their support
Sometimes we assume that our new schemes and plots will be wholeheartedly accepted by our pals so when they’re not received with open arms, we become a little disheartened. But saying “I’m doing X and I’d really love your support and help to make sure I stay on track” will make your friends and loved ones feel involved, needed and in the loop.

Because while health is an inside job, it’s best enjoyed with a side of friendly, loved-up support (Happiness).

Tell me, how do you get your friends and family onside with your health goals? Or are your loved ones struggling with a nasty case of judgement-itis? Drop a comment and let us know!

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