Our Story (that's you and me!)


I’m Alice Nicholls. I’m a Nutritional Medicine Practitioner, Women's mentor and coach and a doTERRA Essential Oils Blue Diamond Leader.

I specialize in the topic of integrative health. This is because a nourishing lifestyle - including the food we eat for health and energy, the self-care practices we utilise and our mindset work - will be the foundation a life that we love is built on.

You will find information here on The Whole Daily that will help you feel better in your physical body, stronger in your emotional body and inspired by your own potential.

And yes, this all starts with nourishment.

I believe that women deserve to feel empowered in their health and wellbeing. I know that when women feel healthy and empowered the world will shift for the better.


Our Mission "Because we believe that when women feel healthy and empowered the world will shift for the better, we create digital and online products that support women with tools to change the world. Our health and wealth eCourses, books and programs are valuable, beautiful and effective. Would you like to come and create a better world with us?"

Our Vision That all women will live a life that fulfils them, giving those around them the inspiration to do the same.

Our Values Be honest and authentic. Do all things with integrity and from love, Be supportive. Create strong connections. Be receptive to our audience

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