doTERRA Lifelong Vitality Pack – Why It’s a ‘Must-try’ for your Overall Health and Wellbeing.

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doTERRA Lifelong Vitality Pack – Why It’s a ‘Must-try’ for your Overall Health and Wellbeing.

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I feel amazing right now. Better in fact, than I have felt since maybe Holly was 8 months old and I came out of the ‘baby fog’ and was sleeping a little better.

Before I had her, I was drinking a lot, partying a lot… and for whole weekends at a time, and pretty much asking ‘why burn the candle at both ends when you can light it in the middle too?’.

doTERRA has brought such beauty back to my life.


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I’ve been taking supplements for years already.

Even the most ‘healthy’ person would do well to supplement. Every integrative Dr, Nutritionist, Naturopath or switched on individual I know does supplement. (All high quality of course, and yes, you do typically get what you pay for. Those supps on the supermarket shelves…? BIG ?)

The truth is, with the world we live in today, we don’t get everything we need from the environment – air and soil and plants and other natural foods – for complete nutritional health.

Even the organic farms are growing in soil that is more depleted than at any other time in history.
Our wider environments have a toxic overload more than at any other time in history. Our bodies encounter situations daily that we simply didn’t have in pre-industrialised days. Working inside all day, artificial light, toxic pollution in what we eat, what we put on our skin and what we breathe in.

And I’ve been investing in good supps too.

Magnesium, Vit C, Vitamin K, D3 K2, amongst others. They aren’t ‘cheap’ but they’re valuable to my life.

Then… doTERRA released their best selling supplements in Australia (only on April 3 I might add!). They are TGA approved and made in Australia.

I bought them at Convention before they were released to the public after hearing pretty bloody awesome testimonials from those taking them, and started taking them then and there. (they have been available in the US for some time).

Since then, I have said to quite a few people in quite a few places that I didn’t want to share my OWN personal experience with the Lifelong Vitality supplements until I had spent at least a month taking them.

Instead, I had the pick of sharing over 30 incredible testimonials (out of the thousands that you can find out there), that I sourced personally from real people I know who have been taking them.
Because their results were awesome.

And I want to share now because I believe firmly that these supplements have made a tremendously positive impact on my health.
Let me count the ways.

Within one week of taking LLV, I found:

❤ I have more energy. I started back at the gym again. I haven’t been in years and I am loving it. I feel so much stronger. I am getting up at 5.45am to do 6am classes and I haven’t done that ever in my entire life… Get up that early by choice. My husband is not quite sure what’s happening… 😉

❤ I am sleeping better. I have two kids who wake up stupid early. Every morning for the last 6 years, they have woken me up. I haven’t woken up naturally.

In the past, I would lift my head and want to murder them or tie them to their beds for at least another 3 hours. My eyes would be swollen and black underneath because I hadn’t re-charged overnight. My cup wasn’t full… and I’d start the day already behind.
Now, I am up before them. By the time I get BACK from the gym, they are just shuffling out. I have been READY for the day for hours.

I used to feel WIRED at midnight and my sympathetic nervous system for SURE on overdrive.
I’d get into bed with Cam and then have to get up and ‘do stuff’ because I felt like I couldn’t shut off.
But since taking the Lifelong Vitality Supplements I feel ready for sleep at a logical hour – 9.30pm -10pm – and I’m relaxed. I can head to bed and fall asleep straight away (unheard of for me) and wake up for said gym class at dark-o-clock and feel amazing!

❤ I am running again, (an activity I love because it clears my head) but which was causing me some pain in my left knee, which felt weak. However my ‘bung’ left knee, no longer gives me ANY pain or trouble when I run, and when I run I am running faster, farther, and with more power than ever before.

❤ I feel like my brain is firing with more clarity. I feel like I can SEE paths to success more clearly, and I am focused like never before.

I want to share with you that the ‘healthy life pie’ of mine, has never been FULLER in all ‘slices’.
I’m certainly not here to tell you that the Lifelong Vitality Supplements are THE ‘solution’ to all of my weaknesses…
However I’ll tell you what I DO 100% believe to be true.

That there is SYNERGY and MULTIPLICATION in life. So here’s what’s happening:

I have a career that I LOVE more than anything I’ve ever done before.

