doTERRA Holiday Gift Guide 2017 – How To Purchase At Lowest Prices

doTERRA Holiday Gift Guide 2017 – How To Purchase At Lowest Prices

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The doTERRA Holiday Gift Guide for 2017 gets released on November 1st at 10am AEDT (Melb, Syd).

Every year, doTERRA releases oils and products that complement your doTERRA Experience and every year they sell out. 

Download the whole doTERRA Holiday Gift Guide 2017.
All images and info are also shown below in images

So, this time around, I want to be the one to share this with you FIRST! There are around 16 different gift ideas in the guide, so make sure you check them all out and place your order.

The Holiday Gift Guide has just launched for purchase, so if you see the name of of a loved one on any of these, then I recommend you jump in and grab it asap, before we run out of stock. And of course, it need not be for someone else right? I am pretty sure that the wooden oil box and that whale diffuser is going to be finding a nice little home in my office this Season.


  • Copy and paste this link into a new browser:
  • Click ‘Join & Save’
  • Select your Language & Country of Residence
  • Select Local (OTG) Order
  • Make sure “Wellness Advocate” is selected. The Wellness Advocate membership will give you a minimum 25% off on all products + my support but will NOT obligate you in any way to sell or buy.)
  • Fill out the top of the application with your personal information. Can leave ABN blank.
  •  At Enroller id, make sure my number 3288471 is displayed then click verify to see my name.
  • Choose your Holiday Gifts & add your ‘Welcome Introductory Packet for $35 (this is your yearly Wholesale Membership and gives you wholesale prices now & for the coming year. This investment will be absorbed if you purchase multiple gifts, or waived completely if you add any enrolment kit to your order. Simply delete introductory packet from your order if this is what you do.).
  • Select continue and you will be directed to the next page to input your credit card details. Complete this and submit your order! I will welcome you to my education group and love you UP!



Whether you’re already an existing Loyalty Rewards Program customer or not, it’s super simple to purchase any of the gifts in the Holiday Gift Guide.

1. Head to (click here)
2. Sign in with your Wellness Advocate ID and Password (If you need help with your ID, hit reply and let me know and I will help you out with that).
3. A ‘pop-up’ box for LRP or a ‘One Time Standard Order’ will come up on the screen.

EXISTING LRP CUSTOMER: If you already have an existing Loyalty Rewards Program, you can create a new template for your Holiday Gift Guide Products, add them to the cart after searching them in the store, hit SHIP NOW when ready and then delete the Template.

STANDARD ORDER: If you are not an existing Loyalty Rewards Club member, simply create a ‘One Time Standard Order’ follow the steps, add the gifts them to the cart after searching for them in the store, add payment details and ship to your address.


Whale Diffuser

The Whale diffuser creates a calm atmosphere by merging unique light projection, peaceful music, and a kid-friendly design. This diffuser offers a unique feature that when tipped over will automatically turn off.

Product Features

  • LED light projection with 5 options including blue, green, red, and warm white light
  • Feature can be set to cycle through all 4 colors, a single color, or off
  • Features music or ambient noise with 4 options
  • Sounds include; 3 nature variations + 1 lovely lullaby
  • Ultra-fine mist fills a room up to 270 sq. feet in size
  • Up to 6 hour run time
  • USB cord included

Bamboo Storage Box.

Made of sustainable bamboo, these essential oil storage boxes reflect the high quality of the essential oils they hold. The single drawer box holds 53 oils and the double drawer holds 88, while both boxes feature a top rack that holds eight 15 mL and five 5 mL/10 mL bottles. With drawers that have magnets to hold them in place, these boxes are the quality your oils deserve.

BAMBOO BOX ( 2  TIERED ) SKU: 60202796 | WHOLESALE: $58. 0 0 | RETAIL: $77. 0 0 | PV: 00.00 F | BAMBOO BOX ( 3 TIERED) SKU: 60202797 | WHOLESALE: $81. 0 0 | RETAIL: $108. 0 0 | PV: 00.00

Holiday Peace. Our new holiday blend, Holiday Peace, is a blend of Siberian Fir, Douglas Fir, Himalayan Fir, Grapefruit, Frankincense, and Vetiver essential oils. As you diffuse Holiday Peace in your home, it will create an atmosphere of peace, comfort, and relaxation.

SKU: 60203625 | WHOLESALE: $36. 0 0 | RETAIL: $48. 0 0 | PV: 27.00

Holiday Joy. Fill your home with memories as you tantalize your senses with the inviting fragrance of Holiday Joy, a captivating blend of Wild Orange, Nutmeg, Pine, Cassia, Cinnamon Bark, and Vanilla.

SKU: 31450004 | WHOLESALE: $42. 5 0 | RETAIL: $56. 6 7 | PV: 27.50


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