20 Health Tips We Can All Agree On

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20 Health Tips We Can All Agree On

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Errybody’s got a bee in their bonnet about health and wellness right now.

He said. No, she said.

Eat this. No, Eat that.

List. Goes. On.

And on.

And on.

And instead of everybody in the industry uniting for the ultimate wellbeing of our Nation, this whole in-fighting thing has many people left wondering what is even right anymore?

So just for some ease, I thought I’d create a list of 2o Health Tips We Can All Agree On.

And we can all begin here…

Here goes…

Pin me. I'm totally pinnable.

Pin me. I’m totally pinnable.


1. Eat real food

2. Eat a rainbow of vegetables each day (the more colourful the plate, the higher the balance of vitamins you have)

3. Source organic where possible

3. Support your local farmers 

4. Steer clear of chemicals in food

5. Move your body each day

6. Practicing yoga can improve your mood and relaxation

7. Getting adequate sleep is important

8. Hydrating with water is important

9. Green leafy vegetables are like powerhouses of nutrients

10. There’s a lot of calcium in sesame seeds 

11. If you’re vegan or vegetarian, make sure your B12 is at an adequate level

12. Lacto -fermented vegetables are great for your gut health

13. Probiotics are good for gut health

14. Try to minimise stress

15. If you do drink alcohol, do it moderately

16. Don’t eat too fast

17. Don’t eat until you feel uncomfortably full

18. A healthy mind makes for a healthier life 

19. Whole health is a balance of emotional, physical, spiritual, environmental, financial and intellectual health

20. Remember… You rock. 




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