  • My intimate relationship is thriving and Cam and I are in such strong support of both of our goals and vision (or should I say our whole goal and vision). We are a team.
  • My non-intimate relationships are thriving and I am cultivating new ones daily that I care deeply about.
    My family are healthy and happy.
  • My physical health is thriving. I am fuelling with the best foods, and yes, these supplements. I am moving my body physically every day, with JOY, because I want to, and because it FEELS GOOD.
  • (Yes, I have lost 4 kilos in the last 8 weeks, however more than that, I am STRONG right now. And this feels amazing).
  • My emotional health is thriving. I continue to work on my mindset and personal development daily. (Hard not to in this business but I love it!).


As I mentioned in the post above, there is NO secret ONE THING.

It is all about ‘Synergy and Multiplication’. Putting effort into al the slices of he pie until it’s whole.

So what changed? All the same things as I have mentioned in the post above.

I removed the crappy physical fuel and replaced it with goodness, (no booze, more veggies, organic slow-cooked meats, ferments, good fats.)

Cam and I worked on us being a TEAM as this is going to be an epic year for both of us (He also has a pretty sweet start-up he’s working on).

I began to use my oils every single day, all day, for physical and emotional support (you can track what I do on my Insta stories @thewholedaily).

How To Buy doTERRA Essential Oils

I began the Lifelong Vitality Supps… and it was AFTER this I felt like I was so clear and energised I was actually frothing to do the physical body work. and to be present, and to show UP. (That’s when the strange new Alice who could get up before 6am emerged), and who had the energy to sweat on a daily basis.

Synergy and Multiplication.

So, there’s a part of me who hopes this picture get’s lost in the comments section.

Also, any seemingly ‘good’ picture can mask a thousand hurts/pains/struggles/be totally a fake representation of who someone is. I know there are women sharing ‘perfect’ snaps today who are struggling. So don’t mistake a simple ‘before and after’ pic from me as any form of ignorance to reality.

But, personally… I’ll tell you for a FACT which one of these pictures IS masking all of the hurt and struggle… the one on the left.

THAT one is a misrepresentation of who I am and the way I want to show up in the world.

Look, I’m not going to be tagging #Fitspo anytime soon (hehe just did!), and I am not going to ask you to drop and give me 20 and as I have mentioned many times, there is no ‘secret one answer’.

But maybe this is some inspiration for you to look at your own ‘pie’ and see which slices are missing.

Synergy and Multiplication.

So, when ALL of the slices of the pie are filled with goodness, maybe for the first time ever, that goodness MULTIPLIES and expands…just like the rays of the sun form circle after circle of bright light.

If I removed even one of these full slices… it would be uneven again.

I am aware of this.

So while, LLV is not the FIX ALL, I know I felt a huge positive impact or addition to the slice of the pie that needed adding TO after I started taking them.

And THIS is why I personally back them 100%.

THIS is why I have bought them for my Mum, and for Cam and why I have asked my Sister to get herself some.
I personally want to buy them for everyone I know. I want them to try them and see for themselves.

30 day money-back guarantee
doTERRA actually has a guarantee on the LLV supps. If you take them for 30 days and do NOT love them, they give you your money back. No questions asked.


How do I get the Lifelong Vitality Pack?
They are ONLY available if you are an existing Wholesale Customer of doTERRA (which means you get 25% off all of your oils and products, just like I do).

You never have to be a crazy-oil-lady and build a business like I do to get your hands on them. 85% of our customer base are exactly that. Customers only, using the best product in the world.

To get your Lifelong Vitality Pack, all you have to do is enrol as a Wholesale Customer of doTERRA. You can do so by purchasing an enrolment kit, or some single oils, or even a single oil. Here is a page on my blog that shows the ways of doing this.

Hypothetically, even if you didn’t want to purchase ANY oils or doTERRA products (Ummm say whaaaaaaat? 😉 ) and you just wanted to become a wholesale account owner to get your hands on the Lifelong Vitality Pack, then you can simply may your $35 membership fee (enrol by choosing the ‘Welcome Pack/Kit’) and then you’ll have access to buy them!

From then on, you get 25% off ALL of your future orders, you get to try these incredible supplements in the Lifelong Vitality Pack, and as I mentioned..if you don’t like em’ send em back for a full refund.

I just kinda… feel like/know… you won’t.

Please, please, please (haha LLV has me begging), ask me about them, or about my experience, or about the info I have from other people who are taking them.

Hands on my heart I would share this information every.freakin.moment of every day if it meant you may give them a go.

You can email me to ask me more at alice @ – Or you can simply sign up for your wholesale doTERRA account here, using the instructions in the link below, and then you get automatic access to get the Lifelong Vitality Pack in your life in your next month.

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